What are Twitter Spaces? – Complete Guide 2023

Visual media such as images, videos, and live-streaming events remained the most popular form of engagement for social media users, and these are still the most common form.

But with the increase in users, many innovative updates are coming more often to market.  Recently, one such addition was in the form of Twitter Spaces on Twitter.

Where users can interact with each other via live audio streaming, and that proved to be a crazy way for people to get connected.

This guide will discuss what Twitter Spaces are and what you need to know about it in 2023.

What are Twitter Spaces?

Twitter Spaces are a newly added feature that allows you to interact with your followers in live-streamed audio.

Basically, Twitter is a platform where users write tweets and threads relevant to any trending topic.

Before Twitter Spaces, it was only for reading tweets.  But after the Live audio streaming platform Clubhouse created Buzz, Twitter also decided to bring Twitter Spaces in 2020 to provide Twitter users with an audio streaming option.

To sum up, Twitter spaces allow you to freely have an audio conversation with your audience in a detailed manner.  You can start a discussion on topics relevant to your field or any trending news with thousands of people.

Moreover, you can keep your ideas safe using Twitter Space safety tools.

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What is Ticketed Spaces in Twitter Spaces?

Twitter Spaces introduced a feature that allows followers and audiences to support the creators in live audio, called Ticketed Spaces.

That means the creator can also earn through Twitter Spaces.  The creator is free to set ticketed space prices, ranging from 1$ to 999$.  Also, no. of people joining ticketed space depends on the creator as all the controls are in his hand.

What are the Eligibility Criteria For Twitter Spaces?

Ticketed spaces are not available for all users.  You must have the following details to get eligible for Twitter Ticketed Spaces.

  • Complete your profile with a verified email address.
  • No previous Twitter Policy violation records.
  • One thousand plus active users with good engagement.
  • You must be 18 years old.
  • You must have hosted a minimum of 3 Twitter Spaces in the last month.
  • Ticketed Spaces feature is still in the testing phase. Hence it is not available for all users.

How To Start Ticketed Spaces on Twitter in 2023?

Those who meet Ticketed Spaces eligibility requirements can follow the steps below to get started.

  • First of all, open the Twitter application on your device.
  • Then visit the monetization option present on the sidebar.
  • To join the program, agree to the terms and conditions of Ticketed Spaces Creator.
  • At last, complete the onboarding procedure.

How Much Will I Get Through Twitter Ticketed Spaces?

Ticketed Spaces owners can earn upto 97% of the total revenue from ticket sales.  The other 3% is the Twitter feed for made-in application purchases.

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Why Use Twitter Spaces?

Twitter space allows you to build connections and strong relationships with your loyal followers.  Moreover, you can also interact with valuable people globally.  In the section below, we have discussed reasons you should use Twitter Spaces in 2023. Also, check the How to Edit a Tweet on Twitter.

1.   Engagement with followers

Twitter space helps you in engaging with your followers in real-time.  Engaging with a large audience on your Twitter account is not a piece of cake, but you can get an advantage from Twitter Spaces by broadcasting with your audience instantly.  Also, the audience prioritizes live space on the mobile app, which helps in increasing followers’ visibility.  Hence, you can set the targeted audience to come on your broadcast.

2.   Share your content and ideas.

Twitter Space is the best tool for sharing ideas and content.  Followers feel confident about the information’s authenticity because it comes from real people in real time.  Therefore, sharing your best content and ideas makes the space visually appealing.  Hence, share and promote ideas and content through Twitter in a live audio format that increases real-time engagement.

3.   Casual environment for streaming

Twitter spaces provide a casual environment for marketers and audiences to launch their products.  They will feel confident, leading to an engaging conversation with their followers.  When they come to space, the pressure will release on them because Twitter space is a relaxed atmosphere which tends the people to be less formal.

4.   Enhance your brand’s visibility and credibility

Twitter space will give you a new way to launch your brand in front of an audience.  If you host the space regularly, you will get your audience’s engagement with your brand.  But for this purpose, you must prepare, schedule your broadcast, and inform them in advance.  In this case, your followers will wait for you and join your live space, where you will tell them about your brand.  This will help boost your brand visibility and credibility.

5.   Create a community around your brand

Finding the targeted audience is crucial when launching and promoting a brand through social media.  That’s why you must create an engaging community around you and your brand; otherwise, people are not inclined to follow you or your brand.  In that case, Twitter Spaces help you to create and discuss oriented discussions with your audience on a specific topic.  To achieve that, entertain the audience with ideas, content, and skills in audio sessions about who you are as an expert.  Also, discuss their pain point and present the solution provided by your brand to get real-time leads.

6.   Helps in planning, starting and tracking marketing campaigns with real prospects

Twitter space allows marketers to kickstart their marketing campaigns because of real-time audience interaction.  You will get real engagement in your campaigns, as other businessmen, marketers, and promoters will be directly accessible.

7.   Stay up to date about hot news and trends.

Twitter space will update about the trending news globally and trends roaming about a specific hot topic.  The trend may be about a politician, celebrity, country, etc., what is happening globally and what are impacts of that specific events.  You can listen to expert opinions and share your views about the news.

8.   Get valuable content about all topics.

Twitter space allows you to connect with people from different areas simultaneously.  You will have a conversation with them.  That can result in obtaining valuable data and information from different sources about various topics.

Twitter Spaces vs Clubhouse – which one is better?

Although both platforms, Twitter Spaces and Clubhouse, allow you to host live audio rooms, there are still many differences.  The major difference is how they handle your audio room data and what are their rules and regulations.

– Difference In Recording Storage Time

Both Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces record your audio rooms, but Twitter creates copies of space conversations so that they can track the data to check policy violations.

– Difference In action after policy violation detection

To help the user, Twitter saves the recordings of audio rooms for 90 days.  This helps the user to properly answer the violation charges.  On the other side, Clubhouse deletes the copies of recordings automatically after 30 days.  If the user reports the audio room during live chat, then Clubhouse keeps the data until the investigation is completed.

–  The difference in permission to record audio room conversation

The clubhouse voice app only allows recording the audio room when all participants can record conversations.  While on Twitter Spaces, you can record the space without the consent of all participants.

–  The difference in the permission of audio conversation content to be used on other mediums

Twitter provides the transcripts of whatever is said in a Twitter space’s audio conversation, which is considered permanent content.  This means it can also be used on other platforms like Youtube, Facebook and websites.  But Clubhouse doesn’t provide this facility for users as Clubhouse rooms happen to live at the moment.

We can conclude from the above discussion that Twitter Spaces is far ahead of Clubhouse compared to the scale of ease and freedom.  Remember that Twitter Space is still developing and testing, and days are close when it will be considered a priority for hosting audio rooms.

How Twitter Spaces Work?

Twitter has devised a set of rules to be eligible for Twitter Spaces.  If you have more than 600 followers and your account does not have any history of policy violation, you can start your own space.

But if you can not start your own Twitter space and can listen to the audio conversation.  Then you can open the space of someone you follow by clicking the purple bubble above your Twitter feed.  You can react, chat, and request to speak during the live space.

If you are the creator of Twitter Space, you can add co-hosts to your room.  Also, you have all the controls to select topics for discussion, invite more members, send DM, and who to speak to.

Can You Control who speaks in your Twitter Space?

Yes, you have all the controls to allow who to speak in the audio room.  When creating a room, you have three options – Everyone, people you follow, and people you invite to speak in Twitter space.  You can select whatever option suits the intensity of your conversation.

Can You Control who listens to your Twitter Space?

No, all your followers can join your space.  But you can remove, block, and report anyone during the live space to avoid his presence in your future spaces.

Who can create Twitter Spaces?

Only accounts with more than 600 followers can create Twitter spaces.  Also, Twitter spaces can only be created on Android and iOS devices application.  This feature is unavailable for desktops, but you can join and listen to a live audio room.

How to use Twitter Spaces on iPhone, Android and Desktop in 2023 (Step-by-step Guide)?

If you have 600 plus followers, you can host a Twitter space from your mobile device.  Here is how you can do it on iphone, Android, and desktop.

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How to use Twitter Space on an iPhone device?

You can start a space on your iPhone by following a few steps.

  1. First of all, open the Twitter app on your mobile.How to use Twitter Space on an iPhone device
  2. Then on the home Tab, press the blue plus sign and feather compose button.How to use Twitter Space on an iPhone device
  3. Click on the purple background spaces icon (a diamond shape of multiple circles) on the bottom left side of the menu.How to use Twitter Space on an iPhone device
  4. After that, you can set privacy regarding who can speak ‘Everyone’ who joined, your followers, or the people you invited.use Twitter Space on an iPhone device
  5. In the last click on the start your space button

Now space starts working, and you can turn on or off your Mic, invite your friends, alter speaking roles, and even share space with your followers.

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How to use Twitter Spaces on Android devices in 2023?

You can also start space on Android mobile by following a step-by-step guide.

  1. Open the Twitter app on mobile.How to use Twitter Spaces on Android devices
  2. Now press the blue sign to compose button in the home tab.How to use Twitter Spaces on Android devices
  3. Then in the bottom right corner, click on the icon of the “space” from the menu bar.use Twitter Spaces on Android devices
  4. You can see the option “Name your space” and select 3 topics.use Twitter Spaces on Android devices
  5. Click on the “start your space” button.

use Twitter Spaces on Android devices

You can do further settings like Mic on or off, inviting friends, changing speaking roles, and sharing space with followers you follow back.

How to use Twitter Space on Desktop in 2023?

  1. Open the Twitter app on the desktop.How to use Twitter Space on Desktop
  2. Then log in to your account.How to use Twitter Space on Desktop
  3. Go to the search button on the top right corner and type filter spaces.How to use Twitter Space on Desktop
  4. Search the tweet that also shares a link to the area that you want to listen
  5. When you find a link, press on it and then press the start listening button. Even you can also see other space members and listen to them.How to use Twitter Space on Desktop
  6. In the end, join the space bubble in the centre of the screen.

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How to join Twitter spaces in 2023 on iPhone and Android Devices?

Spaces are public; you can join spaces of creators you don’t follow.  How you can join Twitter Spaceson iPhone, follow the method below:

How to join Twitter Spaces on iPhone in 2023?

  1. On your iPhone, open the Twitter app.
  2. At the top left corner, look at your fleets/timeline. When you follow someone who is also a speaker or if they create a space, their profile picture will appear and be surrounded by a purple circle.
  3. You can tap on that circle and join the space by clicking on the “join the space” or start listening icon.
  4. On the other hand, if the space was over, then you couldn’t join it.

How to join Twitter Spaces on an Android device in 2023?

  1. Open your Twitter app.
  2. Then after opening the app on the top left corner, you can see a profile pic with a purple circle that means someone has created space, and you can join them.
  3. You can easily join the space at the bottom pop-up detail by tapping on the profile.
  4. You can join the space when it’s life; otherwise, you cannot join once it is over.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you speak in Twitter Spaces on PC?

Twitter Spaces speaking feature is only available on Android and iOS mobile devices.  You can join and listen to the space via your desktop and PC but can not participate.

Why can I not create my space?

These might be the reasons you are unable to create Twitter Space.

  • You do not have 600 followers.
  • You might be trying to create space on your desktop application. The Twitter Space creation option is only available for iOS and Android applications.
  • You do not meet Twitter policy to create Twitter space.

Can I earn through Twitter Spaces?

Yes, Twitter Spaces have a ticketed space feature where the creator charges from 1$ to 999$ for followers to enter the room. 97% of the revenue is given to the creator.


To summarise, we discussed what Twitter Spaces are, how they work, their uses, their comparison with Clubhouse, and their impact.

The next innovation that’s going to dominate will be audio spaces.

Without any doubt, Twitter Spaces are a great tool for people to showcase their skills and potential via their voices.  It’s helping people come closer and also helping businesses skyrocket their revenue.  Still in its early days, but audio spaces are here for a stay.

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