What Is an Unlisted YouTube Video? A Complete Guide

Curious about Unlisted videos on YouTube that are hidden from everyone? What exactly is an Unlisted YouTube video? Unlisted videos on YouTube occupy a middle ground. Unlike public or private videos, unlisted videos on YouTube offer privacy while still being able to be shared specifically.

This article will explore Unlisted videos and provide a full guide to your question, “What is an Unlisted YouTube Video?

What Is an Unlisted YouTube Video?

Why Are Videos Unlisted on YouTube?

Reasons for Unlisted Videos can be several on YouTube. Every creator has a different reason to unlist their videos on YouTube. However, there are some common reasons for unlisting videos that we are going to be discussing with you.

Avoiding Copyright Issues: Creators on YouTube may unlist their videos that contain copyrighted material to prevent them from getting strike or taken down while still sharing them with a certain audience. Also, check the How to Contact YouTube.

Limited Audience Access: Content creators may unlist their videos on YouTube so they can only share them with a select group, such as family, friends, or any specific person.

Testing: Unlisted videos on YouTube can help creators share unfinished or experimental content with certain audiences for testing, refining, or gathering feedback.

Personal Use: Creators sometimes may upload YouTube videos for only personal use or archiving purposes without the intent to share them with the public.

What’s the Difference between Unlisted, Private, and Public Videos on YouTube?

YouTube has different levels of visibility, such as Unlisted, Private, and Public. Each of the visibilities comes with its benefits and usages. Public videos are the most common visibility, which can be visible to anyone. Then there are private videos which are the most restricted type and can only be viewed by individuals directly invited by the creator.

Unlisted videos, however, fall between public and private videos. Unlisted videos on YouTube can’t appear in search results or on the creator’s channel. Unlisted videos can only be accessed by anyone with the video’s direct URL.

How to Unlist a YouTube Video on iPhone and Android

  • Open the YouTube application and tap on “Library.
  • Tap “Your Videos.
  • Right next to the video to would like to change, tap on the three dots “More.
  • Tap on “Visibility” and choose Public, Unlisted, or Private.
  • Tap “Save

How to Unlist a YouTube Video on a PC

  • Visit youtube.com and log into your account.
  • From the menu on the left side, click “Content
  • Go to the video if you would like to change visibility.
  • Click the down arrow under “Visibility,” and choose Public, Unlisted, or Private.
  • Click “Save

YouTube video


Can you comment on videos that are private or unlisted?

You can’t comment on private videos. However, you can comment on the unlisted videos.

Can you make an unlisted video public?

Yes, you can make an unlisted video public.

How can you share unlisted videos with specific individuals?

To share unlisted videos with specific individuals, copy the video URL and send it to the person you want to share it with.


Every content creator has different reasons for making a video public, unlisted or private. However, there is always something common in mostly everything, and that’s the case with unlisted videos too. This article explored the reasons behind people making unlisted videos and the difference between public, unlisted, and private and also provided a guide to unlisting a YouTube video. The answer to your question, “What is an Unlisted YouTube Video,” straightforwardly is in this article.




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