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At times, you want to get rid of things of no use in your life, like removing futile clothing pieces from your collection. You can also do the same with Instagram followers who send you a follow request, and after getting a follow back, unfollow you quickly. Irritating, isn’t it? Mostly, you also don’t know that they have unfollowed you. Also, there are many Instagram accounts filled with ghost followers. Ghost followers are inactive Instagram users or fake accounts that only increase your followers count but never show engagement with your content uploaded on IG.

To get rid of ghost followers, you must also know how to mass unfollow on Instagram in 2023. Remember, Instagram itself not allows mass unfollowing. For this, you will have to use any third-party app and use it to log in to your IG account. This way, you can easily perform mass unfollowing on Instagram.

This article will inform you about all the necessary tools and apps that you can use to get rid of ghost followers. Thus, continue reading this article till the end.

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Why to Do Mass Unfollowing on Instagram?

There are numerous reasons urging you to do mass unfollowing on Instagram. For example;

  • If you follow many people and the number of your followers is less than your following, the following/followers ratio could be better.
  • With a disturbed following/followers ratio, Instagram might declare your account as a fake account
  • Your account gets a reputation as a suspicious account, the main reason others do not accept your friend request and immediately report your account.
  • The main reason behind mass unfollowing is to clear out all the fake, inactive ghost users from your following and followers list
  • No one is interested in seeing irrelevant or spamming content on their feed
  • Thus, you must follow spammers and scammers.

How to Unfollow Ghost Followers on Instagram? A Step-By-Step Guide

You can unfollow Ghost followers and other people individually, not in bulk. There are easy steps that you can use to mass un-follow IG users.

  • Open the Instagram app and visit your profile
  • Open up your following list and select a specific IG account that you are going to unfollow
  • Open their account, first, tap the “following” and then immediately press to un-follow
  • Moreover, you can also unfollow them directly by visiting their profile

Is There an Unfollow Limit on Instagram?

There is a specific limit to unfollowing Instagram accounts which is different for old and new accounts. For example, if your IG account is 6 months old, you can easily unfollow 200 accounts maximum.

On the other hand, if your account is old, you can unfollow 700 per day.

Remember: Always remember that ignoring the IG followers list may result in suspending your account for 24 to 72 hours

Third-Party Apps Used for Mass Unfollowing

Using a tool or a third-party app to do mass unfollowing on Instagram is better. There are multiple apps available on iOS and Androids that you can use to do mass unfollowing. However, you must set a limit of 60 accounts per hour for unfollowing; otherwise, you might lose your account.

Let’s look at the list of third-party apps you can use for mass unfollowing on Instagram.

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Unfollowers +

Unfollowers + is a reliable third-party app through which you can use your Instagram traffic. It is an effective application providing you with separate follower, following, and fan lists. You must go to every account individually for mass unfollowing if you are using Unfollowers + application. You will just have to press the unfollow button right beside the names. This way, you can easily perform bulk unfollowing via this app.

Mass Unfollowing for Instagram

Another excellent cleaner application is available on your app store and play store. The app provides multiple features like mass unfollowing and blocking features, photos and video deleting options, and lets you neatly maintain your feed. Moreover, this app has multiple filters, helping you make your account more engaging.

Followers Chief

Followers Chief is another outstanding cleaner application that helps you eliminate inactive and ghost followers. You can also unfollow those who don’t follow you back. The app has multiple tools like auto-likes, auto-follow, auto-DM, and whatnot. You can easily download this app from the app store and the Play Store.


The list of apps helping you unfollow IG followers in bulk is incomplete without Fast-Unfollow. It is an app that allows you to unfollow 1400 accounts per day. The app has fast engines helping you remove followers in bulk. Moreover, it has a Multi-Counting feature allowing you to add 40+ Instagram profiles to your account, and you can do this with a single re-login. This re-log-in will help you access all the profiles at once.


Mass unfollowing on Instagram will not affect your Instagram engagement; it keeps your account clean from ghost followers and people who don’t follow you, as every Instagram user knows Instagram itself not allows mass unfollowing. Therefore, you must look for tools or third-party apps for this purpose. Similarly, you must know how mass unfollows on Instagram are in 2023. Above, we have discussed them all in detail. Thus, try to read this article fully and get your questions answered.

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How can one Mass Unfollow on Instagram?

Instagram itself not allows you to do mass unfollowing. However, there are some tools or third-party apps that you can apply to mass unfollow on Instagram. For example, AiGrow is an efficient tool helping you to mass unfollow on Instagram.

How many ghost accounts can you unfollow on Instagram per day?

If you are a new Instagram user with an account age of only 3 months, you can unfollow 200 accounts per day. And if your account is older than one year, you can unfollow 700 accounts per day.




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