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Doing what you love is the most amazing profession of this century. Social media have introduced tons of new ways to earn. Well, it is not just restricted to any person but anyone with good content can earn a good amount with this. And to elevate your key performance indicator or your social media account we have some offered services that can help you reach your goals and build your brand.

As if you want to earn from YouTube by sharing your content but have no time to build a channel and grow it. Or if you are tired of trying to reach the requirements of YPP and still have not made it through it. This service can help you by giving you a monetized channel that will pay you for your content. 

You just need to upload videos and fresh content on your YouTube channel and add the advertisements. Every time a viewer clicks on your video and watches it, you get paid for it. 

Our website offers good reasonable packages that are authentic and worth every penny of yours. Looking for a monetized YT channel can end up in a dodge, but the services we provide are first checked and tested for their significant scales. To be concise, we provide services at low rates and high quality.

Why Should You Buy a Monetized YouTube Channel?

It is a hectic and time-consuming task to build a new channel and monetize it. Some requirements should be fulfilled to get your YouTube channel monetized, including 1000 subscribers and a watch time of 4000 hours. We provide you with a fairly monetized channel with genuine subscribers and have fulfilled all the formalities of monetization. We provide channels for all niches, such as vlogging, health, and fitness, gaming, cooking, entertainment, fashion, etc.

How Can a Monetized Channel Help You?

Getting monetized is the goal of every Youtuber, and getting a monetized channel can lessen your efforts to start it up from scratch. You can get a channel that is paid, and the content you post will get you some money. 

It enables individuals to launch side businesses, turn YouTube into a full-time profession, or establish a company that sells things in real-world stores. There are countless options available nowadays that can turn your side hustle into a dream business with 6 figure income.

Why Buy a Monetized Youtube Channel?

If you get a monetized youtube channel, it means you don’t have to go through the scratch period where most people get stuck. But you can start earning right from it.

Growing a youtube channel is a hefty task and takes a lot of time at the start, and we are doing that job for you. Our website provides you with a genuine monetized channel that is legally cleared as well as authentic. You can also use it for any niche you want.

You cannot generate money on YouTube except if the platform allows us to do so via advertising, regardless of how many subscribers you have or whether you are one of the top YouTube channels. YouTube might only let you monetize with a strike due to copyright violations or other problems.

There are millions of youtube channels at this time, some of which are making good money by posting content, advertising, and many more. This service can allow you to be one of them as you can start earning by posting content and videos on your bought monetized youtube channel.


  • Food blogging
  • Travel channels
  • Cooking channels
  • IT channels
  • Entertainment channels
  • Gaming channels

Vlogging channels etc.

What Are the Advantages of Buying a Monetized Youtube Channel?

Most of the websites on the internet would be providing these services with the name of “buy monetized youtube channel,” but very few of them are genuine holders. We provide you with an authentic, growing channel with original subscribers. 

We are original content creators who start a specific niche channel and grow it genuinely, with real subscribers, and when it gets monetized, we put it as a product.

There are a lot of people who still need to monetize their youtube channels. Putting effort is when the reward comes back stronger, so if you are putting real effort into your content but still need to get a reward or cash from it blows the spark off sometimes. 

So this is a great service that you get a grown channel that already has started to pay. You can also use it for any niche, as we provide all the niches of youtube videos.

A monetized youtube channel can earn you a good sum of money if your content is good and people watch it.

Getting an already-built YouTube channel can save you from the early-stage struggles many newcomers face.

You do not have to wait for your account to get monetized and earn you money, but you can start earning from day one on your channel.

How Can You Monetize a YouTube Channel?

Getting a youtube partner program is the most efficient way of getting the channel monetized. Understanding how YouTube pays creators via the Google AdSense program takes some time. 

Keep in mind that every time a viewer clicks to watch your content to get paid. Youtube and you receive an exact decided proportion of 45% of youtube, and 55% is yours.


YouTube is quite specific about who it lets into its monetization model. To qualify for the YPP, you must:

  • You start or to be able to apply for monetization, your youtube channel should have at least 1000 organic subscribers.
  • Then, it needs to have 4k watch hours for your youtube channel.
  • You need to agree to the terms and conditions of YPP (Youtube Partner Program ) before getting monetized.
  • In case of hate speech, sexual, adult content, violence, or any copyright issues may hamper you from getting monetized.

Become a YouTube Partner:

As soon as you’ve adhered to all of YouTube’s requirements, you can apply the YPP. the subsequent actions:

  • First, click on the youtube studio, and it opens up a page.
  • Then, choose Monetization from the left menu bar.
  • If you fulfill the above requirements, a blue button will appear, asking you to apply or send your application for monetization. Just switch that button on!
  • Read and review all the YPP terms and conditions.
  • Link your channel with the Google AdSense account that you have created.
  • This step takes some time so just wait. The results of YouTube’s examination of your channel will be delivered to you, which will let you know whether you have passed the monetization.

Enable Monetization:

Now that you have successfully joined YPP, you can add your videos to monetization. You can upload as many videos as you want for you to get paid for. You can monetize when you upload a video or after uploading it as well.

Following the above steps, you can earn from uploading your videos, and you earn per CPM.

Why is Monetization Important?

Monetization is necessary for a youtube channel to get paid for posting your content. You can elevate your content standard with sponsorships and boost your brand with it.

These days earning by selling your content is a common practice. Everyone would love to get paid for sharing their content; some take it as their serious profession. Getting paid at CPM is a great credible way to cash your talent. Monetization officially makes your youtube channel paid, and youtube pays you for your content as 55% of the share.

If you are someone who has been striking to get a monetization-enabled channel on their own and have been working hard for it, the payback is still nothing. This thing hurts because when you are putting in your efforts, but still you haven’t reached the requirement status, then this must be your chance to get a monetized youtube channel that can actually pay you back and you can get money for sharing your content. 

It is a wholesome task to reach the requirement at first, as many other YouTubers also have put in years to get to that level and now are able to earn from it.

Why Choose Us?

Every website providing services is not the same and genuine. But for the youtube services, we always have been a great competition for the other competitors. Following are the reasons and things that can make you choose us:

Reliable Services:

You might find many other websites claiming to give you monetized channels but to be honest, only a few are legal and genuine. Many such firms just take your money and dodge you. But we provide you with real-time monetized youtube channels and organic subscribers. 

We have a number of our satisfied customers’ testimonies and their great customer reviews that can assure you of a reliable service.

Organic Service:

The subscribers on your account as well as the watch hours provided to your account, are all genuine personal accounts used for these. So they won’t fade away with time or over a long time.

Customer Support:

We provide 24/7 customer support which can help you with your queries. The great approach to guarantee that you will receive the assistance you require when you need it in the future and that our website won’t soon forget about you is to contact customer care. 

Because we want to be as honest and accountable to our clients as possible so that you have a great experience overall, we recognize that as an ongoing service, we will assist our clients with concerns at some point or another. 

Things to Consider Before Buying a Channel

The more customer review research you do, the better your understanding of how they can assist you with your YouTube channel monetization. In our opinion, customer reviews are a good approach to determining whether a product is worth your time. This is particularly crucial if you intend to invest any money in your monetized YouTube channel.

You should be extra careful while buying online property as the services might have a loophole that you can face on the spot or with the passage of time, so you should look for a trustworthy website with good customer reviews.

You should also consider the offered price, as some of the buy-monetized youtube channels can rip your pockets off.

Choosing us can ensure you no loopholes within the youtube channel, and the channel subscribers are also real subscribers. As the monetized label is authentic and the channel is growing.

Other Services We Offer:

Other than monetized youtube channels, our website offers youtube likes, shares, youtube views, organic subscribers, youtube watch time, 4000-hour watch time, and comments. All the services are real and organic; all the subscribers are genuine also the likes are from real accounts as well as comments and shares.



We offer channels in all categories, including gaming, culinary, entertainment, fashion, and vlogging. You must have 4,000 watch hours within the last 12 months and 1,000 subscribers to be eligible for the criteria of YouTube’s monetization program. Adding advertisements to your videos is a benefit of achieving partner status for your channel.

We offer monetized youtube channels for all of the YouTube video niches so that you can utilize them for any topic.


Are These Channels Legit?

Yes, our monetized youtube channels are 100% legit, and all the subscribers, watch hours, as well as ownership are authentic. Once you buy the channel, you can use it as you like and for any niche. Original content creators develop the channels, and after gaining monetization channel is converted into a product.

Is There Any Copyright Issue?

No, all the videos uploaded on the channel are original content and created by our team, so there would be no copyright issue with those.

Can We Change The Channel’s Name?

Yes, you can replace the channel’s name after buying it.




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