How to Edit a Tweet on Twitter in 2023 – Step by Step Guide

Posted a tweet on the social platform Twitter and you have made a typo or want to change something else, do not worry – that’s normal, and it happens to all of us. Now the point is how to edit a tweet after posting on Twitter in 2023. Or can you modify a tweet?

The answer is ‘yes’ after Twitter’s October 2022 update.

Most social sites like Facebook and Instagram allow editing of their posts, but Twitter users could only do tweet editing after October 2022 edit button update.

After many requests and continuous criticism from users, users were finally allowed to change a tweet after posting.

Hence, if you are also one who wants to learn how to edit a tweet without deleting it on iphone and Android in 2023, then keep reading this article for a step-by-step guide with screenshots.

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Can You Edit A Tweet After Posting It?

Yes, after the 2022 October update, Twitter Blue has allowed its users in USA, Australia, NZ, and Canada to edit Tweets within 30 minutes after posting time.

Moreover, Officials have specified the edit limit, and a user can edit his Tweet max of 5 times. After successfully testing the editing feature update, Twitter plans to introduce it globally.

How to Modify Tweets on Desktop, Android, and Iphone Twitter App?

As a Twitter Blue member, here’s how you can edit and modify your tweet after publishing it. Below is the step-by-step guide to edit tweets without deleting them on Desktop, Android, and iPhone.

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Step-by-Step Guide How to Edit a Tweet On iPhone, Android, and Desktop Twitter App?

Step 1: First, log in to your Twitter App on Desktop, Android, and iPhone.

Step 2: Go to your profile and select the tweet you want to edit.

Step 3: Tap the three dots option to see the menu.

How to Edit a Tweet On iPhone, Android, and Desktop Twitter App

Step 4: There, you will see the edit tweet option.

Step 5: Tap that edit tweet option and make the changes you want.

How to Edit a Tweet On iPhone, Android, and Desktop Twitter App

Step 6: Now update the edited Tweet.

edited Tweet

By following the steps above, you can easily correct and update the typo you made in your tweet.

Also, keep these things in mind.

  • You can only modify the tweet within 30 minutes after publishing it.
  • Edit limit is also specified, and that’s 5 times after that; you can not use the edit feature.
  • The edit feature is only for Twitter Blue subscribers for specific areas (for now).

What Happens After Using Twitter Tweet Edit Button Feature?

A funny fact about the tweet editing feature is that your followers and other public can still see the original version of your tweet. That means you cannot eliminate your typo, mistake or bad joke forever. After editing the tweet, Twitter will label it as edited with an edited icon. Also, when you put your cursor on it, version history will pop up.

Who Can Use Twitter Edit Button?

Can every user get a tweet edit option? The answer is ‘No’. The edit Tweet option will only be available for Twitter Blue users residing in the following countries.

  • United States Of America
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • New Zealand

On this, Twitter officials said that we are still testing this feature, and based on feedback, we will consider expanding it. They also said that the sole purpose of this feature is to allow users to enjoy stress less usage of Twitter.

Can You Re-edit the Tweet In Different Devices?

No, you can only edit the tweet from the device you initially used for tweeting. Hence, if you are trying to edit a tweet that you originally did on the Desktop app on Android or iPhone, this won’t happen. Try editing it on the device from where you tweeted it.

Who Can See Edited Tweet?

All your followers, plus the public, can see edited tweet history. Once you have edited a tweet, an edited icon and a timestamp will appear that will inform your users that they user has changed the original version of the tweet. To watch the edit history of the tweet reader can tap on the icon label and see the old version of your edited tweet.

Pro-Tips To Avoid Mistakes Before Posting Tweet

Above, we learned how to edit a tweet if you have made any typos. We stated that the edit feature is only for Twitter Blue members, and you can use it within 30 minutes after publishing, plus a 5 times edit limit.

Moreover, an option is also available for people residing in certain locations. Hence, learning ways to avoid mistakes before posting a tweet online is necessary.

We have compiled useful tips to avoid a reputation of bad typos for Twitter Blue and normal Twitter app users.

6 Tips To Avoid Mistakes While Tweeting

  • Proofread your tweet multiple times before posting it online. It might contain a few spelling errors or mistakes.
  • Check your fact-based tweets multiple times, as any error can result in mocking and embarrassment on social media. Also, the wrong fact from your account can manipulate business related to you.
  • Rethink before posting, as it’s important to understand whether your audience wants to read that tweet from you. Does that tweet contain any sensitive content? How will it impact your reputation and life? Is this related to your business? After thinking about these aspects, it will be easy to decide whether you should tweet that content
  • You need more time and effort if you want to share news related to business market trends. Refrain from tweets because this can result in something lacks fact. Hence, tweet when you know you are 100% in it.
  • Take your time to write a tweet.
  • Avoid tweeting sensitive and personal information.
  • Use only a few emoji’s, abbreviations and slang words.

Final Words – How To Edit A Tweet After Posting Online?

All in all, it is clear from the above discussion that editing a tweet is a simple task. You can do this by visiting your profile. Select the tweet, click on the three dots in the top right corner, and select the edit option. That’s it – Isn’t this too easy? Moreover, this will allow you to modify your typo and avoid embarrassment in front of your social audience.


Why can I not edit my tweet?

Below are the possible reasons you cannot edit your tweet after posting.

  • You are not a member of Twitter Blue.
  • Your country might need to be listed where the editing feature is available.
  • You are trying to edit a tweet after 30 minutes of publishing.
  • You have used your five-time edit limit.

Is Twitter Edit Feature Available for India Users?

The tweet edit option is only available for specific country users like the USA, NZ, Canada, and Australia. It’s in the testing phase for now. So, within a year edit option will be available worldwide.

How Can I Edit My Existing Tweet?

If your tweet is 30 minutes older, it cannot be edited, as Twitter blue only allows editing within thirty minutes of publishing.

How can I edit a tweet if I don’t have Twitter Blue?

By now, only twitter blue members can edit tweets after posting. Unfortunately, you only have that feature if you use a simple Twitter account.

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