How to Suggest Friends on Facebook? – Recommend Someone

Building a connection between two unconnected friends is a great way to bring joy to your life. But how’s it possible if both of them live far away from each other?

Well, that’s not a today’s world problem as all of us have a presence on popular social networking platforms, and Facebook is one of them. Now the point is how to connect with friends via Facebook.

That’s very simple – by suggesting a friend on Facebook, you can help your two unconnected friends connect.

But unfortunately, the process has become a bit complicated as Facebook suggests the friend feature is no longer available. Also, check the Who Owns Facebook?

Luckily, we know how to suggest friends on Facebook and in this article, we will discuss ways to suggest friends on Facebook in 2023.

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How do you Suggest Facebook Friends on Desktop, Android, and iOS applications without suggesting a friend button?

As the Facebook suggest friend option is no longer available, we will discuss step-by-step methods to suggest Facebook friends on Desktop, Android, and iOS devices.

How To Suggest Facebook Friends on Desktop in 2023? ( Fb Messenger Method)

Suggesting a friend on Facebook to your other friend is very simple. Follow steps by step guide to recommend friends on Facebook web or desktop app.

  1. Install Facebook messenger if you are using the Facebook desktop application. As in this method, we will learn to suggest friends via Facebook messenger.
  2. Open the Facebook webpage or application.
  3. Login to your FB profile.
  4. Search the name of your friend’s profile that you want to recommend.
  5. After opening a friend’s profile, copy the complete link address of his profile.
  6. After copying the URL, visit the friend profile of whom you want to suggest.
  7. Then click on the message button and paste copied link address into your friend’s inbox.

How To Suggest Friends on Facebook on Android and iOS devices? (Fb Messenger Method)

Here’s the step-by-step guide to recommend Facebook friends on android and iOS devices.

  1. Open the Facebook application on your android and iOS device.
  2. Then search for the name of the friend you want to suggest to another friend.
  3. Open a friend’s profile and copy his profile link to the clipboard.
  4. Once you have copied the link of the friend you suggest, open the messenger inbox of a friend to whom you want to recommend that friend.
  5. Paste the link address in the messenger inbox of a friend to whom you want to suggest.

Pro-Tip: How To Suggest Friends on Facebook via Group Message?

Above, we learned to suggest friends on Facebook desktop, android and iOS apps using Facebook messenger. But you can also connect two unconnected friends by creating a Facebook group message on the messenger application. Follow the steps below to help two friends come closer again.

  1. First of all, open the messenger application on your mobile.
  2. After opening the messenger app, you will see a pencil-like button in the upper right corner.
  3. That option is to start or create a new conversation. You can then create a group message with friends you want to connect.
  4. After creating the group, send a welcome message in the chat so that friends can know the reason for the group.

Benefits of suggesting friends on Facebook in 2023

Suggesting Facebook friends to your other friends is a great way to expand relationships and connections online. Below are the benefits of suggesting friends on Facebook in 2023.

  • Strong relationship
  • Increased social activity
  • Network Expansion
  • Introduction to old & new friends
  • Better Facebook groups and pages recommendation as per your interest.


We learned how to suggest Facebook friends in 2023 from your desktop, mobile and iOS device. To summarise, you can perform this simple task using Facebook messenger and Group chat. Keep in mind that it is necessary to have fb messenger installed on your device.

How to Suggest Friends on Facebook

Frequently Asked Question

Suggest friends option not showing on my phone?

Suggest the friends on Facebook option is no longer available. That’s why you can not see that on your device.

Why do we suggest friends on Facebook?

There are multiple reasons why we recommend friends to other friends on Facebook. For example,

  • You want to connect two old friends.
  • One of your friends can not find the Facebook id of another friend.
  • You want to build a like-minded community in your social circle.

What does that mean, “you have a new friend suggestion”?

Whenever you receive a notification that you have a new friend suggestion, that means Facebook autosuggest algorithm has suggested a new friend based on your interest and activity on Facebook. You have two options: send a friend request or remove the suggestion.

Can I suggest multiple friends at once?

There is no auto system to suggest all friends, but you can send links manually in your friend messenger or add multiple people to the group chat.

Does Facebook suggest a friend that visits your profile more often?

There is no definite rule about this, but it is possible as Facebook tracks your activity on Facebook. If you visit someone’s profile more often, then fb suggests that person.

Is Facebook suggest and Friend request the same?

No, both of these are different. Facebook’s suggested option is like Facebook’s recommendation to connect with someone, as the Facebook algorithm works based on your activity. A friend request means sending a direct notification to someone you are interested in becoming your friend.

Can I unsend Facebook suggestions?

Yes, sending a friend’s profile link address via the messenger app can unsend the Facebook suggestion using the unsend message feature.

How Does Facebook Auto Suggestion Work?

Facebook suggestion works on factors like mutual friends, pages you follow, recent activity, area, education, and people you interact with. In addition, it suggests Facebook profiles if you have added the contact number of someone.

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