How to Change Your Username on Threads? Full Guide

Meta has been overruling the world with its resistible approaches in terms of digital societies extending its innovations. Meta Instagram has introduced a new platform called Threads that can easily be accessed on all Android and iOS devices.

Its interface is very comprehensive and user-friendly; additionally, the one noticeable point is that it is linked to an Instagram account of the users. You don’t have to create a separate account for it, but there are some specified changes that you have to make in both profiles, like language etc.

Specifically searching about the username change on the threads app, here we are going to provide a detailed overview for the new users’ guidance. If you think that your username is not attractive, how do you make changes? This is the major Curie that will be discussed in the section below.

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Instagram and Threads Username

To provide you an answer about username change on threads app, the most straightforward approach is to change the username of your Instagram profile. Both threads and Instagram are connected, so the only way to change the username of threads is by making the changes in the Instagram application.

The password credentials and username for the Instagram and threads are the same, so if you want to change the username, begin by logging in to your Instagram profile on your device.

  • After logging in to the Instagram account on the device you are using, get on the profile section that is available at the end of the lower section of the screen.
  • The profile section will display options to edit and share the profile tab on the edit profile button.
  • The tap option will take you to the other page, where you will be provided with different options. Under the name section, you will be able to see the username. Add your favorite username.
  • When you choose your username, Click done.
  • It will change your Instagram account’s username, and the update will automatically be transferred to the threads app.

After choosing the username, go to the threads platform and look for the changes made on the Instagram profile.

Other Changes:

The username is the only change that cannot be made through the threads app directly. All changes, including bio details, link-adding options etc., can be made now from the threads profile. It also comprises a similar interface to that of Instagram. To make a change in the bio, you can tap the edit profile section on the profile box and easily make the changes to your requirement.

How to Change Your Username on Threads?

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you have more than one threads account?

You can have more than one Threads account in case. If you have more than one Instagram account because the number of Threads accounts link with your Instagram account.

Can I delete my threads account?

Yes, it is possible. But deleting threads’ profiles will also delete your instagram profile. The basic reason for the deletion of both profiles is interlinking.

The Final Statement

In this technology world, people are always inserts of something new, and innovative. Threads these days are getting unrealistic attraction from the audience. The users jumped on to the threads from Instagram in considerable amounts to check out all the interior details of this application.

Experts are also surprised by the audience’s interest in this interlinked application option. We hope that the information provided above about How to Change Your Username on Threads? may prove helpful for you if you are looking to change the username of the threads application. Generally, you don’t need to change your username because it gets automatically generated as per your Instagram account.

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