How to Recover a TikTok Account Without Email or Number

TikTok is the most popular and fastest-growing social media platform which is widely used by people around the world. The growing popularity of TikTok means nobody wants to stay out from missing everyday updates on new trends and challenges. If you have a TikTok account, you know how it would feel if you unfortunately lose your account. There can be a lot of reasons for that, you might forget your password, might have deleted your account, or your account possibly gets banned or suspended. The process to recover a TikTok account is relatively straightforward and simple.

Keep reading to learn how you can recover a TikTok account.

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Ways to recover TikTok account

There are a few ways through which you can easily recover a TikTok account.

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Recover TikTok account with username:

This method is for the accounts that are passwords that you have lost or forgotten.

You can simply recover your account with your username by following the steps below:

  1. Open up your TikTok mobile app and at the bottom of your screen, tap on ‘login.’Recover TikTok account with username
  2. After you click on ‘log in’ a screen will appear where you have typed in your username and password. Since you do not have your password. Tap on ‘forget password.’Click on ‘phone or email/username
  3. On the next screen, select the method you want to reset your password. With an email address that is associated with your account or through a phone number.Choose between Phone number or Email
  4. A verification code will be sent to your provided phone number or email to reset the password.

Recover a deactivated TikTok account:

If you happen to deactivate your TikTok account and want to recover it after a few days away from the app then follow the steps below to know what you should do.

  1. Open up your TikTok application and click on log in.
  2. Enter your username and password in their respective sections.
  3. The ‘Reactive’ option will appear on your screen, tap on it and you will be led to your account feed.

A deactivated TikTok account can only be recovered within 30 days. If you try to reactivate your account after 30 days, it will be unsuccessful because TikTok permanently deletes your account after 30 days.

Recover TikTok account without email and password:

If your account is suspended or blocked by TikTok, it is due to the violation of the terms and conditions. If you are certain that your account is mistakenly blocked, you can submit your complaint through the TikTok feedback form.

  1. Go to the TikTok feedback report form on your search engine.TikTok feedback
  2. On the screen, type in your username first.Username
  3. Click on the topic you want to report your problem about. Here, you will choose the account ban/suspension option.
  4. In the box below, explain your problem and attach at least 10 multimedia files to support the problem you are facing.Recover TikTok account without email and password
  5. Lastly, tap on ‘submit.’


After the problem is analyzed by the TikTok team, you will be notified about the change via your email.


Losing a TikTok account is indeed disheartening when you are an active user of the app. Whether you lose the account by forgetting or losing the password or it gets banned by TikTok itself. You always find ways to assist you recover your account. In this article, we have made it easier for you and explained all the methods through which you can recover your TikTok account.


  • Is it possible to get your old TikTok account back? 

It is indeed possible to get your old TikTok account back. You simply need to open up the TikTok app and click on log in. If you have forgotten your password or somehow lost the password then click on forget the password. Enter your phone number or email address that was connected to your old account. Wait for the verification code to be sent to your device. Type in the code in the app and reset your old password.

  • Can I recover a blocked TikTok account?

There is no way to recover a blocked TikTok account. However, you can try submitting your complaint directly to TikTok via TikTok feedback form and explain your problem. To confirm the authenticity of your complaint you can also add a few pictures. After analyzing your complaint and if they find any error with the blocking, they might recover your account.

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