Why Can’t I Comment on Instagram? How to Fix it

Instagram is a popular social media platform where users can interact with one another by leaving likes and comments, creating stories, talking with one another, and sharing similar interests. However, you may be unable to comment at some point, just as you may be unable to take any action with any of the other features.

There are several explanations for why you can’t comment on Instagram, and we’ll go over each one in turn.

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9 Reasons You Can’t Comment On Instagram

If you aren’t able to comment on Instagram, here are nine reasons it might be happening along with some tips and fixes.

Instagram’s Outdated Version. 

Instagram’s outdated version is one of the most common reasons why you can’t comment on Instagram and can be easily fixed by just going to the apps store or Google Play store and updating your app.

Your Daily Comment Cap Has Been Reached.

You may not be aware, but Instagram has a comment limit of 180-200 comments per day for one user. The age of your account determines this limit; the longer you use the app, the more comments you can make.

There Are Filter Words and Phrases in Your Writing.

Filter words and phrases are another possible cause of your inability to comment on Instagram, so make sure your comment doesn’t contain any of those.

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What Words Are Blocked on Instagram?

Instagram has not provided a list of words that are prohibited, but they do have a policy that we can discuss.

1 Follow the law

Instagram explicitly states that it is not a place for supporting organized crime, terrorists, or hate groups.  The sale or discussion of illegal goods is also prohibited on Instagram.

2 Respect other members of the Instagram community

Providing a positive and diverse community is Instagram’s goal, which is why it will remove content that contains credible threats or hate speech intended to degrade or shame others.

3 Be thoughtful

Instagram wants us to be thoughtful when posting any type of content and to ensure that it is age appropriate for everyone because so many people of various ages use Instagram.

Note: If you’d still like to know more about Instagram’s policy, you can click here to check it out.

You Have More Than 5 Mentions (@mentions).

Instagram only allows five mentions per post, which you may not be aware of. Instagram users often have trouble leaving comments because of this.

You Used More Than 30 Hashtags

The majority of people are unaware of the restriction against using more than 30 hashtags in a single comment, which results in Instagram blocking your comment if you do.

You Are Blocked From Commenting.

If you did not follow Instagram guidelines while commenting, you may be banned, but don’t worry because comment bans are usually temporary.

Note: Instagram’s comment ban usually lasts up to a day.

How Do I Get Unblocked On Instagram?

Has your block lasted longer than it should have and you’re wondering how to get unblocked?

If you are unable to comment, it is possible that it is due to your IP address.

The first solution is to disable your WiFi and switch to mobile data.

The second solution is that you change your IP address.

This is very simple to accomplish; simply use a reliable VPN.

Tip: Switch to a different device, install a VPN on it, and use it with mobile data before logging into Instagram.

Making The Same Comment.

Instagram is concerned about the environment, and if you post the same comment multiple times on the same post or multiple, including emojis, you may be banned from commenting for a period of time or permanently if you are a frequent user.

Why I can’t post the same comment on Instagram?

The reason for this is that spammers and bots use it to draw attention to their accounts in order to prompt their stuff, which is quite annoying to deal with and negatively impacts the Instagram environment, which is why Instagram does not allow you to post the same comment twice.

The Owner Has Limited Comments

If the post’s owner so desires, he or she can restrict the post’s comments, allowing only people close to the owner to comment on the post.

Servers Are Down

The final reason you might not be able to comment is that Instagram’s servers are down, which prevents you from doing a lot of things like seeing comments, seeing likes, and commenting on posts, among other things.

Note: Instagram servers are typically down for only a few hours, but occasionally they can last up to a day. You can just wait it out.

We have already discussed some of the fixes for the issues you face, but you might be wondering:

Are there any fixes to these issues?

Yes, and they are very easy to perform. Now that we know what causes the problems, let us discuss how to resolve them.

  • Restart your device

Restarting your device is the easiest fix for many bugs, and it will usually solve your issues.

  • Try changing your IP

Try changing your IP address with a reliable VPN if you occasionally find that you are the only person experiencing problems, which may be caused by your region.

  • Use a different device

Try logging into Instagram on another device if you have access to one. This will cause your IP to change, which may solve your problem.

  • Wait for 24 hrs

In case the solution above doesn’t work for you, try waiting for 24 hours. This will solve your issue if your daily comment cap is hit, Instagram servers are down, or you are prohibited from commenting for a certain amount of time.


Can I see on Instagram who has blocked me?

No, you cannot see who you are blocked by on Instagram.

How long is the commenting ban on Instagram?

If it’s your first offense, the ban may only be 2–5 hours; however, repeat offenses may result in a ban lasting longer than a month. Normally, you are blocked for 24–48 hours.

Can I get banned for commenting on Instagram?

If you break their rules, you can indeed get banned from Instagram for commenting.

How do I stop getting comment blocked on Instagram?

Keep your comments (including emojis) from being duplicated. Try not to over-engage (like comments and follow). Don’t tag more than five people in a single comment, and try not to use more than 30 hashtags.

Do Instagram deletes comment after being blocked?

Yes, Instagram removes comments. If you block someone or are blocked by someone, the comments on photos and videos will be removed.


We have seen that there are many reasons why you can’t comment on Instagram, but there are just as many solutions, so if you are ever annoyed over this issue, start working on the solutions, and next time be careful since you can get banned from Instagram if you keep getting blocked from commenting.

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