How to Schedule a Post on Facebook – Pro Tips

Have you ever written a post and wondered how to schedule it for later? Then we will show you How to Schedule a Post on Facebook.

Despite having numerous features, the content remains the ultimate ruler on Facebook, which is widely considered one of the top social media applications. Compelling content can attract an audience, increase brand loyalty, and enhance credibility. However, in our hectic daily routines, we require additional time to consistently post on Facebook. So Facebook introduced the “schedule your post” feature, which helps us to schedule our posts and post them in the future.

We are here to explain how to schedule a post on Facebook so you can focus on your marketing strategy and handle the post through this feature.

Why you should schedule Facebook posts

It isn’t easy to post daily on Facebook, so many people schedule their posts for this reason. But there are other reasons too. Some of them are as follows:

  • Life happens. If you find the right time to post on Facebook, but your internet connection goes down, then you can use this feature.
  • You can be more methodical. If you need to post for a month but want to get support, then you can use the Schedule Post feature on Facebook. Such as, brands have sake offered for short periods. Then they can craft a post and post it regularly on Facebook.
  • Easier time-tracking. If you have to post a time-tracking post, then you can schedule the post and efficiently track the timing for each position on Facebook.

How to schedule a post on Facebook using the Facebook Business Suite:

To schedule your post on facebook business suit, one must have a business page where he can schedule the post. Here is a step-by-step guide to scheduling a post on your business blog.

Step 1: First of all, create a post that you need to post on Facebook. Open your Facebook profile and select “Go to Page” in the upper right corner. Then find the option “Facebook business page” and go to “Business Suite” under the “Updates” option.

Choose to create post option located at the right corner next to create story option.

Here you need to create an eye-catching post that can attract more audience to your page.

Step 2: next step is to preview your post.

The preview option will give you an idea of how the post will look on mobile and desktop. If you find anything missing, then you can edit your post and make it according to your requirements.

It is also possible to publish the post on a Facebook group and Instagram, saving you the time to post on both platforms separately.

Step 3: here, schedule your post by entering the date and time. If you want to schedule your post, there are arrows near the publish button.

Here you can schedule your post and select the date and time of posting the post on Facebook.

If you are sure that you correctly put date and time then click on save button.

Step 4: Click on the blue option location under the post.

Now you have successfully scheduled your post. It will be posted on the mentioned date.

How to Schedule Multiple Facebook Posts at once

It is difficult to upload multiple pictures one by one and schedule them, but once you know How to Schedule a Post on Facebook, you can easily do it. There are multiple online tools that can schedule multiple posts at once. Such as bulk upload or plannable. Here are the steps to schedule multiple Facebook posts at once.

Step 1: first of all, open the third-party app, such as bulk upload, and go to the public option. When you click on the public option, there is a dropdown menu to find the Bulk upload option.

Here you need to provide details of posts in a campaign. If you did not run any existing campaign, then first create your campaign. Provide all details in the campaigns and click on the download button. The downloading button will provide an excel sheet that specifies the same format as the photos are uploaded.

Step 2: Once you download the excel sheet, you need to follow the instructions. Also, provide all information regarding your post. In this way, you can save your time uploading photos one by one.

Also, you can provide images in your posts. To provide images, copy the image on the digital library and copy the image ID generated by the digital library. Then paste it into the excel sheet.

If you think it is difficult, then you can copy the URL of the image and paste it into your excel sheet.

Step 3: next step is to upload your file. It is important to put the correct date and time in the sheet; also, the time zone of the particular city should be correct. Save your settings by clicking on the upload button.

Clicking on this button, t will provide a summary of your posts. Here you can verify your details and can edit if it needs correction.

Click on publish or schedule all button.

Step 4: You can also view your schedule by selecting the campaign option and then selecting the calendar. It will include information about the posting schedule.

How to Schedule a Post on Facebook in a group:

The admin can schedule the post, so if you want to schedule it, then the group admin can do it. Here are the steps to schedule a seat on a Facebook group.

Open your facebook account then go to your group through menu navigation.

  1. Put your arrow on the text box “What’s on your mind?”
  2. Create the post that you want to publish later.
  3. Now, click on the calendar icon near the publish button instead of clicking on Publish.
  4. Now enter your date and time of posting the post on Facebook.
  5. If your settings are correct, then click on the schedule button.

If you want to change the date and time of your scheduled post, find the admin tool option and go to “scheduled post” at the bottom.

Simplify your Facebook management.

This is the guideline for how to schedule a post on Facebook. This way, you can easily manage your content and simplify the posting process. Also, it allows you to engage your audience and reduce your efforts and time spent working on posts. Try the scheduling feature now if you have to post frequently and don’t have time to do this.


How do I schedule a post for a Facebook group?

It is possible to schedule a post for a group but to do this, and you have to be a moderator or admin of the group. It is also possible to schedule the post for your Facebook page and group simultaneously.

Can multiple Facebook posts be scheduled?

Yes, you can easily schedule multiple posts, but you must use a third-party app or software like Planable. You can find bulk options in these apps and upload and schedule all commands one by one. For example, if you have to post on Facebook every day, you can upload multiple posts and schedule them all at once.

Can you reschedule the Facebook posts?

Yes, it is possible to reschedule the posts. If you mistakenly specify the wrong date, then you can still reschedule it by clicking on the edit button. Specify your date and time of posting and reschedule your post.