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We already know Instagram’s most updated and fastest-growing feature which is IG reels because we all watch and enjoy these reels day and night. It is such a gold mine feature for every single person who has a dream to grow his following on social media.

This new update is quite similar to the TikTok videos that offer us to create a short video with interesting content in up to 30 seconds inside the app. You can either record or edit previous video clips to create a contented Instagram reel.

Currently, these reels are preferred by the Instagram algorithm. That means your videos will be recommended to more Instagram accounts even if they are not following you. They can see your reels and can give you maximum reach as compared to Instagram posts. And that is a big edge for social marketers.

Another plus point is not every account is creating reels that’s the reason that you can get more pace and less competition in this. But still, Instagram lacks in a point that not every account supports Instagram music yet.

What are Instagram Reels and why are they important?

In simple words, we all know what these reels are but in actuality, Instagram Reels are short videos that can be created on a smartphone’s full vertical screen. These short videos can never be shorter than 90 seconds.

The IG reel update comes with multiple unique editing tools. It also provides you with an ample collection of audio tracks that features all the trending sounds of other’s viral content. Furthermore, reels are privileging their users with endless video clips, beautiful filters, catchy captions, interactive backgrounds, non-interactive stickers, drawings, and more.

Although Reels are short, entertaining videos but it’s a unique way to grab the attention of Instagram users, and it is also valuable for good engagement and profile reach.

Some people get confused about Instagram Reels and Instagram Stories. But these two features are quite different from each other. Stories, appear for only 24 hours. But when you post a Reel, it’s available on your Instagram profile until you delete it.

But the question arises many times how do we use this update to wow more audience, how it helps in spreading the word about our small businesses and how do create reels on Instagram in a proper way? Keep calm because we are here to cover everything you crave to know. So let’s get started.

Where can we watch Reels?

Some of us don’t really know that on Instagram where can we find reels or how can we see reels. But the answer is ‘explore page’. When you get into Instagram just tap at the bottom of your screen.

The explore page has a large square page, just by tapping it you will get entered into the endless series of the best reels from multiple accounts. You can see continuous reels by scrolling vertically.

Why Should I Create Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels are such an amazing update from Instagram. It is full of fun and entertainment. In addition, creating reels is the best chance to get reach a favorable audience for the growth of your Instagram account.

If you are on Instagram as a blogger or content creator then it would be a huge opportunity. Once you get viral, it will increase your brand awareness. That is why creating reels is mandatory for your online career.

If we compare reels to the other Instagram features, these get more popular because they can discover your content for weeks.

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How to create a Reel on Instagram in 5 steps

Reels provide you with high entertainment value and rapid content delivery. Its consumption is quite easy and stimulating. If you’re already making reels and TikTok videos then it is not a new thing for you. But if you are a newbie, then this section is going to be very informative. So without any delay, just follow these few instructions to be a pro at making reels.

Step 1: Tap the plus icon and select Reel

To create a reel, your step will be to simply open Instagram. Then head to your account profile page. Now you will see a plus icon in the middle of the screen and you will see three options story, post, and reel. And you will choose a reel.

Step 2: Record or upload your video clip

The second and main part will be to create a reel. For the creation of the reel, you will be given two options either you wanna record a video on the spot on an Instagram camera or you wanna post a previously edited video clip.

Anyways this is a mini tutorial to record a reel:

  • To record a clip just go into the Instagram camera by swiping right.
  • Now applaud a recorded clip from the camera’s roll or make an on-the-spot video with the camera.
  • It’s all your choice, whether you wanna record clips one by one or want to do one at a time.
  • If you are not an expert in making videos you can use its countdown option.
  • Now just tap and hold the button and leave to end the clip and tap again to start a new one. Likewise, you can make multiple clips.
  • Then, you will see an align option that helps you organize the videos you want. You can add up audio from endless series of Instagram music.
  • After all, you can again tap to edit clips to make changes in the reel also you can watch, trim, or delete any clip to make your reel flawless.

To understand the in-depth editing of the reel you can see a tutorial below.

Step 3: Edit your Reel

Once you’re done with recording, you will edit your Reel by using the Reels editor features which are built-in super creative tools with a simple interface. So that you can make your reels like a pro!

Here’s what each feature does:

  1. Audio: To create an attention-grabbing and viral reel you need to use stunning audio in editing you will see an audio option. You can add it from the Instagram music library.
  2. Length: The whole video should be not too long or too short. You change the length of your video. from 15, 30, 60, to 90 seconds.
  3. Speed: This feature helps you in changing the speed of your video. You can choose .3x or .5x or 2x, 3x, or 4x to accelerate or slow the video.
  4. Layout: It helps in adjusting or adding the layout.
  5. Timer: It helps you in making videos with a countdown. It’s best to use hands-free.
  6. Effects: These are also known as “filters,” which you can apply to your video to beautify it.
  7. Align: It helps in lining up the clips in the right order.
  8. Text: You can add text after recording the whole stuff. There will be multiple options for text colors, styles, and fonts. ext can be add
  9. Stickers & Gifs: Stickers are useful for your video if you feel you can add something relatable.

Step 4: Adjust your Reel’s settings

When your video is just ready, tap next. There you will see multiple settings so let’s see what they are:

  • First set your reel cover.
  • Add a catchy caption related to your reel.
  • Tag related people if any.
  • Add a location if you want.
  • Enable to post on Facebook. It’s helpful to get more reach.
  • Rename your audio with a nice one.
  • Enable or disable automatically generated captions.
  • Allow or not allow your reels to be posted on your feed.

Step 5: Post Your Reel

Once you modify all the settings, then just tap the Share button.

And done. Congratulation! Your first Reel has been posted.

5 Tips For Making Viral Reels as a Business

As we discussed above, Instagram Reels are the best mode to achieve the right audience for your business. Also, the feature helps in growing the following and boosting engagement rates. But it never happens on its own. There are a few tips you must know to make your content viral.

  1. Keep checking on the Reels Algorithm.
  2. Play with trending sounds
  3. Don’t be too salesy
  4. Be consistent
  5. Collaborate with others.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download (save) a copy of my Reel to my camera roll?

It’s super easy just Tap the right-pointing arrow in your reel. And the reel is downloaded.

Where should I share Instagram Reels if I want maximum exposure?

You share your reel as a story, sharing on your feed too, and using relatable hashtags.

Can I create a draft and save it to post later?

Yes, you can save the reel in drafts or keep it in the camera roll.

Is there a limit to the number of drafts I can create in Instagram Reels?

No, there’s no limit to making drafts.

Does every account have Instagram Reels?

No, not yet. Not everybody is making reels.

Final Verdict:

Consequently, Reels are the most trending feature of Instagram. They have an extra appeal to the young generation. In a 15-second framework, you can easily convey your powerful message and you can grab the attention of your followers. This is a quick, easy, digestible, and highly addictive update for any Instagram user. So we have given a complete guide related to how to create a reel on Instagram as a beginner. So if you have read our blog post till the end, and have any queries. Feel Free to ask, you will get an answer within a few hours.

So keep creating reels and be a pro!