How to See Who Blocked You on Instagram? | Best Method

Not able to see content, stories, and posts of my desired account. Have I been blocked? If you’re facing something like that, don’t worry, we are here to help you. In actuality, this platform did not inform or notify you when you were blocked by someone.

If you are searching for the answer, how to see who blocked you on Instagram, clues, and reasons for being blocked, just read the article till the end to know about all of your queries. The process is not simple so read it keenly if you want to know if someone blocked you. We are going to discuss every minute detail you need to know regarding this topic. Let’s have a look!

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For What reason someone Blocked You?

For any reason, people can block you on Instagram. Listed below are some most common reasons:

  • When you are spamming their messages, you can be blocked.
  • Tagging someone is an irritating activity, especially on irrelevant posts. It might be a reason for blocking.
  • Inappropriate comments on someone’s content are also a reason for being blocked.
  •  The ends of real-life friendships or relationships can be the reason.

What if a person blocks you on Instagram?

It’s not a secret that this platform doesn’t send you notifications to inform you. To know this, you have to investigate, but some clues can make this investigation easy for you. Let’s explore

  • You blocked the account, and it will not show up in the search bar.
  •  Dropping activities might be a clue.
  • Likes, comments, and shares will disappear from all of your posts of the person who blocked you.
  • When you have been blocked, you don’t send DMs to that person.
  • You will not see his content.

How Do I Find out If I Have Been Blocked?

  • Searching for their username

Go to the Instagram search bar and enter the username to search. You can’t be able to visit their content, post, and profile whenever you have been blocked; you cannot see their profile. But if you receive any message like: “account is private ” it means they navigate privacy.

  • Searching Through Profile

If you remember any previous chats and comments, go to his/her profile through that comment. Whenever their recent posts are not visible to you, it indicates that you are blocked.

  • Checking From another Instagram Account

Use another mobile and check whether somebody has blocked you or not. Share the username with your friend and ask him to search. If the profile shows up, you are blocked, and if it does not, then it means they changed their username or deactivated their account. Also, check the How to Pin and Unpin Posts?

  • Using Instagram Unique Profile Link

You have a unique URL for your account, replace the username with the suspected person and log out of your account. Then search in a new tab with that link. If you don’t see their profile now, then you have been blocked.

  • Looking through Shared Chat groups

Another way of investigation is to look at their profile through shared group chat. if you did not see the profile, it means they have blocked you.

Consequences of Being Blocked On Instagram

When someone blocks you, it is like you are no more on their profile or you have never been there. All of your likes, interactions, comments, and hearts will be automatically removed, and you will not see anything there. Also, any pictures, posts, or comments you have been tagged in will no longer exist with your name tagged.  Also, check the How To Mass Unfollow On Instagram.

For the messages you might have sent earlier or want to send in the future, the following scenarios will happen.

  • Your new messages will not be sent to them.
  • They cannot send you new messages or cannot receive messages from you.
  • Any previous chats will be there in the inbox but no further messaging will be possible. 
  • Any of the common groups will remain the same. But the person who blocks you will get a notification of the common group and a leave option. 
  • You can’t join their created rooms. 

Wrapping Up

Unfortunately, you are not notified if somebody blocks you on Instagram. This article provided a detailed guide on how to see who blocked you on Instagram. We are pretty sure that after reading this guide, you can investigate whether you are blocked or not. If someone blocked you unintentionally, go and ask him to unblock you but if your relationship has ended with someone and he doesn’t want more connection with you, respect their decision and move on. Also, if you want to buy any service related to Instagram, place an order on our website to get a valuable service.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to know somebody has blocked you on Instagram?

You can’t realize someone has blocked you on Instagram until you come across that their profile is no more visible to you. Instagram does not notify you about this, so if some of your close friends block you, you will stop receiving notifications from their side, and they will get to know you very soon. 

What to do if someone blocks you on Instagram?

You can’t do anything until that person unblocks you. 

Can you unblock yourself on Instagram?

No, it is not in your control. 

Why do people block Instagram?

It depends upon your relationship with them. Sometimes having a difference of opinion causes others to block you on Instagram. 

Can I block others on Instagram?

Yes, you can also block anyone on Instagram. 

Can I request Instagram support to unblock me?

No, you can’t request because it depends daily upon the account holder’s choice.