Why Is YouTube So Slow? – How to Fix?

Have you ever experienced frustration when trying to play a YouTube video but are met with a never-ending loading screen instead? We all have been in that situation and wondered what exactly are the reasons behind so slow YouTube.

Slow YouTube is a common problem experienced by millions daily, and there are multiple reasons behind it. In this article, we will discover the most common reasons behind slow YouTube and provide you with fixes. So, let’s start and get into why is YouTube so slow.

Why Is YouTube So Slow?

Why is Slow YouTube a Problem?

Slow YouTube is quite a big problem for users and content creators. Firstly, slow YouTube significantly impacts user engagement, reducing interactions with content creators. Secondly, users get frustrated with buffering and delays jeopardizing user loyalty to the platform.

The irritation of slow-loading videos can make users think of YouTube as unreliable and make them find other platforms for a smoother experience.

How to Fix Your Slow YouTube

There can be multiple reasons for slow YouTube, but users encounter some common reasons. We have made a list of them, and you can find them below, along with instructions on how to fix them.

Check Your Internet

Internet is the most common reason for slow YouTube. So, run a speed test and ensure you have high-speed and steady internet. If you find your internet slow, try to restart the router or modem to refresh the connection, and if that doesn’t fix your slow internet, contact your internet service provider for further assistance or possible upgrades.

Check Your Internet Speed

Clear Browser Cache and Cookies

There are temporary cache and cookies to improve your browser experience, but sometimes they get corrupt, resulting in slow browsers. To fix that, you will have to clear your browser cache and cookies.

  • Go to browser settings and look for the option “Clear Browsing Data.

Clear browsing data

  • Select a time (last hour, last 24 hours, all time) for which you would like to clear the data.
  • Click “Clear Data” to finish the process.

Clear Data

Disable VPN

Sometimes VPN can slow down internet speed due to server distance or encryption. If you use a VPN, disable it temporarily and see if it increases your internet connection speed, making YouTube faster.

Disable VPN

Adjust Video Quality

YouTube will adjust the quality of your video based on your internet connection, but manually selecting a lower quality will help in case of consistent buffering.

  • When watching a YouTube video click the “Gear” icon at the bottom right-hand of YouTube video.
  • Select lower video quality, such as 480p or 360p
  • If you are using a mobile, tap on three dots, and then the gear icon from the menu pops up.

Choose a lower quality settings

Update Your Browser

An outdated browser may have capability or performance issues with YouTube. So, ensure your browser is updated to the latest version.

  • To update your browser to the latest version, visit the browser’s settings or help section and look for options like “Check for Updates” or “Update Browser.
  • Follow the prompts to install the latest version of your browser.Why Is YouTube So Slow?

Try Different Devices or Browsers

Sometimes slow YouTube can be because of your browser or device. So, Try using a different device or browser to check if the issue is only on a certain device or browser.


What’s the maximum video quality on YouTube?

The maximum video quality on YouTube is 2160p.

Do Ad blockers affect YouTube speed?

Not really, but sometimes when ad blockers interfere with YouTube video ads, you can experience a bit of lag.

Is YouTube slow at peak hours?

Yes, sometimes, YouTube can be slow to use at peak hours.

YouTube video

Wrapping Up

Slow YouTube is a worldwide issue experienced by users and content creators. Buffering and loading delays and frustration can threaten user engagement and loyalty to YouTube. Some common reasons behind slow YouTube are higher video quality, slow internet, outdated browser, and more. Fixing slow YouTube can be easily done, and you can learn by following this article, and you will never have to wonder again why is YouTube so slow.




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