What Is YouTube TV? Benefits of Youtube TV

Wondering what YouTube TV is? We are in a world where online streaming has become the primary source of entertainment for many people. YouTube TV is one of the several streaming services available. But YouTube TV stands out from the rest of streaming services. By following this article, you will be able to find out the history behind YouTube TV and other essential things about it and get your question “What is YouTube TV” answered.

YouTube TV was introduced to the world on April 5, 2017, YouTube TV was created as a response to the television world, viewers were vastly turning to online streaming for entertainment. YouTube TV aimed to make a cable-like experience for viewers with the flexibility of streaming on the internet.

What Is YouTube TV?

What are the benefits of YouTube TV?

YouTube TV offers several benefits for its users for their entertainment needs. YouTube TV’s main benefit is its flexibility, and some of the other benefits of YouTube TV can be seen below.

Live TV Streaming: On YouTube TV, you can watch live broadcasts, whatever you like, sports, tv shows, news, etc, and the best part is you can record live broadcasts and watch them later when you are comfortable and always stay up to date.

Family Sharing: YouTube TV allows you to create multiple profiles under a single subscription and accommodates the preference of entertainment for everyone in your household.

Multiple Devices: YouTube TV can be streamed on multiple devices such as IOS, Android, Smart TVs, and also on XBOX, so you can stream YouTube TV anywhere you like.

Unlimited Content: YouTube TV provides you with unlimited content in different categories, such as series, news, sports, movies, music, travel, and much more.

No Hidden Fees: The best part of YouTube TV is that it has no hidden fees. You just pay the price for YouTube TV and don’t get charged anything extra.

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What is the Cost of YouTube TV?

YouTube TV costs $72.99 monthly for 1 membership with upto 6 household accounts. However, the first 3 months of YouTube TV costs you $64.99 monthly. Premium YouTube TV offers you more than 100 channels, no contracts or anything, and, best of all, no hidden fees.

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Is YouTube TV Worth the Cost?

YouTube TV being worth it is upto you. YouTube TV costs $72.99 monthly and offers a lot of benefits. If you have the time to take full advantage of YouTube’s benefits, then YouTube TV can be worth it. However, if you do not have the time to use YouTube TV, it is not worth buying it since it will be a waste of money, and you can spend $72.99 elsewhere.

What Is YouTube TV?


Does YouTube TV have a student offer?

No, YouTube TV doesn’t have a student offer.

Does YouTube TV offer a free trial?

Yes, YouTube TV offers a free 1-month trial.

Is there a download feature on YouTube TV?

Yes, there is a download feature on YouTube TV for you to download your favorite shows, movies, etc.


Just like other streaming services YouTube TV has a story behind it and has its perks. YouTube TV offers you multiple benefits, such as flexibility, unlimited content, multiple devices, and much more, at a cost of $72.99 per month.

However, those benefits may not be for everyone, and YouTube TV may not be worth it for someone if they can’t take advantage of its benefits. Your question, “What is YouTube TV” can be answered if you just follow this article.

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