What Is YouTube Premium? Is Premium Worth It?

While you are watching videos on YouTube or just scrolling through the app, you must have seen an ad about YouTube Premium. Since the ad is brief, you may need clarification about what exactly is the meaning of it. YouTube Premium is a subscription on YouTube which costs 11.99 monthly in the US and offers several benefits. Some benefits are no ads while watching YouTube videos, the ability to download videos, a subscription to YouTube Music for free, and more. To fully understand what is YouTube Premium, keep following this article to find out.

Why Should You Buy YouTube Premium?

For buying YouTube Premium, there are several reasons, and I will explain them to you. So if you spend a lot of time on YouTube, whether for studying, entertainment, or something else, you must know the reasons for buying YouTube Premium.

  • Time Saver: If you buy YouTube Premium, you will be able to a lot of time because you won’t get any ads. So, for example, if you get 50 unskippable 15 seconds of ads per day, you will save almost 13 min per day, not counting the 5 seconds of skippable ads.
  • Multitasking: Who doesn’t like to do multiple tasks at once and then relax for the rest of the time? With YouTube Premium, you can watch videos in the background and do something else while listening to them, and you get another benefit: less data and battery usage.
  • YouTube Premium Music: Everyone loves to get something free when they just paid for only 1 item. You get free access to YouTube Premium Music with no extra cost when you have YouTube Premium.
  • Exclusive Content: Everybody likes to be a part of something exclusive or watch something exclusive, right? When you buy YouTube Premium, you can access YouTube-exclusive content, which contains Tv shows, movies, and documentaries that only Premium YouTube members can access.

What Are Benefits of YouTube Premium

You now know why you should buy YouTube Premium and What Is YouTube Premium. But you might also like to know what are benefits of YouTube Premium. YouTube Premium has several benefits, which you can find out below.

  • No ads while watching videos on YouTube.
  • Access the YouTube download feature and watch YouTube while you are offline.
  • YouTube background play: your videos will play in the background by default while using other apps or the screen is off.
  • Free access to YouTube Premium Music.
  • Ability to watch videos where you left off (Continue Watching.)

These five are the benefits that provide you with the most value. To learn more about YouTube Premium, go to the YouTube Help page.

Is YouTube Premium Worth The Cost?

Now after everything, you may be wondering, is YouTube worth it? While I can’t make that decision for you, I can help you choose what you think is right for you. As you know, YouTube Premium offers several benefits, such as no ads, the ability to download videos, free YouTube Premium Music access, and more. So in my opinion. Yes, YouTube Premium is worth the cost because the no-ads feature alone saves you a lot of time, and it’s safe.


How much is the cost of YouTube Premium in the US?

YouTube Premium costs $11.99 in the US.

Does YouTube have a student membership?

Yes, YouTube does have a student membership which only costs $4.99.

Is it cheaper to buy an annual plan of YouTube Premium?

Yes, It is cheaper to buy YouTube premium, annual plan because you only have to pay $119.99 for a 12 monthly long membership. So you save $23.98.


YouTube Premium is a paid membership on YouTube that offers you several benefits to make your experience much better on the platform. So, if you are considering buying YouTube Premium, I highly recommend that you should go ahead with it because it’s worth the cost. Some benefits, like no ads and free YouTube premium music alone, make it worth your money. If you have followed this whole article, I hope your question, “What is YouTube Premium” is answered.




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