What Does WYLL Mean on Instagram? A Guide About This Slang

Want to know what does WYLL mean on Instagram? If yes, worry not. We have the answer to your query. WYLL is a new internet slang introduced to social media, including Instagram, which stands for “What You Look Like.” It is a widely used term or acronym when people want to know about your physical appearance. Typically, the term is used in a romantic or dating context where people ask for photos, videos, or more information about someone in a one-on-one conversation.

This article will discuss the meaning of WYLL on Instagram and texts. We will also discuss the usage and benefits of WYLL. So, don’t go anywhere.

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What Does WYLL Mean in Texts?

According to Urban Dictionary, WYLL is one of the acronyms of Internet slang that stands for “What you look like.” It is a common question that many people ask the person they are chatting with when they have no idea about their appearance. Like all other slang, this acronym is also used to make things shortened and simpler. This is the most commonly used phrase in dating apps where people frequently ask others to show their photos or videos by texting WYLL. For example:

  • John: I like how you talk to me, but WYLL?
  • Sasha: Haha, I will send you a photo in a minute!

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WYLL Meanings on Instagram

The acronym WYLL has similar meanings on Instagram to all other social media platforms. It stands for ‘What you look like?”

It is a playful way to ask somebody for a picture or video if you haven’t seen them before. For example, you can message a newly made friend on Instagram by saying “WYLL?” by attaching a smiley face emoji. Actually, it is a way to request a photo or video of someone to get to know them better.

WYLL Usage on Instagram

You can use WYLL on Instagram in different ways. These are as follows:

  • Instagram users can use WYLL in their photos or video captions and stories to interact with their followers. For example, someone posts and says, “Feeling awesome today! WYLL, Instagram fans?”
  • You can also use WYLL in the comment section of the posts, where IG users can use this acronym to ask about the appearance of the person featured in the post. For example, when someone posts a selfie, you can comment, “Love your goggles! WYLL today?”
  • IG users can use WYLL in direct messages to directly ask about looks. For example, users can message their followers by saying, “Hey! Your talking style is awesome. WYLL right now?”


Internet slang keeps on introducing new acronyms on social media platforms. WYLL is one of the recently introduced slang on Instagram. That’s why most users don’t know its meaning and search What does WYLL mean on Instagram? It is slang for “What you look like” and is used to inquire about someone’s appearance or current state. You can use it in your captions, stories, comments, or direct messages to increase engagement and connections. Thus, use this trending slang and ask for someone’s photos to see their appearance.

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