What Does WTM Mean On Instagram? How to Use It?

What does WTM mean on Instagram? Worry not; we cover all of its meanings in detail. WTM is an internet slang used on social media, including Instagram, with three meanings. It could stand for “What is the Move?” “What is the Matter?” and “Whatever That Means?”. All of its meanings depend on how it is used in texts on Instagram. Luckily, with some context, we can easily understand its meanings.

In this article, we will discuss the different meanings of WTM on Instagram and how to use it in detail. So, please stay connected with us.

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Different Meanings of WTM

There are three different meanings of WTM slang. These include What is the Move? What is the Matter? Whatever That Mean? We are going to discuss them one by one.

“WTM?” or “What’s the Move?”

If you are in a group chat with your friends, and one of your friends hits you with a text that just says, “WTM?” It stands for “What’s the move?” This is a laid-back way of inquiring, “What is the plan for tomorrow?” In this context, WTM shows that you already have a plan. Your friend can also send this slang to ask, “What are we doing tonight?” other examples of using WTM include:

  • “John! WTM tonight?”
  • “George! WTM? Are we going to the beach, or what?”

“WTM?” When Used for “What is the Matter?”

If you are in a rut or have been dealing with a difficult situation, your friends can send you a text with “WTM,” which here stands for “What is the matter?” Simply, they are asking you what is bothering you. This is a way of checking in that you are all right. Other examples include:

  • “Hey, Mitchell! You seemed down last night. WTM?”
  • “WTM?” I have come to know you are going through a difficult situation. Can I help you?

“WTM?” When Used for “Whatever That Means?”

When someone is confused by unclear instructions, homework, or vague comments on his Instagram posts, “WTM” probably stands for “whatever that means.” It is their way of expressing frustration about something, or they use this slang to show that they don’t care about things annoying them. For example, some people can say:

  • “Smith told me to ‘go for it’ WTM.”
  • Peter described him as unique. “WTM.”

Other WTM Meanings That Are Not Internet Slang

WTM can also be used in different contexts with different meanings.

  • World Travel Market: WTM is also used to describe this London-based global travel and tourism exhibition.
  • Windows Task Manager: Computer developers can use WTM to describe this tool name.
  • World’s Toughest Mudder: People started using WTM to describe this 24-hour extreme obstacle course.
  • Winner Takes Most: In business, WTM describes that no single company makes all the money, but numerous companies make most of the capital. Marketers use this term to describe this phenomenon.

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How to Use WTM?

You can use this acronym or slang in the following ways.

Send “WTM?” (What is the Move) to Ask Your Buddy What’s Up

Instagram users can use WTM to ask their friends for info on what’s going on. In this context, the connotation shows your intent to meet up and do something, but you don’t have specific plans. You can text them as follows:

  • “WTM tonight? Are you going for a part?”
  • “Are you going out tonight? WTM? I want to do something.”

Use “WTM” (What’s the Matter) to Check in On People

When you see your friend posting on Instagram how sad they are, or you receive a message from a friend of yours who “wants to talk,” you can send them a “WTM” message. You can ask them:

  • “Hey, WTM? Are you all right?
  • “I saw you were upset in the class today. WTM?”

Use “WTM” (Whatever that Means) When You Are Confused About Something

You can use “WTM” when you are annoyed by something or have confusion with someone’s vagueness. Your WTM message suggests you are unhappy with the information you have been given. You can say:

  • “Boss used the word ‘flabbergasted’ WTM lol.”
  • “I got annoyed when they asked me where I rank myself in 5 years. I said ‘On moon’ WTM.”

When to Use WTM?

Instagram users can use WTM in verbal and written communications. Mostly it is used in in-person and online causal conversations.

You can emphasize the meaning of WTM during a verbal conversation by raising your voice when you speak the final letter. Furthermore, when writing, you can highlight its meanings with an exclamation mark or question mark.

WTM is used outside of slang when discussing a specific causal topic and professional settings. For example, in a business company meeting, you can use WTM to mean World Travel Market. Your experience and interactions with your colleagues help you proper use of WTM.

What Does WTM Mean On Instagram?


Internet slang is an ever-evolving language that introduces new acronyms regularly for social media platforms. WTM is also one of the slang or acronyms frequently used on Instagram. However, most new IG users search for what does WTM mean on Instagram. WTM is an abbreviation with three meanings, like “What’s the move?” “What’s the Matter?” and “Whatever That Means.” This way, WTM is used in different contexts on Instagram. Thus, you can easily use any of the forms of WTM in your formal and written communications.




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