How To Wave On Facebook Messenger in 2023? (Step-by-Step Guide)

Not familiar with the recent wave feature of Facebook Messenger? Cheer up! as you landed on the right page. This article will explain how to wave on Facebook Messenger with simple step-by-step ways to use the new wave feature.

To wave at someone while initiating a conversation on Facebook Messenger is a unique and modern approach that allows the sender to start a new chat with someone in a less awkward manner.

The wave hand emoji on Facebook Messenger is an informal conversation starter gesture for introverts and extroverts. People also call it a “Hi” button. Come learn how to wave.

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How to wave on Facebook Messenger using a desktop?

With the help of this article, it is simpler to send wave emojis while surfing on a desktop site. Follow the below given simple steps!

Step 1: Sign In

Open up the Chrome browser on your desktop and sign in to your Facebook account by providing your e-mail address and password. Press sign in/log in. That will take you to your news feed.

How to wave on Facebook Messenger using a desktop

Step 2: Sending the wave

Here comes the 2nd part. You will find a list of active friends on the rightmost side of your news feed. Open a chat box with them, click the wave icon, and the magic happens. Congratulations on sending your first wave.

Sending the wave

How to wave on Android using the Facebook messenger app?

Follow the below-given steps and learn how to wave friends on Facebook Messenger using an Android phone.

Step 1: Get the app:

Go to the Android Play Store and search for the latest version of the messenger application. Download the app over Wi-Fi or cellular data. Open the messenger and connect it to your already logged-in Facebook account.

How to wave on android using the Facebook messenger app

Step 2: Send the wave

Once you have opened the messenger app, you can see a row of active friends with a green dot below the search bar. Or you can search for the name of the friend you want to wave at. Click on the yellow-colored hand icon to wave at your friend.

How to wave on android using the Facebook messenger app

Why do we wave on Facebook Messenger?

Waving on Messenger is an ideal but informal practice while connecting with friends, family, and colleagues. It’s a new norm to say Hi/Hello to someone you are talking to for the first time on social media platforms.

This emoji is a gesture to draw someone’s attention toward you and show your interest in initiating conversation.

The wave feature is nothing new, as we all have been using such symbols or gestures in real life to express our intent to talk or to show acquaintance toward other people.

For example, in the real world, when we see someone familiar on the street, we wave a hand with a broad smile to grab their attention. It is a positive gesture indicating that I wish to talk in a friendly manner. The other person may also wave back as a sign of interest in an informal conversation.

Since we all know that Facebook is a social media site, they copied this gesture from our real social life and pasted it into digital social life.

Advantages of waving on Facebook messenger

  • It is an effortless style to say hello/hi to new friends without actually saying anything. Receiving/sending a wave means that a person wants to begin a chat using informal gestures of greetings and salutations. This effortless gesture makes the conversation less awkward and more smooth.
  • A wave adds more meaning to your conversation. It improves the quality of the chat by emphasizing the intent to chat. It is a friendly and positive gesture that exterminates the chances of miscommunication or misunderstanding. Not using a wave may cause misinterpretation of your chat, and others might find it offensive.
  • An introverted user who doesn’t know how to commence a conversation may be in real trouble. They mostly do not know what to say or how to begin, and this introverted nature gets them into really awkward moments. Facebook added a wave feature for such users to ease their inconvenience. With the help of this feature, they can conveniently start a conversation without embarrassing themselves or the other person.


To sum up, we learned ways how to wave on Facebook Messenger. Moreover, some people call the wave feature pointless, while others consider it practical. Without a pinch of doubt, the Wave is a convenient and user-oriented feature that improves everyone’s involvement in the Facebook messenger application.

Hand wave is a well-designed and meaningful feature that helps initiate a friendly conversation. Use it, relax, and enjoy the conversation.


How to delete a wave?

As you know, Facebook keeps reminding you to use its wave feature. And you might be annoyed and embarrassed at the same time when you accidentally send a wave to someone you don’t know well. There is no need to get uneasy because we got your back. Follow the below simple steps to undo or delete a wave you sent by mistake.

  1. Open the chat box of your friend that you send a wave by chance in the Facebook messenger application.
  2. Now press and hold on to the “wave” that you sent. Click on the three-dot symbol labeled with more.
  3. Delete the wave.

How to wave back?

Imagine you are using Facebook Messenger, and someone just waved at you. They grabbed your attention. You are interested in a chat with them. You don’t want to be rude by jumping onto the sentences without proper greetings, but you need to know how to wave back. It isn’t the issue anymore because we can help you wave back. So cheer up and follow the given steps.

  1. Open the chat box of your friend that you want to wave back.
  2. Facebook must have sent you a message telling you that a friend is waving toward you.
  3. Facebook provides you with an option to wave back. Now, press on “tap to wave back.”

Will Facebook automatically send a wave every time I add a new friend?

No, Facebook never sends any wave to anyone on your behalf without sending you a prior notification. Once you add a new friend, Facebook sends you a reminder notification that you might want to send a wave. You must click on it to send a wave.

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