How to Watch Private Videos on YouTube? – Easy Ways

Curious about private videos on YouTube? It’s alright to be curious about a private YouTube video. You aren’t the only one. Reasons for that can be that they got a sneak peek of a video before it was private, and now they are curious about it. Another reason could be that their favourite YouTuber uploaded it; now it’s private, and people are intrigued. Additionally, videos going private on YouTube worry some users because they might think the YouTuber they are watching is quitting or something else. In this article, we will discuss private videos on YouTube in full detail, and you will also find out how to watch private videos on YouTube.

What is Private YouTube on YouTube?

Private videos on YouTube are a feature that lets content creators limit access to their videos, ensuring that only specific users can watch them or no one can. Private videos on YouTube cannot be viewed by anyone, whereas public videos can. Private videos on YouTube can only be watched with authorization from the video owner. The private videos feature on YouTube allows creators to share their content exclusively with a select audience, family members, and friends.

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Why Watch Private Videos on YouTube?

Why would anyone watch private videos on YouTube when they are private? The simple reason may be that they are just curious about them because, most of the time, private videos are exclusive to certain audiences, friends, and family members. This article will provide you with all the information about private videos on YouTube, along with how to watch private videos on YouTube.

Why Are Videos Private on YouTube?

Videos that are private on YouTube have various reasons, one of which is that they are exclusive to a certain audience. Another reason for private videos on YouTube can be security; sometimes videos on YouTube might have personal information, so the video owner may have to make the video private. Videos can also be private because the owner just wants to review them, so he makes them private and lets certain people review them, gather feedback, make improvements, and then upload them publicly. Additionally, videos can be made private because the YouTube content creator plans to quit his YouTube channel and make all his videos private for whatever reason.

How to Watch Private Videos on YouTube

Watching private videos on YouTube can be quite tricky since there are a few ways, and we will discuss them.

Request Permission From the Video Owner

Private videos on YouTube can be watched by users if they have permission from the owner. So ask the video owner to give you access to the YouTube video so you can watch it.

Watch Private Video on YouTube Without Permission

Note: This method is not official and might violate YouTube’s terms of service.

If you didn’t get permission to watch the private video on YouTube from the video owner, you can try this method, but remember that it might not work since it’s not an official method.

Step 1: Locate the link to the private YouTube video you would like to view.

Step 2: Remove the “Watch?” from the video’s URL.

Step 3: Enter the new URL, which might give you access to the video.


Can private videos on YouTube ever be made public?

Yes, private videos on YouTube can be made public whenever the video owner wants them to.

How can one verify that a YouTube video is private?

If a video is private on YouTube, you won’t be able to find it in search results, and if you do find it somehow, when you click on it, it will say, “Video is Private.”

How long are videos private on YouTube?

Videos stay private on YouTube as long as the video owner wants them to stay private.


The feature of private videos on YouTube allows the creator to offer exclusive content to a certain audience, family members, and friends. It also allows content creators on YouTube to limit access to their videos, gather feedback from certain users, and then release it to the public. For users, private videos can be quite annoying sometimes; some users may get curious about the video and try to access it, but there is no official way to access private videos other than by asking for permission from the video owner. It is best not to try and get access to a private video on YouTube without any official way since it can violate YouTube terms and services and get you in trouble, so the best option is to respect the privacy of the video owner and wait until the video is released publicly. You can find a guide to YouTube private videos in this article.

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