How to Get Verified on Instagram and Get the Blue Checkmark

As everyone knows, social media is a worthwhile platform to get famous. It all relies on the way you utilize these fora. People worldwide are turning to different social media applications to expand their businesses. They see it as an opportunity to gain more audience which will automatically generate more profit. To stand out among many others, you try to deliver uniqueness and distinctive qualities in your content. But even that often never works out for many. For your brand to stand out, the most fortunate thing you can do is get a “blue tick.” There aren’t any social networking sites that don’t offer to get your accounts verified. And like any other social site, Instagram also lets you get your accounts verified. However, there is a certain criterion to fulfill before getting the blue tick on your ticket.

A verified Instagram account grabs the attention of many users and can change things for your brand, company as well as influencers in the best way possible. It gives your profile a sense of superiority and uniqueness. With your existing tremendous following, you start getting more followers. Indeed, it is a fact that people tend to follow what many people are following.

But how to get verified on Instagram? To get verified on Instagram, you need to follow some requirements and guidelines before sending the official request for account verification to Instagram.

In this article, we are going to talk about what Instagram verification is and what are its benefits, as well as the criteria you are supposed to follow to get your account verified.

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What is Instagram verification?

Instagram verification indicates the authenticity of your profile or your brand. It also represents the same official status of your account, and no other person can impersonate you. The blue tick you see on the top of the user’s profile signifies the official verification of the account. With the badge on your profile, you become the sole identity to represent you or your brand. It is easier to find your brand among lots of accounts. Furthermore, the quality of content makes a huge difference in the engagements. It is not just the verified badge that brings the audience to your brand; your content and its quality matter as well. Also, check the How to See Old Stories on Instagram?

What is Instagram verification?

Benefits Of Getting Instagram Account Verified

A verified Instagram account works as social evidence that you are worth following, and who doesn’t want more followers, anyway?

There are several more benefits of verified accounts, some of which are discussed below:

  • Verified accounts get access to certain features that are not available to regular accounts. One such is the ‘swipe up’ feature. This particular feature allows you to link up the website URLs in your stories for your followers.
  • Your account is more recognizable and easy to find.
  • Your accounts stand out among others, and this brings more audience to your account, and more audience brings more engagement.
  • Your account is less likely to experience an action block.
  • No one can try to impersonate you. Through a verified badge, your account is easily recognizable, and there leaves no chance for people to create fake accounts in your name.
  • You get more work opportunities from different brands.
  • Increases follower count.

What conditions are required to get your account verified?

To get the badge, you must follow specific criteria. There are particular conditions and guidelines that you are required to follow to become eligible for getting the blue tick.

Let’s see what these requirements are:

Public Account:

For your account to get verified, you need to make it public. A private account, regardless of tremendous followers, is not eligible for verification.

Authentic Account:

Your account should possess an authenticity that is used by a real person. Whether it is a business account, a brand account, or a blogger/influencer account, it should be real, genuine, and authentic.

Unique Account:

Instagram lets you verify one account only. If you have multiple business accounts, then you should select the one that is more important and unique and also has more followers. Moreover, accounts for general interest, for example, fan accounts, meme accounts, etc, can not be verified.

Complete Account:

Your account has to be complete in terms of your bio. Should have a profile picture and have to stay active when you request verification.

Notable Account:

A notable account is an account that is well-known, and the person/brand should have a unique identity and is often featured in different posts. Instagram considers positive and authentic reviews and not paid ones. Also, read the How to Change Your Instagram Password?

There is no such exact follower count required to be eligible for the verification; if you think your account is following all the provided guidelines, then you can apply for the blue tick.

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How to request verification on Instagram?

The Instagram verification process is rather straightforward;

  • Open the Instagram app and go to your profile page.
  • Tap the three horizontal lines icon, and from there, select settings.
  • Now tap preferences and then select request verification.
  • Fill out the application form for verification with all the authentic details.
  • Tap send.

Once the application is submitted, you might receive a responsive notification, as claimed by Instagram. Although, there is no certain timeline for when your account will get verified. It can take days or weeks, or maybe a month. If you can meet the above-mentioned criteria, you wIll most certainly get verified. If not, then you might have to wait for 30 days before applying for the verification again.


A verified Instagram account can open many doors of opportunities for you. Indeed, it is to your advantage as it not only makes you feel famous but also makes you stand out among others. You get access to multiple features that are simply not functional on regular accounts. How to get verified on Instagram is a relatively simple task if done properly. All you are required to do is follow the Instagram-provided guidelines and the required criteria before sending the request for verification. In this article, you are provided with the information that you need to know if you are thinking about getting your Instagram account verified.

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Can an account with 10,000 followers apply for Instagram verification?

There is no requirement for a huge follower count to get your account verified. You must follow the required criteria that Instagram has provided you for the verification.

Can a private Instagram account get verified?  

No, a private account can never get verified. Only public accounts are eligible for verification.

Can you buy an Instagram blue tick?

Buying an Instagram blue tick will cost you a lot and is mostly a scam. Instagram does not ask for money to verify your account. If you are using a third-party app to get your account verified, then your account might get blocked by Instagram.




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