How To Use Twitter For Business? Tips to Promote Your Brand

Are you looking to promote and grow your business by taking it online? Look no further than Twitter!

With millions of active users, Twitter is one of the popular social media platforms. Your business presence on Twitter makes it reach the audience quicker than anything else. The good thing is setting up your business account is fairly simple on Twitter, and with the right tactics, you can make it successful.

In this detailed guide, we will explain how to use Twitter for business effectively and why it should be your priority for expanding it.

How To Use Twitter For Business?

Why Use Twitter For Business?

There is a reason why almost every celebrity and brands make their presence on Twitter. Twitter allows one to keep up with the latest trend and enables users to interact with their favorite accounts.

The social media platform comes with a lot of benefits and opportunities for businesses. Here’s the answer to why is Twitter good for business:

1. Platform for Customers

Twitter is largely considered a medium for customers to express their opinions or reviews for a business or product. It also allows a business to converse directly with its end customers. Businesses use vital customer feedback to improve or learn more about their liking and implement the same.

2. Learn More About Competitors

Twitter is also a great tool for a business to analyze the competition and interacts with its customers. Businesses use this strategy to see what is working and not working for their competition and integrate the best practices.

3. Business Personality

Using Twitter, a business portrays its image to the audience. The brand voice that aligns with your business personality determines how you want the audience to perceive its image.

For example, Netflix’s Twitter account is one of the most active out there. They tweet and interact with their audience in a fun way which perfectly aligns with their promoting strategy.

4. Building a Community

Twitter allows a business to build its community with its audience. Many brands do this practice by starting a new trend of hashtags to increase their customer base, as it allows same-minded people to follow the same cause.

It allows a brand to cultivate more followers and increase its reach to the potential audience.

5. Free of Cost

The great thing about Twitter is that it is completely free. However, to boost your reach faster, paid ads or influencers can be used to promote your business. Many businesses rely on organic traffic to reach their potential audience.

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Ways to Use Twitter For Business

Twitter has become essential for businesses in this digital age to grow. However, with more than 6,000 tweets per second, it can get quite challenging for a business to reach its potential. Don’t panic! We have listed the best 9 ways how to use Twitter for business 2023.

1. Build a Strong Profile

Your profile is the first thing a user sees, and it can make or break the first impression. Start with a compelling image on your profile and a banner that reflects your business. The next most important thing is your Twitter handle.

The Twitter handle needs to be relevant and precise for a business account. You can add CTA before your business name if your Twitter handle is already taken. Insert an important link (likely your website), description, and location. Update pinned posts daily to inform visitors what your business activities. Also, check the What are Twitter Spaces?

2. Hashtags

Many people ask the one-word answer about how to use Twitter for business. And this might be it!

Hashtags are crucial when summarizing the message you want to portray to your audience. Many businesses and brands have successfully created a hashtag identity for themselves to stand among the rest.

Understanding the relevant hashtags according to your business can help it create its own identity. There are some commonly used hashtags that you can incorporate in your tweets, like #throwbackthursday #mondaymotivation.

However, it’s highly recommended to use hashtags concerned with your business. Using trending hashtags can earn you some traffic, but this tactic can negatively impact your follower base in the long term.

3. Polls and Photos

Many users take an interest in photos rather than plain text. Twitter allows you to post up to four photos with a single tweet. It’s a great way to incorporate relevant photos into your post.

Infographics are also an effective yet subtle way to promote your business on Twitter; you don’t have to be a photoshop expert to create one. There are many online tools and websites available that can create infographics for you.

Similarly, creating polls in your business account allows the audience to engage more. You can use polls to get feedback on your business’s newly launched item or service.

4. Go Live

Live tweeting is also an effective way to get your account trending. It allows the audience to express their reactions live; for a business account, live tweeting builds the audience’s trust in the business.

Live tweeting can be used for all purposes, including launching events, new updates, or entertainment. It’s a good practice if you want to include a new hashtag for the live event. A new hashtag allows your tweets to trend and enables the audience to find information on this particular topic using the hashtag.

5. Advertisement

Twitter allows for paid advertisements using different methods. A business account doesn’t need to spend on paid advertisements. However, ads do make an impact if your business account is new or lesser known among competitors.

Here is how to use Twitter for business via advertisements:

  • Promoted Accounts: Promoted accounts appears on multiple locations, including ‘Who To Follow’ on a user’s homepage who is interested in your services or products. Promoted accounts are a great way to increase the follower count of your business account.
  • Promoted Tweets: Promoted tweets appears on the user feed who are interested in what you are offering but are not currently following you. They appear just like regular tweets with a label of ‘Promoted’ at the bottom.
  • Promoted Trends: Unlike Promoted Accounts or Promoted Tweets, which only appear to the potential audience, Promoted Trends targets all users. It’s great to capitalize on your hashtag to build an audience.

6. Interaction

Twitter allows businesses to connect with their end customers directly through direct messages (DM) or by replying to a customer tweet. However, the interaction is not limited to your audience only. You may directly interact with influencers or competitors.

Many brands and businesses are actively trying to win the social media game by though fun yet effective shades on their competition on Twitter. Giveaways are also an excellent option to engage your audience.

7. Influence

Twitter is an effective platform for influential marketing. You can find and connect with influencers and journalists who specialize in your offering. Many new businesses and startups used influencers during an early stage on Twitter and have built strong momentum and earned a huge following.

However, influential marketing is not free. The price for a paid post may vary, given the influencer followers’ count or popularity.

8. Verified Account

Verified accounts are when a blue tick appears next to your Twitter account name. It means that your account is authentic and has been verified by Twitter. Most users generally trust more easily on a certified account.

It is highly recommended for a business to have a verified account, as it helps signal your business’s authenticity and credibility.

9. Consistency

Consistency is the answer to how to use Twitter for business. To put it plainly, it is the key to growth. With a plethora of tweets posted every second, if you tweet occasionally, it likely does not reach the audience.

Schedule your tweets and create a posting plan to analyze the best time for your account. Observe how much your competitor is posting regularly. Try to tweet 5-7 times daily with your business account and stick to it.

Tracking Business Performance Using Twitter Analytics

Now we know the answer to how to use Twitter for business. Let’s talk about Twitter analytics. What are they? How to use them? And why do they matter for your brand? Here’s all you need to know!

What are Twitter Analytics?

As you may have guessed, Twitter analytics is the data to track your performance via some important metrics. This tool is designed specifically for businesses. The targeted use of Twitter Analytics is for marketing and campaigns. It includes aspects like retweets, follower gains, engagement, impressions, and follower loss.

Additionally, Twitter Analytics comes with a detailed dashboard to monitor your performance. It lets you go through your progress regarding a campaign and help you find your audience. These analytics can help construct a Twitter business strategy that works.

What are Twitter Analytics

Why are Twitter Analytics Important?

Twitter analytics can help you track various aspects of your business. Here’s how to use Twitter for business 2022 via analytics.

Why are Twitter Analytics Important?

  • The Dashboard

The first thing you will see on Twitter analytics is the dashboard page. It consists of some important stats regarding your performance. You will find a short but detailed summary of your activity here. This page features:

  1. The Top Follower
  2. Top Media Tweet
  3. Top Tweet
  4. Top Mention
  • Tweet

The next thing is your Tweets page. It is the top menu you will find on Twitter Analytics. You will see your performance graphs here. It lets you shortlist the dates and export data. This area offers statistics for individual tweets, including media engagements, likes, link clicks, profile checks, and detail expands.

Other than that, you can also view your average likes, replies, link clicks, retweets, and engagement rate.

  • The Business Dashboard

This one is the most important section for your business statistics. But it is not easily visible. You can access it from the Advertising tab under Analytics. The Business Insights dashboard provides weekly recaps. That includes impressions and follower count. It also gives you tips to improve your brand’s statistics.

  • Conversion Tracking

More sections are available under the More tab. One such page is conversion tracking. It enables you to export important metrics with keywords, handles, lookalikes, ages, platforms, interests, languages, genders, events, and more. Moreover, you can select the specific conversion tracking from hourly, daily, weekly, and total.

Conversion Tracking

  • Video Insight

The video page can be accessed from the More tab. It contains all the valuable stats about your video content. You can see views, watch time, retention, and completion rate. It has pretty much all the important video metrics like YouTube Studio.

How to Use Twitter Analytics For Business?

After answering how to use Twitter for business, let’s see why its analytics are useful. Here’s how to use Twitter data for business:

  • Identify Audience

The first rule to growing your business is identifying your audience. Twitter Analytics can help you with audience measurement. It offers metrics, including gender, age, and geographical location of your followers. Once you know your targeted demographic, it becomes much easier to produce content that shines.

  • Improve Reach

Twitter Analytics helps you figure out your weak and strong points. You can work on them to find out what’s working for your business. Keep posting content that has higher stats, as your audience appreciates it.

  • Campaign Overview

If you want to see how your campaign worked, look no further than Twitter Analytics. The in-depth insights will offer you the results as well as tips for future campaigns. Metrics like buy-through rate, sales, media engagement, and overall reach are helpful for every business to reach its next level.

In short, the Twitter Analytics feature is very effective. It is full of useful and implementable metrics that can benefit your business. Go through these insights weekly or monthly to make the most out of these analytics.

3 Popular Examples of Small Businesses That Used Twitter for Business Growth

Many popular brands have grown more, using Twitter as their primary online tool. That includes the likes of McDonald’s, NASA, Jet Blue, PlayStation, Amazon, Whole Foods, etc. But what about small businesses?

Learn how to best use Twitter for business from these 3 best examples of small businesses:

1. Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins was not a very popular figure until he started campaigning on Twitter. He currently holds over 3.2 million followers. Robbins is known as an entrepreneur and business strategist. The business guru also used some of his own techniques to grow his reach. What to take from Robbins? Well, he posts frequently, and his content is very targeted.

2. Forbes Magazine

Forbes Magazine is the most popular example in this list. The company has 18.7 million followers. It is safe to say that Forbes is huge in the digital space. But has it always been like this?

The answer is no. Forbes Magazine used Twitter for its business growth. It integrates hashtags wisely in its posts. Additionally, the Magazine writes a short description of an article with its link, ensuring more clicks.

3. Entrepreneur Magazine

With 3.6 million followers, Entrepreneur Magazine is another name that kick-started from Twitter. They follow a similar technique as Forbes by posting article headlines with links. Their taglines are catchy. Thus, they get more clicks and visitors to their websites.

Entrepreneur Magazine also collaborates with other public figures. Recently, they worked with Blake Lively. It is an effective method to gain exposure to a wider audience.


Twitter has many opportunities for you to grow your business. The social media platform allows you to interact with your audience, creating higher engagement. Additionally, you can access its analytics to learn in-depth about your brand’s performance. Some successful examples prove how to use Twitter for business efficiently.

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Q: How To Create Twitter Business Account?

Ans: There is no difference between Twitter personal and business accounts. Simply signup with the required credentials, including your name, email, contact number, and birthday.

Q: Is Twitter Good For Businesses?

Ans: Yes, Twitter is an excellent platform for small and large businesses to expand their operations. It enables a brand to learn from its performance with its detailed analytics. Twitter provides the necessary online exposure to your previously-limited business.

Q: How Can I Grow My Business On Twitter?

Ans: The key is consistency. As a small business, you should post regularly. Identify your audience, monitor your analytics, and create the right Twitter business strategy. Implement it on every post to grow your brand.

Q: How to Use Twitter for Business Marketing?

Ans: The first thing to do is discover your demographic. Now, use hashtags, follow trends, schedule your posts, create higher engagements, and use ads for promotion.

Q: How To Access Twitter Analytics?

A: Go to your Twitter business login page and enter the right credentials. Now, open the Twitter dashboard and click More. From the newly-opened menu, go to Analytics.




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