How to Use Facebook for Business? – A Step-by-Step Guide

Facebook according to stats is the third-most visited website in the world. Facebook is a popular app connecting people around the globe and has indeed made communication fairly easy. Besides that, Facebook can also serve as a powerful marketing tool because users spend 20 minutes on it on average each day.

There are approximately 90 million company pages on Facebook, which is not surprising given that Facebook’s advent in 2006 provided brand owners with a simple and rather easy way to connect with their customers.

If you want to succeed in promoting and boosting your business online then you should consider utilizing Facebook marketing.

How to Use Facebook for Business

Let’s move ahead to learn how you can Facebook for business:

What Is a Facebook Business Page and How to Create One?

You can control your company’s visibility on the biggest social network in the world by creating a Facebook business page. Your page facilitates you to interact with customers and stimulate leads. On a Facebook business page, you can easily:

  • Answer customer service questions.
  • Share content and promote your brand’s products.
  • Engage with your followers.
  • Helps users understand the products and services you are offering.
  • Collaborate with various brands and much more.

Below are some tips to help you create an engaging Facebook business page:

  • Create a Facebook Business Page

Before you begin creating a Facebook business page, you must have a Facebook profile. After that, head over to the pages section and tap on Create a new page. Choose the relevant category for your business, and add up the link to your website, your phone number, email address, and other needed details. Once you are done adding all the details in their respective sections, click next.

Create a Facebook Business Page

  • Add a Profile And Cover Picture

Next, you are directed to add a profile and cover photo for your business page. Keeping in mind, your profile and cover photo should be relevant and appropriate and should be able to deliver your brand’s identity. Do not add any random photos as your profile picture or cover picture. You can create a logo representing your brand and set it up as your profile and cover photo.

Upload Your Profile Picture & Cover Photo

  • Include the CAT (call-to-action) Button

Adding a call to action button basically allows a way for the visitor to contact you. Like other social media platforms, Facebook as well lets you incorporate an action button on your business page. Choose the way you expect the users to contact you, either via message, call, Whatsapp, or email. Choose the most pertinent option and click Next > Save.

Facebook will now recommend ways to make your page better. To strengthen the base of your Facebook business page, try out the suggested activities.

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How Can You Use Facebook for Marketing Purposes?

There is no denying the fact that despite being introduced in 2006, Facebook is still one of the most popular social networking sites. For this reason, it’s essential that your business join Facebook and interact with the audience present on the platform. Facebook is used every day by nearly a billion users, and you should focus on targeting these people to make them your audience to boost your engagement.

Now the question arises, how can you actually utilize this factor to engage your audience?

Below, let’s have a look.

Facebook for Marketing: Keep Your Audience Engaged

Social media, particularly Facebook, is popular for keeping people connected. When you create a business page for your brand, it becomes crucial to keep interacting with the users or you might end up losing customers.  You can engage with your customers by answering their comments and messages. This will not only stimulate your engagement but will also create awareness and understanding of your brand among other users.

It is vital to take advantage of every tool and factor when you are running a business page. Focus on people’s feedback about your brand, pay heed to what your customers want to see from you, and lastly be trendy and aware of contemporary trends that the audience finds interesting.

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Utilize Facebook Ads

Facebook provides its own set of ads known as marketplace ads. Through this, you can create traditional ads. Whether image-based, text-based, or any kind of ad you are looking to advertise. These ads appear on the side column of users’ Facebook pages. Utilizing this strategy can boost your engagement at a high rate. The flow of likes will also increase on your business page as well as the awareness about your brand will also improve.

Taking advantage of Facebook advertising helps you increase your “Likes” which is indeed beneficial for your growth online. When a person likes your Facebook page, they become one of your followers and whatever you post on your business page, starts showing up on their news feed. And this further provides you with the opportunity to interact with more people.

Host Contests

Running giveaways and contests is a terrific way to use Facebook for the means of promotion of your business. All you need is to make sure to scheme your strategy and approach and how you will conduct the whole contest before you start. You also need to plan out the sort of items that you are setting as a prize for the winner of your giveaway.

Besides that, plan out a method you want your audience to enter your contest and how you will interact with them.  Contemplate your options carefully, and make sure your choices are identical to what your target audience wants to see.

List Your Events

It’s essential to market any online events you’re hosting. Because this is a method to invite your followers to the event being hosted by you. This is a great way to get engagement on your account when people keep visiting your page for updates. Indeed a fantastic way to create awareness not just about your event but your business as well.

It’s Always Quality Over Quantity 

The Facebook algorithm works in a way that it tends to filter out irrelevant posts and only make the relevant posts appear on the user’s feeds. When you are publishing content make sure your post is of high quality and should be relevant to your brand. It is not just the Facebook algorithm but your followers also like to engage with a post that is appropriate. It doesn’t matter how much content you post in a single day, if it is not appropriate, then your efforts are fruitless.

A single creative post, which is not innovative but also relevant to your audience and your brand, is of high quality and engaging and is worth more than 10 posts a day.

Post Your Content at the Right Time

Posting at the right time on Facebook can be a game-changer for you. Note the time and hours when your audience is more active and engaged with your content and publish your content at that very hour. Although it is a tricky job to predict the right time to post on Facebook, you can always try this method.


By far, Facebook is the most famous and popular social network worldwide. It is not only a great app to keep people connected but a wonderful platform for businesses as well. Therefore, creating a Facebook business page is agreeably worth the time if you are looking to grow your business’s online presence.

This particular marketing tool has a lot of moving elements and aspects that can benefit in so many ways. If you are still wondering whether you should create a Facebook business page or not then we recommend you totally go for it and set up your page right now for promising results.

However, one thing to be kept in mind is that before creating a page make sure you must have a ton of material and products available for clients and prospects to enjoy before you begin promoting your Facebook business page to them.

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  • How can you use Facebook for marketing?

Using Facebook for marketing requires a strategy-based approach. The first thing you are required to do is create a business page on Facebook which you will be using to promote your business. Fill in all the details about your brand and start posting your business. Engage with your audience and listen to them. Point out what your audience would like to see. Create and host contests. Host events and invite your followers to the event. Utilize Facebook ads and collaborate with other brands.

  • Is a Facebook business page free?

Creating a Facebook business page is entirely free and facilitates you in promoting your business online. It also benefits in creating awareness about your brand among audiences and boosts your online presence as well.

  • How does a Facebook business help you in promoting your business?

A Facebook Business Page supports you to reach more clients and customers. It helps you in providing important and essential details, elements, and components about your brand and what it has to offer. Other than that, it helps the audience in knowing the goods and products of your brands as well as services and forthcoming events. Reaching potential clients using Facebook and Messenger ads is very focused and efficient.




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