How to See an Unsent Message on Messenger (2023)

Messenger is an extension of Facebook provided by Meta. It is widely used as a means of communication. However, there are certain times when we get bothered and confused when someone unsend a message on messenger. It is okay to become curious about the deleted message but this curiosity makes us wonder if there is a way to actually be able to see the message that was unsent by the sender.

In this article, we will talk about ways through which you can see an unsent message on messenger.

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What is an unsent message on messenger and can you view an unsent message?

Sometimes, when sending a message you end up making a mistake or you regret sending that particular message so you unsend it before it is viewed by the receiver.

Once a message has been sent, long-press on it and choose Unsend Message to erase it.

Almost every social networking platform has this feature. In the messenger application, this function to cancel the message is known as unsend. For example, just as you can delete a message on WhatsApp in the same way that you unsend a message on Messenger.

Technically, there is no way you can see an unsent message, once it is deleted by the user, there is absolutely no way to retrieve it. However, by employing the following tips you can learn a way to see a message that is unsent by the sender on messenger.

How to check an unsent message on Messenger (Android)

To view unsent messages on Messenger in the future, Android users can utilize this method.

For this make sure your android is updated to the Android 11 version because the following settings are not available for the previous versions.

This trick involves saving notifications on your device and this is how you can do it:

  • On your Android device, open Settings.
  • From the settings menu, find the notification option and tap on it.
  • Now, tap on manage notifications or advanced settings.
  • Find and select the option for notification history.
  • Activate the option to view notification history.

Your device will now save all message alerts that you receive via messenger. Also, you can view any message that has been unsent at any moment.

How to see an unsent message on messenger (iPhone)

It is a bit puzzling and confusing to see an unsent message on an iPhone because an Unsent message appears a little differently on an IOS device than it does on other devices.

Unsent messages on an iPhone’s messenger can typically be viewed in the outbox section.

You may view unsent messages on Messenger on your iPhone if you follow these easy instructions.

  • Open your messenger application and tap on the menu option that you will find on the upper side corner of the application.
  • From the menu, select the Messages option.
  • Tap on the outbox option.
  • Now, you will be able to view the deleted

How to view an unsent message on messenger with the help of a third-party app:

Since there is no substantial way to see messages that have been unsend by the sender on Messenger, you might want to turn to third-party applications to help you out in this regard. One such app is NOTISAVE. This third-party app assists you by preserving the unsent message alerts so you can see the unsent message. As soon as a friend sends you a message and you receive a notification, Notisave stores the notification in case your buddy decides to unsent it. To actually make use of this app, you need to enable the messenger notifications for notisave or there will be no alerts saved.

Follow the instruction below to learn to use the app:

  • Download Notisave from the playstore. (This app is only functional on Android phones)
  • Once the app is installed, you can have access to notifications.
  • From the notification access list, search up the notisave app and enable it for notifications.
  • Provide access to media and files.
  • On the app, all the installed applications will start loading.
  • After that, enable ‘auto-start.’

Now that all notifications are preserved on your device, you can view them even if someone unsends or deletes the message.

Remember to enable the messenger app in order to save the notification. Message alerts from Messenger will automatically begin saved on Notisave as soon as the app is enabled. Hence, if someone now unsend a message on the Messenger app, you can open the Notisave app and view the unsent message from there.



Among the popular chatting apps, Messenger is one of the most widely used. With many distinct

features present, the messenger is a fun application to communicate with your kiths and kins. However, the fact that each of these features is quite useful, but some of them can be tricky to understand. One such feature is sending a message. In this article, we have provided you with step-by-step instructions which will help you in viewing an unsent message on messenger.


  • Can you retrieve a message that has been unsend on Messenger?

Retrieving an unsent message is not possible, not even by the sender himself. However, by downloading notisave and enabling access to the app may help you in preserving the notifications and you can also view the unsent message from there.

  • Is using a third-party app secure?

Using a trusted third-party app is secure. Nonetheless, you need to do good research before downloading the applications on your phone.

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