How To Turn Off Sensitive Content On Twitter in 2023

Almost 450 million people use Twitter every month, making it one of the most widely accepted social networking sites. Every day millions of tweets are published. However, some are considered sensitive, and Twitter does not permit users to see them.

But only some Twitter users find it cool as they want to enjoy every bit of their feed. If you also want to turn off sensitive content settings, then you are in the right place to get the answer to the query “how to turn off sensitive content on Twitter in 2023?

In this post, we will discuss how you can turn off sensitive content on Twitter on your Android, iPhone, and Desktop devices. In addition, you will learn to remove the prohibited content warning from your tweets.

How To Turn Off Sensitive Content On Twitter

What is sensitive content on Twitter?

Tweets or media that contain graphic violence or NSFW on Twitter are referred to as sensitive content. Twitter automatically hides such tweets from users, or you can also mark your tweets as sensitive. The user must first read the warning message to view the sensitive content. As per Twitter’s content policy following types of content are considered sensitive.

  • Nudity
  • Child abuse
  • Hate speech
  • Content that promotes violence

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How To Turn Off Sensitive Content on Twitter Web and Desktop Apps in 2023? (Step By Step Guide)

Whether you are using Twitter on the web or DesktopDesktop, there’s no issue. You must follow the same steps in both cases. Below is the step-by-step guide to switching off sensitive content on Desktop and Web Twitter in 2023.

In Step 1, you need to Log in or sign up for your Twitter account.

The second step is to click on the “more” button after logging in.

Step 3:  There, you will see “settings and support”. Select it.

Step 4: Now, select settings and privacy.

Step 5: Select the privacy and safety option.

Step 6: Click on the content you see.

Step 7: Mark the box that says “Display Media that may contain sensitive media.”

By following the steps mentioned above, you can switch off sensitive content and easily enjoy the content that was restricted before. If you want to turn on sensitive content settings, follow the same steps and uncheck the option “Display Sensitive Tweets”.

How To Switch Off Sensitive Content On Twitter iPhone and Android in 2023? (Step By Step Guide)

Switching off the sensitive content feature is only available for Android users. If you are using an iOS device, you won’t see this feature in your Twitter settings section. Follow the steps given below to turn off sensitive content on Android in 2023.

Step 1: Login Twitter account on your mobile and open the app.

Step 2: On your screen’s left side, tap on the profile picture.

Step 3: Click on the settings & support option present below the professional tools section.

Step 4: Now, click “settings and privacy”.

Step 5: Present just Below the Monetization section visit “Privacy & safety”.

Step 6: Tap on “content you see”

Step 7: Click the option “Display media that may contain sensitive content”.

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How to allow sensitive content in Twitter feed in 2023?

By default, Twitter may have blocked sensitive content from appearing in your search feed. That can also be turned on to enjoy all tweets and media restriction free. Below step by step, screenshot guide will help you to enable sensitive content in your Twitter searches on desktop and android devices.

Follow these easy-to-understand steps to allow sensitive content to appear in your searches.

Step 1: First, tap on the more button on the left sidebar of your Twitter desktop application.

Step 2: Now, visit the settings and support section.

Step 3: There, you will find settings and privacy options.

Step 4: View the privacy and safety bar by visiting settings and privacy.

Step 5: Tap on the “content you see“.

In Step 6 Now, tap search settings.

In Step 7, Unchecking the Hide Sensitive content section will allow content per your wish.

How To disable Sensitive Content Label From Your Tweets?

If the media and tweets you upload are not per Twitter’s policies, your tweets can be flagged as sensitive content. This can result in decreased visibility and reach of your content. Hence, you can disable a sensitive content label from your Twitter account to avoid that situation. Make changes as suggested below to make your appearance as visible as possible.

Step 1: Click on the more link from the left side of your screen.

Step 2: Tap on settings and support.

Step 3: Now, visit settings and privacy.

Step 4: Tap on Privacy and Safety.

Step 5: Now visit the section – your tweets.

Step 6: Now uncheck the mark media section you tweet containing sensitive material.

It is also possible that Twitter will block you permanently from uploading sensitive content. Hence it’s better to use that option when possible.

Final Words:

To sum up, we learned with the help of screenshots how to turn off sensitive content on Twitter mobile and DesktopDesktop in 2023. In addition, if you want to get rid of sensitive content labels, refer to the simple instructions in the blog. Also, check the How To Use Twitter For Business.

Make sure your content is okay for the community around you and is safe for everyone. Also, use the settings option carefully after receiving a warning from Twitter, as that can permanently block your account or be marked as sensitive.

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Frequently Asked Question

Why can’t I see a sensitive content option on my iPad?

Twitter-sensitive content settings are only available for DesktopDesktop and Android devices. Hence, you won’t access sensitive content settings if you have an iPad device.

Why can’t I change my sensitive content settings on Twitter?

The following might be why you can not change sensitive content settings on your Twitter account.

  • You are using an iOS device.
  • If you turn off sensitive content settings for your tweets but still post content that violates Twitter’s sensitive content policy, Twitter will continuously warn you. But you are continuously changing those settings to avoid the sensitive content tag on your tweets. In reply, Twitter will permanently flag your tweets and media as sensitive, and you won’t be able to change those settings again.



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