How To Become a Top Fan On Facebook in 2023 – Best Tips

Facebook’s Top Fan badges are all the buzz these days. This title is easily visible with the name when the top fan comments on a post. At some point, you might have viewed the badge and thought, how did that user get it?

Getting the top fan badge can be demanding on Facebook. Although it requires some effort, it is pretty easy. In fact, you can get the badge by starting work today. So, how to become a top fan on Facebook? Here’s how!

How To Become a Top Fan On Facebook

What Does Top Fan Mean On Facebook?

Facebook awards different badges to its users. Generally, these titles are given to a user based on their activity on a page or group. A Top Fan badge means you are actively interacting with a page.

On the other hand, Facebook also offers the Valued Commenter badge to active users. It is available for groups and pages as well. You will also find many other badges, including Conversation Starter, Visual Storyteller, Greeter, Conversation Booster, New Member, Link Curator, Founding Member, and Rising Star.

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How Do You Become A Top Fan On Facebook?

Now, let’s answer our main question, how to become a top fan on a Facebook page? There are several steps that get you this badge. Let’s talk about all of them:

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The only way to get this badge is to engage with a Facebook page. And the simplest way to do that is with likes. All you need is to hit like on the posts of the Facebook page where you want your Top Fan badge. You can also react to the page’s content to reach your goal.


Another thing to do is comment on the page’s posts. However, Facebook has some regulations for this factor. You should only add relevant comments to get considered for the Top Fan badge.

3. Sharing

Sharing a Facebook page’s content will also get you one step closer to the Top Fan badge. It is another basic building block of engagement on the social media platform. So, share the page’s posts as much as you can!

4. Watching Videos

Facebook has been focusing a lot on its videos lately. The social media platform also considers watching videos a necessary step for the Top Fan badge. However, there are some points to note.

Firstly, the watch time matters. So, you should watch a video all the way through. The Facebook algorithm will know if you scroll through all the videos by watching only 1 or 2 seconds of content. Secondly, it is also recommended to interact with the video content by liking or commenting.

How To Turn On Top Fan Badge On Facebook?

Now, you have received the badge. So, how to turn on the Top Fan badge on Facebook? Follow the steps below:

  1. After engaging with a page regularly, Facebook will award you the Top Fan badge. You will get a notification for it.
  2. Tap the Top Fan notification to open it.
  3. Now, tap Display Top Fan Badge to make it visible.

How To Turn On Top Fan Badge On Facebook?

Now, the badge will be visible next to your name on that Facebook page. You can see it by commenting on that page’s posts. It will also be shown with your past comments.

How To Remain A Top Fan On Facebook?

Many users report their ‘Facebook top fan badge not showing’ problem. Generally, that happens if you no longer have the badge. So, how can you lose this title?

The Facebook algorithm will monitor your performance if you stop engaging with the page after receiving the badge. If that continues, you will lose the Top Fan badge from that page. You have to keep engaging with the posts as you did to retain the title.

How To Give Top Fan Badges With Your Facebook Page?

As a Facebook page admin, you can award Top Fan badges to your followers. Even better, you do not have to pick the people manually. You only need to turn on the Top Fan option, and Facebook will handle the rest. Here’s how to give a Top Fan badge:

  1. Go to your Facebook page and tap Settings from the top.
  2. From the expanded left menu, tap Facebook Badges.
  3. Toggle Turn on Top Fan Badges if it is turned off.

How To Remove A Top Fan Badge?

As a page admin, you can also remove the Top Fan badge from a user. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to your page content.
  2. Tap the comment of the Top Fan on any of your post.
  3. Next, tap Remove Badge to revoke it.

You can also go to your Community section and select Remove Top Fan Badge from a particular user.

Benefits Of The Top Fan Badge on Facebook

You might wonder, what is the benefit of a Top Fan badge on Facebook? Here are some of the advantages listed and explained:

1. Shine In The Crowd

The Top Fan badge makes you a distinguished user among thousands of other Facebook page followers. Your badge will be displayed with your name on every comment you make on the page.

2. More Credibility

Your account can have more credibility with Top Fan badges from multiple pages. As a page, it also benefits you by making you a reliable name.

3. Improved Engagement

Pages have the best benefits of the Top Fan badge on Facebook. Your followers engage with your photos and videos to win the badge. As a result, your page gets a higher engagement rate than ever.

4. Loyal Follower

With the badge, you can get marked as a loyal follower of the badge. Some pages award other rewards to Top fans, which can be very beneficial.

Benefits Of The Top Fan Badge on Facebook

What To Know About Becoming A Top Fan On Facebook?

Consider the following factors regarding the Top Fan badge on Facebook.

  • One of this subject’s most frequently asked questions is about Facebook Top Fan badge requirements. The only thing you need is to engage with a page that has over 10,000 followers. You also need to keep this number in mind as a page admin.
  • You can choose to show the Top Fan badge or not. In fact, you can hit the No Thanks button as soon as you get the badge. This way, it will not be visible with your name.
  • You have to work for the Top Fan badge on each page. That means getting the badge on one page will be limited to only that.
  • Last but not least, a page should be at least 28 days old to award Top Fan badges to its users.

Get 10,00 Likes On Your Facebook Page To Award Top Fan Badges

As mentioned, a page should have at least 10,000 likes to award the Top Fan badges. So, how to get this number? The easiest and most effective solution is to buy likes via Followerbeast. It offers organic likes by real accounts to your Facebook page. You can choose the Facebook Page Likes service from Followerbeast and become eligible for Top Fans.


And that’s how to become a top Fan on Facebook. Although it may seem a lot, most activities are common. You might like, comment, and share posts on a daily basis. If you plan them on a page, you can easily get the Top Fan badge. Many users have badges on multiple pages.

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Q: How To See My Top Fan Badge on Facebook?

A: You can see your badge on any of your comments on the page’s post. It is visible on top of your name. But first, you have to enable it when you receive its notification.

Q: Why Is My Facebook Top Fan Badge Not Showing?

A: Your Facebook Top Fan badge may not show if the page has revoked it. Additionally, if you have been inactive, you will lose the badge.

Q: How Long Does It Take To Become A Top Fan On Facebook?

A: There is no time set by Facebook to become a Top Fan. The social media algorithm monitors your activity on the page to award you the badge.

Q: How To Be A Top Fan In Facebook Page Fast?

A: To become a Top Fan, you have to start engaging with a page’s content. Like, comment, and share their posts. Also, watch their videos thoroughly and interact with them to get the badge quickly.




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