How to Tag Someone On Facebook on Desktop and Mobile?

Tagging someone is handy and among one of the most beloved features of Facebook. It allows you to engage a Facebook friend in a post, picture, video, or comment of your liking without the need to start a conversation.

But how does tagging actually work? This detailed guide will cover everything you need to know on how to tag someone on Facebook using mobile and desktop devices.

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How Tagging Works & Why You Can’t Tag Someone?

Before moving on to the tagging process, you should know how it works. If you tag a friend on Facebook, they will receive a notification and can see what you want them to see.

If you want to tag someone and their name is not showing up on the list, it can be due to different reasons, mainly its Facebook tagging settings. Here are some common reasons:

  1. The Friend you are trying to tag has disabled the tag function. It generally means they can’t be tagged by anyone or only by the people of their choice.
  2. The post or picture you are trying to tag someone has been set to limited privacy.
  3. If you are tagging someone in a Facebook Group and their name is not showing up, it means the group’s privacy is set to private. It only allows the members of the group to tag each other.

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How To Tag Someone On Facebook On Different Devices

Here is how you can tag someone on Facebook across different posts, pictures, comments and videos using a desktop.

How to Tag Someone on Post Using Desktop

Want to tag someone on your new post? Here is how you can do it on a desktop

  1. Click What’s on Your Mind in your feed to open the post to tag someone on facebook?
  2. Type whatever you like and Mention the name of your Facebook friend simply. If you have multiple friends with the same name, type @, then type the first name, and the rest of the friends’ names will start to tag someone on facebook
  3. If you want to mention your Friend by first name only, press backspace to remove their last name from the post.
  4. To mention a friend you are/were with, you can Click Who You Are With and then select your Friend’s to tag someone on facebook
  5. Click on the Post button. The Friend will be tagged, and they will receive a notification.

How to Tag Someone on Post Using Mobile

The process of tagging is similar, with a slightly different interface. Here is how to tag someone on Facebook mobile.

  1. Open Your Facebook App.
  2. Tap What’s on Your Mind.tag someone on facebook
  3. To mention someone in a post, type @ and write down your Friend’s name or choose from the auto-suggestion.tag someone on facebook
  4. To mention a Friend who you were/are with, tap the Tag button and type the Friend’s name.tag someone on facebook
  5. Tap

How to Tag Someone on a Picture Using Desktop

Want to mention a friend in a picture? Here is how to tag someone on Facebook picture on a desktop

  1. Open your feed and click Photo/Video.tag someone on facebook
  2. Select a picture from your desktop to upload.
  3. Click the Edit Icon and select Tag Photo. tag someone on facebook
  4. You will see the image with Click on Photo To Start Tagging.
  5. Choose the area of the picture where you want to tag a friend and type the person’s name.
  6. You can tag 50 friends in a photo.
  7. Click the Save button when you are done with the tagging, and then press the Post button.

How to Tag Someone on a Picture Using a Mobile

For tagging a Facebook friend on a picture using mobile, follow these simple steps;

  1. Open the Facebook App
  2. On your feed, Tap What’s on Your Mind
  3. Select the Image icon
  4. Choose the picture that you want to upload from your phone’s gallery
  5. After uploading the photo, tap the Edit button in the top left corner.
  6. The window will expand, and you will see the Tag Icon.
  7. Now tap anywhere you like on the photo, and you will see friends’ name suggestions.
  8. Select the Friend or type the name if not on the auto-suggestion list.
  9. You can select up to 50 friends on a single photo.
  10. Tap Done once you finish tagging.
  11. Now Tap Post to finalize.

The process of tagging is similar, with a slightly different interface. Here is how:

How to Tag Someone On Other’s Posts or Comments

You can also tag your Facebook friends on others’ posts or photos if no privacy is applied. The process is the same for desktop and mobile devices. Here is how to do it:

  1. Go to the comments section on the photo, video, post or comment you want your Friend tagged.
  2. Type their name, or press @, select their name from auto-suggestion, and press the enter key on your keyboard or mobile device.

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Q: How to tag someone On Facebook in the comments?

A: To tag someone in the comments, write the name of the person you want to tag. For auto-suggestion, type @ and select the friend you want to tag.

Q: How to tag someone on a Facebook picture?

A: For tagging someone in a picture on Facebook, go to edit after uploading the photo, and write the name of friends you want to tag. You can select max 50 people for a single picture. After tagging is complete, press Done to tag them on the image.

Q: Why can’t I tag someone on my Facebook page?

A: If you cannot tag someone, it can be that their tagging is turned off or they are not on your friend list. Some pages or groups only allow their followers or group members to tag each other.




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