How to React to Messages on Instagram? – 2023

We are already loving the most trending social app Instagram because its features are quite distinctive from others. Today we are here to discuss a very interesting feature which is emoji reactions in messages on Instagram. On September 29, 2020, Instagram introduced this amazing feature. That helps us to show personal reactions to the messages of our loved ones.

But here is the biggest query that everyone wanna ask how we can react? And we need to be made aware of this update. So here we will let you know how to react to messages on Instagram. In short, how can we react to DMs?

Before all of this explanation, we need to know a little bit about these Instagram emoji reactions.

How To React To Direct Messages On Instagram

What are reactions and their Importance?

Emoji reactions are a well-famous mode of communication with our friends. These reactions are mini icons that are available on every smartphone. It adds a little flavor of fun and entertainment to life. When we make conversation with our friends it assists us in explaining our feelings in a better way than words. So when we see it in Instagram updates, it gets more exciting. Also, check the Instagram Marketing Tips.

In Instagram, to maintain love and bonding with your online friends’ people use DM reactions.

The main importance of adding new updates is to give easy access to emoji reactions to every single person. So you don’t feel a need to use any extraordinary measures to explain your feelings.

Just stick with us till the end of the article so that you can get a full guide about reactions and how you can use them in direct messages on Instagram.

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Types of Reactions on Instagram

There are many types of reactions we can find on every social network but there are two types of reactions on Instagram mainly that are as follows

  • The first is ‘Quick Reaction’ which only appears for Instagram stories. It gives you an option of six emojis but these emojis are fixed and you can’t customize them according to your choice.
  • The other type is the DM reaction which appears when we want to react in any chat.

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Now we will learn how to react to messages on Instagram. So let’s get started

How to React to Messages on Instagram

Commonly, we take four actionable steps to react to messages on Instagram. So let’s see what these short steps are:

  • First of all, update the Instagram app to its latest
  • Then, jump into the DMs
  • Hold on a DM then you see emoji reactions
  • Just pick one of what you feel

Now we will take a glimpse of these steps in detail. Make sure that you are using these steps only in Instagram’s mobile app because these cant be applied in any other version.

1. Update Instagram

In the very first step, we will make sure that we are using the latest version of IG. Because sometimes people can’t react to messages just because they are using the older IG. You can go to the Google play store and update your Instagram app in a few seconds. Because the new version will provide you with new features, these updates, security, and stability improvements. Also, check the How to Get Verified on Instagram?

Update Instagram

2. Open a Conversation on the App

The second step will be to choose and open a conversation. For this, you will launch the application on your smartphone and if you are logging out of the app then log in to your account by putting in your super secure password.

Now jump into the DMs and choose a conversation.

3. Bring Up Emoji Reactions

Once you’ve opened a conversation, then pick one message from your friend that you want to react to. Then hold that pacific chat for a while even if you will bring up six interesting emojis.

Bring Up Emoji Reactions

4. Pick one Reaction

Now it’s time to react to what you feel about a message. Because sometimes words can’t say what feels but emojis can say. So pick the one you feel relatable to.

How to Change the Default Heart Emoji

Sometimes we want to change the default heart emoji because we don’t want to send love to everyone or on every message…LOL. If we want any other emoji to replace the heart. For instance, if we want a laughter emoji then we can follow these steps:

  • First, you have to hold a single message with a finger.
  • Next, tap on the heart emoji that exactly you want to replace.
  • Choose an Emoji of your own choice.
  • Hold it for a while and you are all done.

How to Customize Instagram Emoji Reactions

Most of the time, we don’t want those emojis that Instagram gives the first hand. And I’m sure it happens with everyone. And we want some customization in those six emojis.

To personalize your reactions list, you just need to follow these simple steps:

  • Firstly, Tap and hold any message from your Instagram DM
  • And those typical six emojis will pop up on your screen, but also you see a plus ‘+’ icon

How to Customize Instagram Emoji Reactions

  • Now, you will see a complete list of emojis just customize your list with your favorite one.

how to customize emoji reactions

  • Now just tap on the mark in the top right corner.

how to customize emoji reactions


In this article, we have explained each and every detail about Instagram reactions but still some of the questions that people ask frequently, we will answer here:

1- How Do You Like a Message on Instagram?

It is quite easy to like a message on Instagram, just follow the following steps.

Just follow the quick steps below:

  • First, open the Instagram app
  • Login Password
  • Jump into the DM
  • Choose a conversation and pick a message you wanna like.
  • Now just double-tap on the message.
  • And yes your message has been liked.

2- How to give a Laugh reaction to a Message on Instagram?

Heart emoji is quite simple but if you are unaware of how to add a laughter reaction to a message then follow these steps:

  • First jump into the DM
  • NOW, pick a specific message you want to laugh about and react on
  • Tap and hold the message with a finger
  • Now, choose the lighter emoji from all the reactions. That’s it.

3- What to do when I couldn’t React to Messages on Instagram?

Some people complain that they can’t react to their messages. And they are blaming their phones or the app. But that’s not the reason. We are explaining three main possibilities for not showing reaction options in your DMs. Just read below:

  • Your Instagram version is not updated and is older than the newer version.
  • Sometimes your IGs DM is not synced with your Messenger
  • This feature is inaccessible in your area.

4- Why Can’t I Reply to a Message on Instagram?

Again, if you update your official Instagram app by google play store, you will be able to reply to a message on Instagram.

Final Words:

Sometimes it is easier to take help from your favorite emojis. It’s less time-consuming and more expressive to others. You can better say through the help of a reaction what you are feeling right now. Also, it entertains you in a funny and exciting way. These reactions are the silent exchanges of feelings with your loved one and in that way, your friendships get stronger day by day

And that is all the reason we help you in learning how you can easily react in your conversations effortlessly.

We mentioned the way you can customize an emoji list. No doubt, these updates on Instagram make our conversation more enjoyable and entertaining. So, if you finished a read on our blog then you can definitely react to the last message your friend sent to you in your DM.

So just go and react to them!

Feel free to ask queries and stay in touch with us for more upcoming articles.

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