How To Post a GIF On Facebook? Super Easy Method

Undoubtedly, a GIF is way more appealing than a photo. It is even better than a video as it is short and crispy. GIFs can increase the engagement rate on your Facebook page or profile. They will appeal to a broader audience, gaining more views, likes, comments, and shares.

But the question arises, how to post a GIF on Facebook? The social media platform allows this media form in various ways. Let’s look at all the ways you can post a GIF on Facebook!

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What To Know About Posting a GIF on Facebook?

There are several things you should know about posting a GIF on Facebook. The most important part is the GIF’s size. It is better to keep your file size under 1 MB. Otherwise, your GIF can take too long to load for other people.

Additionally, Facebook allows you to post a GIF in different ways. That includes:

However, there are some limitations. You might be unable to post GIFs as your cover or profile video in every country. This feature is available only in selected locations.

That said, let’s look at how to post a GIF on Facebook.

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How To Post a GIF As a Status From Your Device?

The most common way is to post a GIF as your status. It is also the easiest way to upload file from your local storage. Here’s how to post a GIF on Facebook from camera roll:

  1. Open your Facebook profile or go to the top of your home feed.
  2. You will see a box with the text “What’s on your mind?” or “Write something here.” Tap on the Photo/Video option with a green gallery icon.How To Post a GIF As a Status From Your Device?
  3. Browse through your device’s storage to find the GIF and select it.
  4. Depending on the file size, uploading will take around a few seconds. Once it is uploaded, click Post to publish your GIF.

Pro Tip: While posting, you can also configure the privacy settings for your GIF.

How to Post a GIF As a Status From Facebook Library?

If you don’t know, Facebook has its own library of GIFs. Here, you will find almost all the popular ones. The best part is that they can be easily added to your posts or status. Here’s how this method works:

  1. Like the previous method, go to the “What’s on your mind?” section.
  2. Click the three dots next to the mic icon.
  3. From the expanded menu, tap the Facebook GIF button.How To Post a GIF As a Status From Your Device?
  4. It will open the Facebook GIF library. Here, enter relevant keywords to find a GIF. For example, “Top Gun 1986.” This search will bring up all the GIFs related to the Top Gun movie.
  5. In the right section, you will see a scroll bar. Scroll it up and down to explore all the GIFs that show up.

The two methods mentioned above work the same for Facebook profiles as well as business pages.

How To Post a GIF As Your Profile Picture?

Although you can not post a GIF directly as your profile picture, you can use a 7-sec clip. If you have a GIF, you can use a third-party tool to extend it. Or, Facebook will automatically set it on autoloop. Either way here’s how to post it as your profile picture:

  1. Go to your profile and tap the Camera icon below your profile picture.How To Post a GIF As Your Profile Picture?
  2. Now, tap Select Profile picture or Video from the menu.
  3. Choose the video from your gallery by tapping it.
  4. Select the Edit option to modify your short video or GIF.How To Post a GIF As Your Profile Picture?
  5. Next, tap Save to confirm the upload.How To Post a GIF As Your Profile Picture?

This method may seem simple, but it has some limitations. It only works on the Facebook application. That means you will not find this option on the web version on your desktop or mobile. Another thing to note is that the profile video option is not available on Android as of 2023. You can only opt for this feature on an iOS device.

The edit option can come in handy if your GIF or short video has some errors, like aspect ratio. You can crop, trim, and set the thumbnail for your profile video. Also, the “Make Temporary” option is available for profile GIFs. You can set the GIF as your display picture for a specified time.

How To Post a GIF As Your Profile Picture?

If your video is longer than 7 seconds, Facebook will automatically trim it. The 7-second is the specific range on Facebook for profile videos. Last but not least, if you are unable to find the profile video option, do not worry. This feature is not available in all countries as of yet.

How To Post A GIF On Facebook Comment?

Comments are an engaging way to connect with people. It allows you to add photos, stickers, and emojis along with your text. You can also post a GIF as a comment on Facebook. Here’s how to post a GIF on Facebook comment:

  1. Go to the post you want to comment on.
  2. You will see a section that says, “Write a comment…” On its right corner, click the GIF or Camera
    Clicking on the Camera icon will open your local storage. From there, you can select a GIF to upload as a comment. On the other hand, clicking the GIF icon will open Facebook’s GIF library. You can select the one to post as a comment.How To Post a GIF As Your Profile Picture?
  3. After selecting the GIF, wait for it to upload.
  4. After it is uploaded, click the Blue arrow icon on the right corner or hit the Enter key to publish your comment.

One thing to know is that all pages have the option to turn off GIFs as comments. They can disable this option permanently or for selected posts. On such posts, you will not see the Camera or GIF icon. You can only write text comments there.

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And that’s how to post a GIF on Facebook. You can use this option in your comments, status, and display pictures. GIFs are trendy and make a post more exciting. So, make the most out of them for your brand’s advantage.

You can get more comments on your profile using the reasonably priced services of FollowerBeast. It is the most effective way of increasing your page’s popularity and credibility.

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Q: How to Post a GIF On Facebook Business Page?

A: Open your Facebook business page or go to the top of your feed. Tap the “Write something here” section and click the camera or GIF icon. Select the GIF from Facebook’s library or your camera roll. Lastly, click Post to publish it.

Q: How to Post a GIF on Facebook Story?

A: When uploading your story, tap the Stickers icon. Tap GIF with the magnifying glass icon. Enter the relevant keywords to find a GIF and select it. It will be posted as your story individually or with a photo/video.

Q: How to Share a GIF on Facebook Without Link?

A: This option is not supported officially by Facebook. However, you can opt for third-party websites to share a GIF on social media. Generally, they have the Facebook share button, along with other platforms.

Q: How to Post a GIF on Facebook Messenger?

A: Open your Messenger and tap the section where you type a message. Click the emoji icon in the text box. It will open up stickers and trendy GIFs. Type the desired keywords in the search bar to look for specific GIFs. Go to the GIF section, tap the one you want to send, and it will be sent.




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