How to Pin and Unpin Posts on Your Instagram Profile

When our ears listen to the word ‘Instagram’, we already know this from so many years. Even we spend most of our time on this social media platform. In professional words, if we have to define this word, then it is the most popular social networking app in the present era that allows us to share our beautiful moments in the form of photos, reels, and videos worldwide.

Originally, it was created in 2010 that is now known as the most widespread social media with 1 billion-plus active users.

Furthermore, This app bestows its users to connect uniquely. You feel connected and loved by others when you post you or your feelings, and people like it or share their thoughts on that post. Not even common people, even our celebrities, are there, and they can easily connect with their fans, and those fans can be updated about their favorite celebrities. Instagram also promotes countless business owners. They can advertise their products or services to their targeted audience. In short, it’s the nicest social media app for everyone.

If we talk about how Instagram’s Pinning feature works? No worries, we came to you with the right answer that you were looking for.

In this article, we will help you in learning that how to pin your you’ll learn how to pin your posts or reels to your Instagram profile grid.

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What Is Instagram’s Pinning Feature?

The pinning feature was introduced on Instagram in June 2022. When people tried this feature for the first time, it was quite simple. This feature places your pinned posts or reels on the top of your profile grid.

Indefinitely, just like we pin our stuff on Facebook or Twitter. Everything goes on the top so that everyone can see the top priority.  You can also remove or replace these posts on reels just the way you want.

But one thing we see in these features that is different from other apps is we can’t pin more than three posts or reels on the profile grid. So this is a limitation for Instagram users. That means you need to be more choosy and wise while picking the top three posts to highlight on your profile.

Here, we will learn the process of pinning and unpinning the Instagram stuff. So let’s get started:

How to Pin Instagram Posts to Your Profile Grid:

First, make sure you are using the latest version of the Instagram app. If you are not using it, then update it from the google play store on first hand. After updating, you will open Instagram and go into your profile. Keep scrolling the feed. And find the post that you want to pin on the top. Then, go to your Instagram fees in your profile after opening the Instagram app on your phone. Open the post you want to pin to your Instagram profile. Then, you will see three dots in the tap upper-right corner. Just tap them to get into the post-action menu. In the menu, you will see the option ‘Pin to Your Profile’ just tap this.

Now step back to the profile grid to confirm the post pinning. On the pinned post, you will see a white pin icon that is a clear indication that the post got pinned.

Similarly, pin two more posts same as you did before. Follow the same procedure. And your three best posts will get more reach to your followers.

Furthermore, your recently posted content will be displayed right after the pinned post.

How to Unpin Instagram Posts From Your Profile

Sometimes we pin the wrong post mistakenly, or we want a post to get attention for a limited time. In that situation, you want to change or remove the post from the pining section. To unpin a post, you will open that post. Then again, tap on the three dots to see the action menu. Now you will tap on the ‘Unpin From Profile’. Now go back for the confirmation that your post is no longer a pinned post.

As we discussed before, Instagram is limited to three posts to get pinned. But if you force Instagram to post the fourth one, then it will ask you for confirmation and directly pin your post and unpin the first one automatically.

The same procedure of pinning and unpinning the content is applied to the reels too. In case you are not adding a post to your profile, then it can’t be pinned. Otherwise, any photo, video, or reel can be pinned. Whatever you desire to get featured.

How To Use Instagram Pinned Posts:

With the time when we do post or put reels on our profiles, then somehow our old and gold memories or beautiful content is no longer in the reach of viewers. Just the way we want. So that’s why Instagram introduces its pinning features. That works a lot in this case. You can feature your old content and re-live that moment with your loveliest and most loyal followers.

The pinning features are so handy and soothing. You can confirm that everyone will go through that highlight who visits your profile. As you can see from the insights option of Instagram.

Let’s check a brief guide on which kind of content you can pin on your profile grid.

  • If you have a cool collection of beautiful photos, then pin the top three photos. Those photos must be impressive and eye-catching to every follower. And in that way, you can achieve your goal of getting more followers.
  • Suppose you are running a small business on Instagram. Then the pinning features fit your requirement. You can easily pin information regarding your product pricing, delivery terms, assortment, and other queries. In this way, buyers will be safe from the hassle of asking you queries again and again.
  • If you are a content creator or blogger then you can pin your sponsored posts to earn more from the brands. Also, it will work as your best portfolio work for other clients.

Final Words:

Consequently, pinning the best posts from your Instagram is a long time investment for your success and reach on your profile. This is a pretty helpful, handy, and cool feature of Instagram that features best in you. For instance, you can give more knowledge regarding your small business, can show the best of your work on top, and show your old content in a new way. On the top is that you can get more reach worldwide if you use it wisely and strategically.

If you had read our blog post to the very end, you would have got all your confusion solved. In this way, you can get all of your answers, and your confusion regarding the pinning feature will be clear. Feel Free to ask any kind of queries about this blog, and stay in touch with us for more upcoming articles. Also, you can buy any services from our product section to increase your online presence. We provide youtube watch time, Youtube subscribers, likes, and many more; just choose from the menu and boom.

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What is the pinning feature on Instagram?

The pinning feature on Instagram is the simplest way to give attention to your desired post. In this way, your post will be on the top of the profile grid and get featured, which results in getting more likes and comments from your followers.

How do I pin posts on Instagram?

This feature works with a super easy procedure. The steps are quite simple. You just have to tap the option ‘pin to the profile’ that you will find in three dots in every post and reel.

Can everyone pin it on Instagram?

Yes, whether you have a personal account or a public one, anybody can pin his content.

Can I pin my content on my iPhone?

Absolutely yes, you can enjoy this amazing feature in both smartphones, including the iPhone.




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