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We all know that Instagram reels are the most updated and fastest growing feature, where we all watch short reels or videos whenever we are free. Every person looking to grow his following on Instagram must take benefit of this gold mine feature.

The reel update is similar to the TikTok videos, where we can create short, engaging videos for 30 seconds. You can use the plus icon featured on Instagram to record a new video or edit the previous one to make an engaging reel. Currently, the Instagram algorithm is supporting such kinds of videos. Meaning that more people will see your content even though they are not your subscribers. This way, you will get maximum reach through IG reels compared to IG Posts.

Having full reach to your targeted audience is a huge edge for social media marketers to grow their brand awareness. Another plus point that you must make IG reels is that only some IG accounts can make IG reels. Therefore, you will get more space and less competition while growing your business. However, a drawback of creating reels is that only some accounts support Instagram music.

Therefore, to grow your business or brand awareness, you must know how to make Instagram reels like a pro. This article will discuss steps or tips that will help you create engaging content for reels. Thus, continue reading this article till the end.

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What are Instagram Reels and why are they important?

Almost all of us know what Instagram reels are; however, we define them as short videos that every IG user can create on their smartphone’s vertical screen for further clearance. The duration of these short videos ranges from 15 seconds to a maximum of 90 seconds.

The latest IG reel update features multiple unique editing tools and a vast collection of audio tracks with all the trending sound effects through which you can make viral content. In addition, users can benefit from endless video clips, beautiful filters, catchy captions, engaging background effects, numerous filters, drawings and many other features. Though reels are short videos, these are a golden way to attract a more targeted audience and increase the reach of your profile.

Some users mix the concept of IG Reels and IG Stories, which are very different. Stories are short videos that last only 24 hours on your profile, while IG reels will remain on your profile until you delete them.

The question here is how we can attract more audience through IG reels. How can we grow awareness about our business? How can we properly create IG reels? To solve these queries, we will discuss them one by one. Thus, follow this article till the end.

Where to Watch IG Reels?

Some IG users don’t know where to watch Instagram reels. The answer to this query is that there is an “Explore Page” located at the bottom of your phone’s screen where you can see endless engaging short videos. Explore page is a square page that features videos from multiple accounts. Thus, scroll continuously and watch engaging video content.

Why Should I Create Instagram Reels?

Creating Instagram reels is an ideal way to engage your targeted audience, increase your brand’s awareness, and increase the growth f your profile. Therefore, it is necessary to create Instagram reels these days. Moreover, creating IG reels is great fun and entertainment.

And if you are a blogger or content creator on Instagram, this IG update is a unique opportunity to grow your blog. Your single viral video can change your life. Thus, if you want to grow your career in the online field, it is necessary that you must go for Ig reels.

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How to create a Reel on Instagram in 5 steps

Creating reels provides you with a lot of fun and rapid content delivery. Watching these videos is very easy and inspiring. If you are already creating content on IG and TikTok, then it is a familiar thing for you; however, if you are a new user, this section will help you create attractive IG reels. So, follow these easy steps and become a pro in reel making.

Step 1: Tap on the Plus Icon and Select the Reel Option

To create a reel:

  1. Open the Instagram app and your profile. The profile page will feature a plus icon on your phone’s screen.
  2. Tap on the plus icon to show you three options story, post, and reel.
  3. Select the reel option and start creating your video.

Step 2: Record a New Video or Upload a Previously Edited Video Clip

Creating a reel is the second and most important step you can complete in two steps. The first is to record a new and fresh video through Instagram Camera, while the second is to upload a previously edited video clip. However, before recording a video, select the duration of your video. Generally, video duration ranges from 15 to 90 seconds. Thus, tap on the time button and select the video duration. Then follow these steps.

  • Open the Instagram Camera by swiping right and start recording a fresh video.
  • Select from several layouts, effects, and speeds to record a video.
  • Go with the default full-screen layout, or choose your desired layout.
  • Record video with the default 1X speed or click on the speed button to customize the speed
  • Choose from multiple filters and special video effects.
  • Tap the align option to organize your video.
  • Again tap to edit and make changes to the content. This way, you can watch, trim, or delete any portion to make your reel perfect.

When you are ready to film a video, tap the timer icon and set the length of your video clip. Then, select a countdown timer and the app will automatically start and stop recording the video clip according to the selected period.

Step 3: Edit Your Reels

After finishing recording, edit your reels by using the Reels Editor features. These editor features are built-in and have creative tools. There are the following editing tools or features that you can use;

  1. Audio: Use awesome audio effects to create attention-grabbing and viral content. You can add your desired audio effects from a huge music library.
  2. Length: Select your video length. The default video length ranges from 15 to 90 seconds. You can select between these lengths.
  3. Speed: This feature helps you adjust the speed of your reels. 1X is the default speed. You can select 2X, 3X, or even 4X to accelerate or slow down your video.
  4. Layout: This feature helps you select your desired video layout.
  5. Countdown Timer: Select a countdown timer to start and stop your video
  6. Effects: apply multiple effects, also known as filters. This way, you can beautify your reels.
  7. Align: Use this option to organize your video content
  8. Text: Use this feature to add text to your videos. Select the colors, styles, and fonts of your text.
  9. Stickers and Gifs: Add relatable stickers and gifs to edit your videos following your desires.

Step 4: Adjust Your Reel’s Settings

After doing the necessary editing, tap next, and you will see multiple settings. Explore them and adjust them according to your choice.

  • Select a reel cover
  • Attach a catchy caption to your video
  • Tag your friends or related people
  • Add location
  • Also, share to Facebook to increase engagement
  • Customize the posting of your reel on your feed

Step 5: Post Your Reel

After following all the above options or steps, tap the share button and select Done. This way, you can post your reels on Instagram. You can also share your reels on other social media platforms like Facebook.

5 Tips For Making Viral Reels as a Business

As discussed above, engaging Instagram reels are the best way to attract a more targeted audience and exponentially grow your business. In addition, you can also increase your following and engagement rate. However, doing so takes much work. You must follow some tips to make viral content so your business can flourish. These tips are;

  • Regularly check the reels Algorithm
  • Go with popular trends
  • Post regularly
  • Make collaboration with other famous brands
  • Invest on advertisement

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make a reel on Instagram?

There are the following steps to follow and make a reel on Instagram;

  • Tap on reels mode on Instagram
  • Start recording a video or post a pre-edited clip
  • Attach an engaging audio effect
  • Post your reel on your Instagram profile

What is the app that you can use to edit Instagram reels?

Following are the apps that you can use to edit your Instagram Reel;

  • Instagram
  • InShot
  • FilmoraGo
  • Splice
  • Clips
  • LumaFusion
  • CapCut

Can we create a Draft and save reels to post them later?

Yes! You can create a draft and save your videos to post later.

Does every Instagram account offer to make reels?

No! Some Instagram accounts not allow to make IG reels.

Final Verdict:

Instagram reels are an updated and trending feature of Instagram where you can create a short video of 15 to 90 seconds to deliver your message. You can easily increase engagement and follower count by creating viral video content. Above, we have discussed a step-by-step guide defining how to make Instagram reels like a pro. Thus, read the complete article and follow these steps to create your IG reels like a pro. For further assistance, please visit our website.




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