How Does the Instagram Algorithm Work in 2023?

Understanding Instagram Algorithm is helpful for both users and creators. Having control of what you see and who sees your content on Instagram offers convenience. For this, we have made it simple and brief for you. Instagram, the algorithm is a myth when it comes to Instagram as it has no “single algorithm” but a wide range of factors.

Furthermore, Instagram’s feed, explore, reels, and stories section have a different and unique algorithm. Even minute details like captions, alt text, hashtags, and image descriptions matter for engagement on Instagram. Briefly, the Instagram algorithm calculates data from posts, stories, and reels of the creators with data from users’ interests and engagement to provide the appropriate content to the appropriate audience. To know more about Instagram Algorithm’s Factors and sections in detail, read further.

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Factors of Instagram Algorithm:

Everything has its good and bad side—the same is the case with not knowing Instagram’s Algorithm fully. This way it keeps the user’s interest as the main goal. If the manufacturers give away the algorithm, people will calculate it thoroughly before posting. The alternation and repetition of accounts would be unoriginal, so users will see unauthentic content. That’s the reason Instagram has not given away how it works. Also, check the How to Pin Post?

However, to make sure the quality content reaches the right audience you need to understand the algorithm. Although Instagram hasn’t hand-fed factors of its algorithm, we can understand that by using the app. Here is a breakdown of how the Instagram algorithm works for you to use it to your advantage.


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The engagement between the content and the user is important. Leaving comments, likes and shares will determine what you see. Responding to comments will also increase the account’s visibility. Any type of relationship is taken into consideration by the algorithm.

User-specific content:

The accounts you follow and most frequently comment on will be shown first on the feed. Just like association, the algorithm understands your interest through your interaction on the app. People who watch lots of open-wheel racing content are most likely to see similar content thanks to algorithms.


You will see trendy topics of Celebrities if you follow Hollywood stars more. By looking at the way you respond to content, Instagram can calculate the “relevance”. The recent post will show up first due to the time aspect.


For the duration factor, Instagram’s Algorithm considers the following:

  • Frequency: How often do you open Instagram? Or How much time do you spend on the app? Both of these will make your feed or account. Instagram can only determine your audience or your content if you use it frequently.
  • Scroll time: If you scroll away from the content, Instagram will take it as disinterest. The way you scroll through the app matters.

Instagram Algorithm in 2023:

Instagram parts are the reels, stories, feeds, and explore. Each section has a unique way of working that we have explained in simple words:

Instagram Reels

To grow your account, make more reels on Instagram. Because Instagram shows users the reels from all relevant accounts regardless of following. The reel algorithm works by seeing which reels you’ve liked, shared, saved, or commented on.

You are more likely to see creators that you engage with online or accounts relevant to that creator. Do you want to use the Instagram reel algorithm to your advantage? Follow this strategy:

  • Videos having a crop ratio of 9:16 are best for Instagram Algorithm.
  • The maximum time of a reel should be 30 seconds or less.
  • The algorithm looks at a resolution so a higher resolution and pixels are recommended.
  • Make material as rapid, interesting, and entertaining as possible.

Instagram Reels

Instagram Feed

The “Home” is the feed Instagram, here you will see only the accounts you follow. Also, the algorithm looks at when the content was posted and the recent is shown first. If you follow your family or friends, feed is where you will see them. Aside from the top posts, it looks at your activity to give you recommended posts. Here’s what the algorithm focuses on for feed:

  • If you follow the video or post creator’s account.
  • The time of the post and whether it’s a video or a picture.
  • Any location attachment affects the algorithm as well.

Instagram Feed

Instagram Stories

Just like feed, on stories, you can only see the accounts you follow. There are ads present in stories that also depend on your location and activity. Develop interesting stories that will persuade your Followers to take an action that the algorithm will recognize. We recommend making polls and questions so that you get responses. Keep in mind that Instagram stories Algorithm looks at these four things:

  • Did the story get a response in DMs?
  • Did the user watch the full story or skip it?
  • How many users clicked on the account after watching the story?
  • Do your followers have story notifications for your account?


The Explore Algorithm considers how likely you are to like, save, or share a post. The algorithm then ranks Explore posts based on what it believes you’ll be most engaged in. It is continually changing, with the addition of new categories and advanced search features on a regular basis. Occasionally, posts from accounts you follow may appear but mostly will be from the ones you don’t follow. It solely depends on the factors of the Instagram algorithm discussed above.

Use the Instagram Algorithm to grow your account:

Instagram just wants the majority of users to keep swiping around size. Meaning it favors its audience, therefore, the first thing you should do is favor the audience. Let us give you some tips on how to do that.

Knowing Community Guidelines

We’ve heard many people complain that their posts get “shadowbanned”. But you should understand Instagram’s community guidelines and respect them before posting. After knowing community guidelines and following them, your posts will have more engagement.

Be creative

  • Quality

Use Instagram filters and the quality of the images plus videos should be high. Keep the context short yet catchy so that it keeps your audience focused. The videos and photos should be visually appealing.

  • Copy strategically

Go to the best account you want to be like and see its content. Now, make that content better and post it online. Imitating is not a crime if you add a little touch of improvement to it. Don’t be afraid to copy the top accounts but be one step ahead of their quality and content.

  • Format

Instagram supports certain content sizes and formats. If the proper sizing is not used, the algorithm will not take note of your content or performance. Upload images with a 1:1 format ratio whereas reels and stories should be 9:16.

  • Use of hashtags

To know which hashtag you need to use, try searching trending hashtags in the Explore section. Try using the top six hashtags to get the most from your posts. Change them if you want and keep them relevant to the content you’re posting.

  • Captions

Writing a catchy caption is not as important as a trending hashtag. However, it helps make your account look more attractive. There are different types of users on Instagram, so add information in captions to keep people engaged.

Engagement Tips

Talk to your followers to keep them engaged in comments or DMs. This sets up a continuous loop of algorithm growth, interest, and more publicity.

  • DMS and comments

You can comment on your follower’s posts to increase engagement. Furthermore, liking the comments on your posts and replying to the comments is a must.

  • Stories

Put polls and Q&As for interacting with the audience on your stories. We also recommend adding selling items to your stories if you have a business account.

  • Reels

Now Instagram accounts with more reels are favored over the ones with posts. Post more video content by using the right format on reels.


Be consistent and post often to grow your account. Start slowly by posting one video a day and then increase the number of posts each week. Make sure your posts follow the above tips for having the best performance. Posting stories with consistency should also be your goal.

Keep track of the account’s performance

Lastly, keep track of which type of content is getting the most views or likes. If a hashtag gets more engagement then use that more often. See what time your audience is most likely to attract your posts. Knowing all this will help you know how to grow your account.

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  1. How does Instagram know what I want to see?

Instagram looks at your likes, saves, comments, mutes, and any other types of activity. After making an analysis it shows depending on that.

  1. What is the best time to post on Instagram?

According to a poll done online, the best times are 6 pm to 9 pm and 9 am to 12 pm.

  1. What causes Instagram’s algorithm to run?

According to the system, the ranking indicators used by the Instagram algorithm are Interest, Time of the post, and Relevancy.




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