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Instagram is open to everyone; you are exposed to different sorts of people. Like other social media networking apps, Instagram also allows you to keep your account either public or private. You may have often seen public Instagram accounts facing backlash from haters in their comment sections. Such words of hatred and offensive and inappropriate comments are often demoralizing and take a toll on one’s mental health. Whilst scrolling through the Instagram page of a blogger/influencer or a celebrity, you might have seen posts where the comment section is turned off. Ever wondered what that is all about and how you can do it? Instagram offers a feature that helps in keeping your mental health sane. Funny, no? Well, it is true this particular Instagram feature allows its users to turn off comments on their posts.

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Are you looking to do the same but have no idea how to turn off comments on Instagram?

Well, stay put because we are here to help you with this case. 

To turn off comments on Instagram posts, you need to launch the Instagram app and head over to your blog post profile. Tap on the post you want the comments turned off and tap the dotted lines again to tap, and turn off comments. 

Stick with the reading to learn how to turn off comments on different Instagram features. 

Is it possible to disable comments on Instagram?

There are two ways you can turn off comments on Instagram. One, when you have already shared a post, and, two when you are about to share a post. 

Disabling comments on an already published Instagram post

Turning off comments on your Instagram posts restrict people from commenting on that particular post. If you want to prevent people from commenting on your already shared  post, then simply disable the comment section by following the steps below:  

  • Open the Instagram app and go to your profile.
  • Tap on the photo or video on which you want to turn off comments.
  • Tap the dotted horizontal line and select turn off commenting. 

When you disable the comments on the specific post, all the previous comments will also be hidden. You can always enable the comments by following the above steps and tapping the turn on commenting from the menu. Also, all your previous comments on that post will be visible again. 

Turning off comments on Instagram posts while publishing

Just as you can turn comments off on an already published post, you can also turn off comments while sharing an Instagram post.

Follow the steps below to turn off comments while sharing a post on Instagram: 

  • Open up your Instagram app and tap the + icon. 
  • Select the photo or video you would like to upload.
  • Edit your post.
  • When you land on the sharing page instead of sharing, click on advanced settings.
  • Turn off commenting from there. 
  • Tap share. 

The post that will get shared on your feed and profile will have its comment section disabled. 

Can you turn comments off for all your Instagram posts at once?

Instagram only allows you to disable comments post by post. You can not turn off comments on Instagram all at once. To do that, you have to use a third-party app or Instagram tool. One such tool is NapoleonCat.

Napoleonic offers feature like auto-moderation through which you can easily delete or hide comments on any post. You can try the 14-day free trial to learn about the tool, its features, and how exactly it works.

  • Go to NapoleonCat. 
  • Tap the auto-moderation tool from the menu bar on the left side of your screen.
  • Select ‘create a new rule.’ 
  • Now choose the social media account you want to link with NapoleonCat; here, you will choose Instagram. 
  • For the message type, select organic comments.
  • For automatic reaction, select delete.
  • To receive notifications about incoming comments and their deletion, insert your e-mail address.

Through this tool, you can get rid of all inappropriate or offensive comments and turn off comments on all posts at once. 

How to use NapoleonCat to hide comments on Instagram?

Instagram does not allow you to hide comments on your posts except the ones that are added to the filtration system. Using NapoleonCat, you can skillfully hide mortifying comments on Instagram posts. 

Here’s how to do it: 

  • Go to NapoleonCat and select the auto-moderation feature from the menu. (this feature allows you to hide and delete comments having the words or phrases you specify)
  • Create rules and reactions. 
  • Name the rule and choose your Instagram account.
  • Choose a trigger and specify the keywords on which you want the action to be done. (hiding comments will be the action. You can also change the action to deletion) 

This is the simplest method to hide comments on Instagram. You will also receive notifications of the comments being automatically hidden or deleted. 

Blocking and hiding offensive comments on Instagram:

Instagram being a considerate social app, offers you a filtration system or feature. This feature allows you to block any inappropriate or offensive comments on your posts. By default, certain words and phrases are added to this system; when detected, these phrases and words get blocked by Instagram itself. To manage this feature, follow the steps below: 

  • Go to your blog post and Instagram profile. 
  • Tap the horizontal lines at the top right corner and go to privacy.
  • From there, select the comments.
  • Turn on the blue toggle to hide offensive comments. 

This will bar all offensive comments from appearing on your posts. This is only for those words and phrases that are already added to the filtration system. 

However, there are certain words and phrases that are not added to the system and often get undetected. to hide comments on Instagram containing offensive content that get unregistered by the system, follow these steps: 

  • Go to your profile and head over to the settings menu.
  • Tap privacy, then select comments.
  • Turn on the blue toggle for the manual filter. 
  • Lastly, include the words in the custom section that you want to be blocked. 

These words you will add will also get blocked by the filtration system of Instagram when detected. 

Turning off comments on Instagram Live

When going live on Instagram, you are usually encountered inappropriate comments from the viewers. When you are going live with your account, you have entire control over your audience. You can restrict them from commenting, block users, and turn off comments on life and whatnot. 

Here’s how you can do it: 

  • Open your Instagram app and, go to the story section, tap live. 
  • Start the life and in the comment section below, tap the dotted line.
  • From the menu, turn off commenting by tapping on the option. 

All the comments will get disabled on your live video. To turn the comments on again on the post, follow the same steps, and from the menu, select turn on commenting. 

Is it possible to disable comments on Instagram live as a viewer?

Unfortunately, Instagram does not permit you to turn the comments off on a live video as a viewer. As there is no such in-built feature for this specific purpose, it is almost nearly impossible to disable comments as a viewer. 

Turning off comments on Instagram stories

The need to turn off comments on your Instagram stories is felt when your inbox gets bombarded by messages from the viewers. 

You can turn off comments on stories by following the steps below: 

  • Open Instagram and from your profile, go to settings.
  • From there, tap privacy.
  • From the interaction section, select stories.
  • Tap on ‘off’ from the ‘allow message replies’ section. (you can also choose people you follow to only allow replies from your followers) 

By doing this, the comment box from your stories will disappear, and the viewers will not be able to reply to your story. 

How to disable comments on Instagram reels?

Reels are a fun way to create content and mostly become attract inappropriate comments from different people. To halt these comments, you can simply turn off the comments: 

  • Open your Instagram account and tap on the reels section.
  • Tap on the reel you want to turn off the comments.
  • Tap the three dotted lines and select turn off commenting.

You will see the comment section of that particular reel will disappear. 

How to turn off comments on IGTV?

The following steps will direct you on how to turn off comments on IGTV. 

  • Go to your Instagram account and click on the IGTV section. 
  • Select the first IGTV and once it starts playing, tap on the comments section by clicking on the dotted lines.
  • Tap the toggle to turn off commenting. 

Comments on that specific IGTV will get disabled. To enable the comments on your IGTV, follow the same steps and turn the toggle blue. 


In this article, we have tried to deliver every possible detail and tried to provide you with answers on how to turn off comments on Instagram. You just have to open your Instagram profile and tap on the post you want to turn the comments off, tap the dotted menu and turn off comments. Hope you find this step-by-step guide helpful. 

How to Turn OFF Comments on Instagram


  • Can I disable comments on Instagram?

You can disable comments on an Instagram post by post only and not all at once. To disable comments all at once, you might need to use the NapoleonCat Instagram tool that not only helps you with auto-moderation features to hide comments but also deletes inappropriate comments. 

  • How is it possible to turn the comments off on your published Instagram post?

Open the already shared photo or video on your profile and tap the menu icon. Turn off the comments; by doing this, all previous comments on that post will also disappear. 

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