How to See Who Blocked You on Instagram? | Best Method

Have you not been able to see content, stories, and posts from certain Instagram accounts? Or have you been blocked by someone? If you have been blocked on Instagram, then how to see who blocked you Instagram as Instagram does not send any notifications when you get blocked by someone.

If you are searching for answers about who blocked you on Instagram, clues, and reasons for being blocked, then don’t worry. In this article, we will cover all these questions in detail. Checking the status of being blocked on Instagram is technical, so keep reading this article until the end. So, let’s get straight into it.

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Reasons Why Someone Has Blocked You on Instagram?

People can block you on Instagram for any reason. You might have abused them, texted them irritating messages, or for other reasons. Below, we have listed some common reasons that cause your blockage on Instagram.

  • When you start spamming someone’s messages, you might get blocked.
  • Tagging someone in irrelevant posts might be one of the reasons for your blockage on Instagram.
  • Making bad and inappropriate comments on someone’s posts is also the reason that you get blocked
  • And if you have ended up in a real-life relationship with someone, you might get blocked by that person.

How to See Who Blocked You on Instagram?

Clues Indicating That You Have Been Blocked on Instagram

Instagram does not send you notifications to inform you that someone on Instagram has blocked you. It would help if you investigated this thoroughly; however, some clues make your investigation easy. Let’s have a look at these clues;

  • If someone has blocked you, it will not show in the search bar when you search it
  • Dropping activities also indicate your blockage on Instagram by someone
  • Likes, comments, and shares of a person who blocked you will disappear from all your posts
  • You will not be able to send DMs to the person who blocked you
  • And last but not least, you will not be able to see posts and content uploaded by that person or account

These clues indicate that someone on Instagram has blocked you.

How to Find If Someone Blocks You on Instagram? Best Methods to Check

So, how will you find out who blocked you on Instagram? Below, we have listed 7 methods that you can apply to check who has blocked you on Instagram.

  • Search Their Username in the Search Bar

If you get blocked on Instagram, you will not see their accounts when you search for their usernames or handles in the Instagram search bar. You can see their posts and content uploaded only when you are not blocked. If they have set their profile from public to private, you will see a notification that This account is private.

It is also possible that the specific person you are searching for has deactivated his account or has changed his username. Mostly, if it appears in the search bar, it indicates that you have been blocked on Instagram.

  • Check Through Your Profile

You can also check through your profile whether you have been blocked. If someone has blocked you, you cannot comment on that person’s posts and send him DMs. However, your previous comments and conversations will not disappear. So, open their profile on your phone and open the post you have commented on. You have likely been blocked if your profile does not show recent posts. If they have changed to a new username, you can also search for them by their new username. And if their changed name also no appears in the search bar, you have certainly been blocked.

  • Search from Another Instagram Account

You can also check whether the account that blocked you exists by searching for it in another Instagram account. Similarly, you can ask your friends to search for that username in their search bars. If that account does not appear in any search bar, then the account may have been deactivated or shifted to another username. However, if it appears in your friend’s search bar, you have been permanently blocked.

  • Search Through Instagram Unique Profile Link

When setting up your account, you will get a unique URL, including your username. When you replace the username in the profile link with the username or account handle of the suspected person, you will reach their account if it exists.

Similarly, when you search for their profile with a direct link by opening Instagram in your browser, you will see their profile r will see the message “Sorry, this page is not available.”

  • Look Through Common or Shared Instagram Group Chats

You can check if a person on Instagram has blocked you through shared group chats with the other person. The other person will show you the list of chat members. If still, you cannot access their profile; you have been blocked.

  • Try to Follow the Same Account Again

If the person you are searching for appears in your search bar without any recent posts, try to follow his account again.

It is also possible that someone has not blocked or unlocked you recently. Or it is also possible that you accidentally unfollowed the profile and were removed from the follower list. And if you have blocked, you will see an error message and be unable to follow them again.

  • Mention and Tag That Account

You can also check whether you have been blocked by tagging and mentioning that person in your post and comments. Similarly, making an account has the same effects as when someone blocks you. Search for their profile if you cannot tag or mention someone in your posts. If it shows, “This account is private,” surely you have not been blocked. And if the account exists and you are the only one who cannot see their posts, you have been blocked.

Consequences of Being Blocked On Instagram

When someone on Instagram has blocked you, you are likely no longer on their follower list or have never been there. You will see nothing; your likes, interactions, comments, and hearts will automatically be removed from the posts. Similarly, you cannot see any pictures, posts, or comments you have been tagged in.

Following are some of the consequences of being blocked on Instagram:

  • You cannot send them new messages
  • They will also not send and receive messages from you
  • Previous chats will remain, but no further interaction will be possible
  • Your common groups will remain the same, but that person who has blocked you will get the notification of the common group and a leave option
  • Moreover, you will also not be able to join their created rooms

Wrapping Up

When someone blocks you on Instagram, you cannot see who has blocked you, as Instagram does not send any notifications to inform you. Then how to see who blocked you on Instagram? Above, we have discussed a detailed methodology that you can use to check who has blocked you on Instagram. We are pretty sure that this blog post will help you a lot. Thus, please read this guide fully and see who blocked you on Instagram.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to see who blocked you on Instagram?

You cannot see or check who has blocked you from Instagram until you cannot see their profile. Moreover, Instagram also not sends you any notifications of being blocked by someone. So, if someone blocks you, you will no longer receive notifications from their side.

Why someone blocks you on Instagram?

Spamming someone’s messages, tagging him in irrelevant posts, or leaving vulgar comments on someone’s post are some reasons you get blocked on Instagram.

Can you block someone on Instagram?

Yes! If you are irritated by someone, you can easily block him on Instagram.

What can you do if someone blocks you?

You can do nothing when someone blocks you on Instagram. You can only get your unblocked from his block list once he unblocks you.

Can Instagram support help me in this regard?

No! Instagram support can only help you if it depends on the account holder’s choice.

Can you see the likes or other activities of someone who has blocked you?

No! You cannot see likes or any other activity from someone’s account as they blocked your access to their account.

When you block someone on Instagram, will they automatically unfollow you?

Yes! It is true; however, you can also remove a follower through other methods. For example, if your account is private, you can easily remove followers appropriately.




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