How to Record on YouTube TV? Step By Step Guide

Wondering how you can record your favorite shows, movies, or events on YouTube TV? Lucky you! YouTube TV has a feature that lets you record shows, movies, or anything else you want. Whether it is sports, live events, documentaries, or series, I will show you how you can record them on YouTube TV. Keep following this article to learn how to record on YouTube TV.How to Record on YouTube TV?

What Is Recordable on YouTube TV?

YouTube TV offers its viewers large-scale content to record across several genres. You can record shows, movies, events, and even entire series on YouTube TV to watch at your comfort whenever you want. On YouTube TV, you can also record live broadcasts on channels such as National Geographic, ABC, Fox, and many others.

Recording on YouTube TV is simple and easy, and you can learn how to record on YouTube TV in this article.

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Why Record on YouTube TV?

Recording on YouTube TV provides you with convenience and flexibility. You can’t always catch up with every live broadcast. However, recording your favorite events and shows on YouTube TV allows you to watch them at a time that suits you best.

Furthermore, the recording feature on YouTube TV helps you create your personalized playlist, allowing you to watch any past episodes at any time you want.

Recording on YouTube TV

The recording feature on YouTube TV may be one of its best features; everyone should know how to use it. To discover how to record on YouTube TV, follow steps below.

  • Open your YouTube TV and log in if you are not already.

Recording on YouTube TV

  • Locate what you wish to record.

wish to record

  • You will see a “+” (plus) icon next to what you wish to record.

How to Record on YouTube TV?

  • Click on the “+” icon to start recording the program.

How to Record on YouTube TV?


Is Recording free on YouTube TV?

Yes, Recording is free if you have YouTube TV.

How long do recordings last on YouTube Tv?

YouTube TV recordings last for 9 months.

What’s the cost of YouTube TV?

YouTube TV costs $72.99 per month.

Wrapping Up

It is frustrating to miss your favorite live broadcast because you were working at the gym or for any other reason. However, with the recording feature of YouTube TV, you can always record live broadcasts, shows, movies, and anything else you love. Also, check the How to Delete a YouTube Playlist.

With the YouTube Tv recording feature, you can always know that you are not missing anything and can watch your favorite broadcast at the time that best suits you. To know how to record on YouTube TV, simply follow this article, and you will learn it along with some other important stuff about YouTube TV.

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