How to Link VSCO to Instagram? Step-By-Step Guide to Follow

Learning how to link VSCO to Instagram is an easy task. You might be looking to give your Instagram followers a taste of your VSCO photos. Adding a VSCO link to your Instagram profile is, then, indeed a great idea.

Your followers or target audience will appreciate your photos and videos featuring VSCO filters. They might inbox you for a photoshoot. Therefore, learning how to link VSCO to your Instagram bio is a great idea.

This article will discuss a step-by-step guide to help you add a VSCO link to your profile, but before learning this, you must learn how to copy a link from the VSCO app. Moreover, we will also discuss why you need to add the VSCO link to your Instagram profile.

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How to Get a Link to Your VSCO Profile?

First of all, you will have to get the link to your VSCO profile so that you can have something to add to your Instagram bio. There are two methods of getting a link to your VSCO profile.

Copy the Link to the VSCO Profile from the Mobile App

  • Open the VSCO mobile app and go to the profile tab at the bottom of the screen
  • Under your username, tap the “Edit” button
  • Then tap the word “Share.”
  • Copy the URL to your VSCO profile

Enter to Link to Your VSCO Profile Manually

The next way to get a VSCO link to your profile is to enter it into your Instagram profile manually. The link will consist of the website address and a username.

You can check your username from your Instagram profile.

Put in your username and get the link to your VSCO profile.

How to Link VSCO to Instagram?

After getting a link to your VSCO, it’s time to add it to your Instagram bio. You can do this in your profile settings as follows:

  • Open the Instagram app and tap your Profile Photo
  • Click on the Edit Profile
  • Add a link in the Website field
  • Tap the tick icon at the top right corner and save the changes.

Now you have successfully added a VSCO link to your Instagram bio. This link will enable you to allow your Instagram followers or audience to reach your VSCO profile with a single click.

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Why Add a VSCO Link to Your Instagram Bio?

Instagram users fond of photography wonder, “is it necessary to add a VSCO link Instagram bio?” The straightforward answer is, Yes! There are some unique reasons suggesting that there is a great need to do this. These reasons include the following:

  • Adding a VSCO link is the best way to showcase your photography talent.
  • You can reach out to more target audience
  • Instagram audiences see your hidden talent and may contact you for photography. This will help you earn some money.
  • People seeing a VSCO link on your Instagram profile will reach your VSCO account with a single click.


Are you a photographer and want to show your talent to a huge Instagram audience? If yes, you can link VSCO to your Instagram profile. And how to link VSCO to Instagram is also very easy. Thus, copy a link to your Instagram bio from the VSCO app and engage more people with your exceptional photography skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are VSCO Links?

VSCO links are clickable hyperlinks that direct visitors from your Instagram profile to your landing page. These begin with and end with your username.

What Does VSCO Mean on Instagram?

VSCO is a short form for Visual Supply Company that edits and shares pictures on Instagram and other social media apps. VSCO on Instagram means you connect both these apps by providing a link to your VSCO on your Instagram bio.




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