How to Hack Instagram Account? – Is It Possible?

Many of us search for how to hack Instagram account. But the question is, can we hack, or can a normal user hack anybody’s Instagram account? The answer is that there is no perfect system that can never be hacked. Similarly, Instagram accounts can also be hacked. There are different methods to help you hack someone’s Instagram account. These methods include phishing Emails, using keylogger software, spy apps, or knowing someone’s Password.

Also, many websites and applications claim that they can hack Instagram accounts. But they are fake, and they don’t work. So, don’t install them on your device; otherwise, they will malware your device with a virus.

Below we will discuss these methods in detail used to hack Instagram accounts. So please stay connected with us.

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How to Hack an Instagram Account? Possible Ways to Do This

Below are some of the possible ways that someone can use to hack an Instagram account.

1. Knowing Someone’s Account Password

Many hackers can hack an Instagram account by guessing the Password associated with that account. If someone correctly guesses the Password, they will have full control of another person’s Instagram account. Passwords like nicknames, phone numbers, partners’ names, and pet names are easy to hack by brute force.

2. Remote Keylogger

Using remote keyloggers is another way to hack someone’s Instagram account. A keylogger is a software that records every activity or keystroke on your phone or computer and helps hackers access an individual’s sensitive information.

A keylogger will help hackers access passwords, bank account numbers, and credit card numbers. And it becomes very difficult to get rid of this malicious keylogger once installed on your phone or computer.

3. Phishing Emails

Phishing Emails are another method that hackers use to hack someone’s Instagram account. They create a fake Instagram login page and send a fake email to the Instagram users saying, “Dear Instagram user, someone has accessed your Instagram account username and password; please click the given link to change your username or password here.”

The user will be guided to a fake page resembling a real Instagram login page. Once the IG users enter their username and Password following that link, the hacker will access their login info and starts controlling their account.

4. Calling Instagram Users On Their Cell Phones

Another hacking method includes calling Instagram users on their cell phones and pretending to be an Instagram employee to access their phone numbers or other details. The hacker convinces the user that the IG account has been hacked, and you must confirm the username and Password on the phone. Your IG account will be hacked once you provide your info to this fake Instagram employee.

5. Playing on Authority

This Instagram account hacking method involves using authority and familiarity to hack a business Instagram account page. In this method, the hacker would need to have two people’s info, the person handling the Instagram business page and their boss. The hacker could find their info easily from their LinkedIn profiles. Then the hacker will find the boss’s email, create a fake email that is a copy of the boss’s email and send an email to the person handling the account pretending to be the boss. The hacker will then ask to change the Username and Password of the business Instagram page for security reasons. Once they access your page’s info, they will take control of it and use it for their benefit.

6. Zero Day Vulnerability

A zero-day vulnerability is a recently introduced software security flaw similar to the software vendor, but it cannot fix the flaw, and hackers will try to exploit it. Once the hacker finds a zero-day vulnerability on Instagram, Instagram users will face serious security threats on their accounts. As this vulnerability is undiscovered and has not been publicly announced yet, it gives hackers an advantage in hacking someone’s IG account.

How to Protect Your Instagram Account from Hacking?

Follow the below-mentioned precautions to protect your Instagram account from hacking.

1. Be Cautious About the Websites You Visit

Instagram users must be very cautious about the websites they visit, especially if they are operating their accounts on public computers. Always check the URL of that website when logging into your Instagram account and check out any hacks of impersonation.

2. Never Share Your Personal Information

Instagram users must never share their personal information with other people online or on fake websites. Don’t share your passwords or any other sensitive information. Keep a close eye on your bank accounts and credit cards to avoid unusual activity.

3. Use a Unique and Strong Password for your IG Account

Using a unique password for your Instagram account is one of the best ways to avoid hacking. Login carefully when using a public computer, as using an IG account on a public computer is at a high risk of being hacked.

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There are different common methods on how to hack an Instagram account. These methods include guessing someone’s Instagram account password, using a keylogger, phishing emails, playing n authority, and zero-day vulnerability to hack an Instagram account. Hackers use these methods to take control of your IG account and get social benefits. Therefore, to protect your account from hacking, check the credibility of websites, never share your information, and use strong passwords on your Instagram account.




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