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The Threads app is making waves these days with its amazing ad-free interface, easy-to-use features, and fastest-growing user base ever. It’s very easy to create different posts, which are called threads on the Threads app. However, what if there is a thread that you posted and now you want to delete it?

So, how to delete posts on Threads? You’ll learn all about it in this piece of writing, step by step. Stay tuned until the end to avoid getting stuck halfway through.

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How To Delete Posts On Threads

What’s a Threads?

Threads is a new microblogging platform similar to Twitter that allows you to create a text post of up to 500 words and post videos of up to 5 minutes.

This app was launched by Meta, Mark Zuckerberg’s company. Everyone can use it because it has an easy-to-use interface.

The app doesn’t even show any ads on its platform, which makes it more convenient for users who want to focus on either posting or reading other people’s posts without any distractions.

Threads has become one of those apps that has grown drastically in just hours. It’s quite shocking to know that the Meta thread got over 15 million downloads within 12 hours of its launch. Isn’t that amazing? And the number of downloads is just increasing minute by minute.

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How to Delete Posts on Threads?

Delete posts on Threads is the most important question, so let’s address it now. Well, deleting posts on the Threads app is too easy.

  • Launch the Threads app on your smartphone. To launch the app, find the icon on your home screen or in the app drawer and tap on it.
  • When the Threads app is launched, a number of tabs will appear at the bottom of the display. The “Profile” tab is typically found in the bottom right corner. Tap on it. The icon for this tab looks like a silhouette of a person.
  • You will be transported to your own profile page after tapping the profile tab. On the profile page’s upper right, there are three vertically stacked dots. To access the settings menu, tap on these three dots.
  • The screen will display a menu with several options. Tap on “Delete” when you find it. It is usually near the bottom of the menu, but you may have to scroll down to find it.
  • The “Delete” option will display a confirmation prompt that asks if you want to proceed with the deletion. The prompt will likely ask, “Are you sure you want to delete this post?” or “Delete this post?”. Be sure you’re deleting the right post by reading the prompt carefully.
  • To confirm the deletion, select the appropriate option from the prompt. Usually, you will have the choice to either select “Yes” or “Delete” to proceed with the deletion. Tap on the option that confirms your decision.

That’s how easy it is to delete posts on Threads. However, what if you want to edit your posts in threads?

How To Edit Posts On Threads?

Sometimes, you also want to edit your posts on the Threads app when you have made any grammatical errors or shared something wrong that you realised you shouldn’t have. When that happens, you’ll follow the steps below to delete thread posts.

  • On your device, open Threads.
  • Find the thread that contains the post you want to edit.
  • Look for the More button, which is represented by three dots, located below the post you wish to make changes to.
  • A menu of options will appear when you tap the More button.
  • Choose Edit from the menu.
  • Once you’ve selected Edit, you’ll be taken to the editing interface where you can make your desired changes.
  • Feel free to edit the text of the post, add or remove photos or videos, or adjust the privacy settings of the post as needed.
  • To save your changes, tap the Save button after making the necessary modifications.

These are the steps to edit your uploaded post on the Threads app. However, what if there is any message that you’ve sent to any person and now you want to delete it?

How To Unsend A Message On Threads?

A lot of times, it happens that you send a message to the wrong person or that you just want to delete the message before the person reads it. So, how do I Unsend a message on the Threads app?

  • Open the Threads app on your device.
  • Click the thread that contains the message to delete or unsubscribe.
  • Tap and hold on to the message you wish to remove.
  • A menu will appear with different options.
  • Choose the “Delete” option from the menu.
  • Another menu will appear with further options.
  • Select the “Delete for Everyone”
  • The message will be deleted from the thread for both you and the other person(s) involved.

Now you know how to unsend a message. I’d like to answer a few of your frequently asked questions about Threads.


Can I delete posts on Threads?

It’s possible to delete posts on Threads. Follow these steps:

  • Launch the Threads app.
  • You can delete a post by going to the thread that contains it.
  • Just tap the More button (three dots) below the post you want to delete.
  • Delete it.
  • You can confirm by tapping Delete again.

What if I change my mind and want to restore a deleted post?

Well At present, there is no post-restoring feature for threads. Once you’ve deleted your post, it’s now gone. You can’t recover from it. However, the platform may have this feature in the near future, but it’s not confirmed.

Final Words:

How to delete posts in Threads? Now you know how to do that with ease. Also, I’ve told you how you can edit your posts and Unsend messages on threads. That’s all I’ve got for you in this article. If you have any more questions about threads, just let me know in the comments.

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