How Much Is YouTube Premium? Worth The Price?

Curious about the cost of YouTube Premium? With YouTube`s broad library of content and its features, YouTube offers you a Premium subscription with benefits such as an ad-free experience.

However, as with all premium subscriptions, there is also a cost to YouTube Premium. In this article, you can discover how much is YouTube Premium, along with some vital information about YouTube Premium.

How Much Is YouTube Premium?

What Is YouTube Premium?

YouTube Premium is a paid subscription on YouTube offering multiple benefits for users. Some benefits of YouTube Premium are an ad-free experience, access to exclusive content like YouTube Originals, downloading videos offline, and much more!

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How Much is YouTube Premium Subscription?

YouTube Premium Subscription price depends on what subscription you want. YouTube offers several subscription plans, and each of them costs different. YouTube offers Individual, Family, and student plans for premium subscriptions. The cost of each one can be seen below.

Individual: $13.99/Month, and buying an Annual Individual subscription will cost you $139.99.

Family: A Family YouTube subscription is $22.99/Month, which lets add upto 5 household members.

Student: A student YouTube Premium plan costs you $7.99/Month.

How Much Is YouTube Premium?

Is YouTube Premium worth the price?

YouTube Premium being worth the cost depends on you. It can be worth the cost if you have the time to use the platform and take advantage of its benefits. Some main advantages of YouTube Premium are no ads, free access to YouTube Music, exclusive content, and the ability to download videos offline.

By looking at just these benefits of YouTube Premium, Yes, YouTube Premium is worth the cost.


Does YouTube Premium cost the same everywhere?

No, YouTube Premium cost is different everywhere.

Is there a Student plan for YouTube Premium?

Yes, there is a student plan for YouTube Premium, which costs $7.99/Month.

Does YouTube offer a free Premium trial?

Yes, YouTube offers you a free 1-month Premium trial.

Wrapping Up:

YouTube Premium has excellent benefits, but it may not be for everyone. YouTube costs $13.99/Month for an individual user, and it can be worth it for them if they can take advantage of the YouTube premium benefits. YouTube Premium is made to improve user experience on the platform. Also, check the How to Delete YouTube History.

You can learn about how much is YouTube Premium and along with other information about it by simply just following this article.

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