What Is Facebook Mentions and Tags – Complete Guide

Are you trying to understand the role of Facebook Mentions in social media marketing? You are at the right place!

Facebook Mentions is an exclusive tool available for public figures and celebrities that allows them to easily connect with their fans, get more followers, and manage their online presence.

With so much potential available to leverage through Facebook Mentions, learning how to get started and take advantage of its features is paramount if you want to maximize your organization’s reach.

In this post, we’ll look at what makes this popular platform such an effective way to interact with your most engaged users. We’ll also explore how using it correctly can positively impact your audience engagement and reach. So let’s dive in!

What Is Facebook Mentions

What Is Facebook Mention?

A Facebook Mention is when you tag a person, page, or group in your post or comment on Facebook. This lets that person, page, or group know that you are talking about them, and they will be notified of your mention.

When you mention someone on Facebook, their name will appear as a link to their profile with an at the sign before it (ex: @xyz). By mentioning someone, you can draw attention to them and create a conversation with that person.

You can mention people in your posts and comments on Facebook, and the number of people or pages you can tag depends on your post. For example, if you are posting a status update, you can tag up to 50 people or pages. Also, read How to See Who Viewed Your Facebook?

When mentioning someone on Facebook, ensure that the person is relevant to your post and that they would be interested in participating in the conversation. Always use mentions responsibly and avoid spamming or tagging people who are irrelevant to your post.

What’s The Difference Between Facebook Tag and Facebook Mentions?

The difference between Facebook Tag and Mentions lies in their function on the platform.

Facebook Tag

Facebook Tag is a way to connect with colleagues, friends, or family on Facebook. It allows you to link someone else’s profile or page with yours by typing their name or selecting them from a list of suggested people.

This commonly mentions someone in a post, comment, or photo. Once tagged, the person will be notified and can then interact with the post or comment. Also, check the How to Schedule a Post on Facebook?

Facebook Tag is a great way to include others in the conversation on your post. It’s like a virtual high-five or group hug with your friends, family, and co-workers. It’s also great for promoting pages you follow or manage.

Facebook Mention

Facebook Mentions is a feature that allows verified public figures and pages to tag other profiles within their posts. It’s a great way for celebrities, athletes, politicians, etc., to connect and their fans.

Facebook Mentions is more about recognizing individuals and brands in posts for their work, accomplishments, or contributions. Also, check the Buy Facebook Reviews.

Think of it as a virtual shoutout to people who have helped you or companies who have created something you appreciate.

When someone is mentioned, they will receive a notification, along with the post that mentioned them. This allows them to engage directly with the post or comment.

Both features can be incredibly helpful when used properly, but they both serve very different purposes and should be used accordingly.

Facebook Tag helps build relationships, while Facebook Mentions is a great way to recognize people for their efforts or show your appreciation for their work.

How To Mention A Facebook User?

To mention someone on Facebook, first type the “at” symbol followed by their name. This will pull up a drop-down menu with the user’s profile picture and name. Select the correct one to complete the mention.

How To Mention A Facebook User?

You can also type out the full name of the person you’re trying to mention, as long as it is spelled correctly and matches a Facebook profile.

You may need to select from a list of profiles in the drop-down menu if there are multiple people with similar names. Once you have selected the user, a link to their profile will appear in your post.

For example, if you wanted to mention Tom Johnson on Facebook, you would type “@Tom” and select the correct profile from the drop-down list that appears. The words “Tom Johnson” will then be highlighted in blue and linked to his profile page.

How To Mention A Facebook Page?

Mentioning a Facebook page is a great way to spread the word about it or engage your followers. It’s easy to do – all you need to do is type in “page name” with the “at sign” (@) at the beginning and then select your desired page from the drop-down menu.

For example, if you wanted to mention the Facebook page for Adidas, you’d type in “Adidas” with the “at sign” (@) at the beginning (e.g., “@adidas”).

How To Mention A Facebook Page?

Once you select your desired page from the drop-down menu and post it, a link will automatically be created to the Facebook page.

Why Mention People or Facebook Pages?

Mentioning people and Facebook pages can be a great way to foster engagement on your posts, build relationships with other users, and get more eyes on your content.

By simply mentioning someone or a page in your post, you’re allowing them to see what you have to say and potentially share it with their followers.

Here are the main benefits of using Facebook Mentions:

Increase Visibility

Facebook mentions allowing users to connect with and reach out to more people than ever.

By tagging friends, colleagues, or public figures in posts, users can increase their visibility on the platform and gain new followers.

The more people mentioned in posts, the wider the reach and potential for increased visibility.

Boost Engagement

When you mention someone or a page in a post, they are more likely to respond since they have been directly addressed. This effectively gets people talking, engaging with your content, and potentially getting more followers.

Build Connections

Mentions are also a great way to connect with other people in the industry and build relationships.

When you mention someone or a page on your post, they may be more likely to share it with their followers if they feel you are providing value to their audience. This can be great for networking and collaborating with other users or pages in the future.

Expand Reach

When someone is mentioned on a post, they may be more likely to share it with their followers as well. Your post has a greater chance of being seen by more people and potentially gaining new followers.

How To Block Or Delete Facebook Mentions?

It’s easy to make mistakes when tagging someone or a page on Facebook. Fortunately, it’s just as easy to delete those unwanted mentions. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to your profile and click on the “Settings” tab in the menu bar.
  2. Select “Privacy Settings.”
  3. Select “Profile and Tagging” from the list of options.How To Block Or Delete Facebook Mentions?
  4. Under “Who can see posts you’ve been tagged in on your timeline?” select “Only me” if you don’t want anyone else to see when you are mentioned, or select one of the other privacy options.
  5. Under “Review posts friends tag you in before they appear on your timeline?” select “Enabled” if you want to review any mentions before anyone else can see them. This will allow you to approve or reject any mentions on your profile.
  6. After making desired changes, click on the “Save Changes” option.

Now, any posts you are mentioned in will not appear on your timeline unless you approve them. You can delete the post by clicking “Delete” if it appears on your profile. That way, no one else will be able to see you were ever mentioned!


Is There A Limit On Facebook Mentions or Tags?

Yes, you can mention up to 50 users or pages at once. Just be mindful about who you include: group tagging can quickly clutter others’ news feeds.

Wrapping Up:

Facebook Mentions is a great tool for businesses and public figures to connect with fans and followers efficiently and meaningfully. Developing relationships through personal conversations, content creation, and engagements allow organizations to build fans’ trust and loyalty.

Organizations can utilize this powerful platform to humanize their brand and further invest in what they stand for. With the power of social media, it’s easier than ever to facilitate direct communication between brands and their customers.

Embracing Facebook Mentions should be part of any sound social media plan. If done correctly, it can help businesses unlock amazing opportunities online.

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