Do Hashtags Work on Threads? Everything Explained

Since the South African billionaire Elon Musk acquired Twitter and made many changes, such as an alteration to verification, the introduction of Twitter Blue, and limitations on daily tweet views, users have started searching for alternatives. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, took advantage of the moment and introduced the Threads app that operates almost identical to Twitter. However, people need clarification about the popular hashtag feature on this platform that is present on Twitter and other Meta apps. Therefore, they are asking do hashtags work on Threads.

The answer is hashtags don’t work on Threads; rather, they appear in your feed as normal text and will not interact like on Twitter.

Do Hashtags Work on Threads?

Do Hashtags Work On Threads?

Since their inception, hashtags have helped users and brands highlight the main subject of their tweets. Users can use relevant hashtags to increase their Twitter profile’s engagement, reach, and credibility. They work similarly on Meta’s platforms like Facebook and Instagram, too.

However, unlike Twitter, the Threads app currently doesn’t feature explore or trending tabs. This is where hashtags normally aid users in picking specific topics they are interested in. That’s why the Threads app does not support hashtags due to the absence of exploring tabs.

As hashtags are not available on Threads, users on this platform mainly depend on algorithms to feed them posts about the purpose they want to read about. It is possible that soon, hashtags on Threads will be supported.

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When Will Hashtags Come to Threads App?

As we know, Threads is a recently launched app and is still like a baby learning to walk; therefore, many new features are in progress. Instagram’s head Adam Moosseri hinted in an IG reel that many features will be integrated into this text-based app, and hashtags are one of them.

Like other apps of the Meta company, hashtags on Threads will become clickable. Clickable hashtags will lead you to related content in the hashtag feed, making it easier to discover the topics of interest and participate in trending conversations. Also, check the How To Unfollow People on Threads?

No one knows whether the previously posted “fake hashtags” will become live, but the huge amount of content posted on the Threads app may remain an unsettled point. Those fake posts lie somewhere in a chronological hashtag feed.

It is also interesting whether a Threads hashtag page will include highly ranked posts as its parent Instagram app does.

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Final Words

People searching do hashtags work on Threads must know that the Threads app currently doesn’t support a hashtag feature due to the absence of explore page. But, according to Adam Mosseri, hashtags for the Threads app will soon be launched and help users find their interest on the Explore page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use hashtags on Meta’s Threads app?

Unlike Musk’s Twitter, Mark Zuckerberg’s Threads app doesn’t support using hashtags in your content and doesn’t have a feature allowing users to search for specific text or phrases. Users can share up to 10 photos per post, unlike Twitter’s four images per post.




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