How to Create a Poll on Facebook in Very Easy Steps

Whether for an election, survey, or finding the public’s opinion in general, polls are considered one of the key aspects of a decision. Almost every social media platform, including Facebook, has integrated popular poll features. But how can you use this feature?

In this detailed guide, we will list all the working methods to answer how to create a poll on Facebook across different platforms.

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Why Should You Know About Facebook Poll?

Before we define the steps on how to create a poll on Facebook, it is important to understand why this feature is useful.

How to Create a Poll on Facebook

1. Engagement

Whether you run a Facebook page or have a profile with many friends, Facebook polls are one of the most effective to engage with your audience. The polls help in increasing your reach to the potential audience.

2. Decision

Facebook polls make the decision-making process easier and simpler. It can also help understand the audience’s response to an idea of a service or product you want to launch.

3. Real-Time Feedback

The main benefit of using Facebook polls is that their results are real-time and transparent. It’s a great way to earn the customer’s trust and build a healthy relationship with your audience. You Can Also Buy Facebook Reactions.

Where Can You Create Facebook Poll?

Facebook has recently made some changes in poll creation. Unlike previously, you can not create a poll just by going to your news feed. However, you can still create polls within Groups, Messenger, and Stories. The process of creating Polls is similar on PC & Mobile devices. Also, check Twitter vs Facebook.

How to Create Poll On Facebook Group

Here is how to create a poll on a Facebook group

  1. Login into your Facebook Account, and on your left side list, Select Groups
  2. From the list, select the Group where you want to create a Poll
  3. Select What’s In Your Mind to open the Post pop-up.
  4. Click/tap the Three Dots at the bottom of the pop-up in Add To Your Post
  5. A new pop-up will appear with multiple options.
  6. Select It will take you back to the Create Post section
  7. Now you can write Something related to the Poll.
  8. Fill in the multiple Poll options as required
  9. You can customize the Poll more by selecting Poll Options. Here you can enable Allow People to Choose Multiple Answers, which allows the voters to choose multiple options and Allow Anyone to Add Option, which allows the voters to add an option of their choice in the Poll.
  10. Once done, click Post, and your Poll will live in that Group.

Facebook Group Polls

How To Create Poll On Facebook Messenger

You can use Facebook Polls in Messenger only in Group chats. Here is how you can do it

  1. Open a Group Chat on Messenger. You can create one by tapping/clicking New Message. Now type the name of friends you want to add to the Group
  2. Select the + Button that is located at the bottom of Messenger next to the GIF option
  3. Select Poll from the pop-up.
  4. Write about your Poll in the Ask A Question
  5. Select Add an Option to fill in the poll details and + to add more polls.
  6. Now select Create Poll, and your Poll will be live on the group chat.

Facebook Messenger Polls

How To Create A Poll On Facebook Story

Stories are one of the fun and beloved features of Facebook. For sharing a poll on stories, you are required to have a page. How to create a poll on Facebook story

  1. Go to your pages by tapping the Hamburger icon on the top right. Select Pages from the drop-down list.
  2. Now choose the Page where you want to start the Poll
  3. The Page’s profile picture will have a round blue circle with an +
  4. Tap on + and select Create Story
  5. Now swipe until you see
  6. Type your Poll question and design the Yes and No
  7. Select a color gradient from the available list, or you can also use a photo from your phone by uploading it.
  8. Tap on Share Now, and your Poll will be live

Facebook Story Polls

Creating Facebook Polls on an Event Page

Event Pages and Polls are the perfect combinations for determining the target audience response. Here is how to create a poll on Facebook with an Event Page.

  1. After logging in to your Facebook account, select Events which can be found on the left bar.
  2. Choose the Event in which you want to start a Poll
  3. Go to the Discussion tab and select Add a Post
  4. A pop-up will appear for posting.
  5. Click/tap the Poll icon, which will take you back to the Create Post window with multiple options to select Polls
  6. Add Poll options according to your choice and select

Facebook Page Polls

Creating Facebook Video Poll

Many users are unaware of this feature, but you can create a Poll on Facebook’s Page. Here is how you can do it:

  1. Go to your Page and upload a new video or to Creator Studio to edit a previous one.
  2. Select Edit Post, which will open the editing option for that video.
  3. On the right side of the editing setting, Select Polls and click Create Poll.
  4. Type what you want to ask from the audience and add polling options accordingly.
  5. Select Save, and that video will be live with Poll.

Facebook Video Polls


Facebook polls are efficient and quicker to get feedback from the audience and engage with them effectively. It is an excellent way for a business or influencer’s page to get more popularity on the social media platform. This detailed guide briefly explains how to create a poll on Facebook in Groups, Stories, and Messenger. Also, read Instagram Vs Facebook.

How to Create a Poll on Facebook


Can you still create a Poll on Facebook?

Ans: Yes! Facebook still has the Poll function available. However, unlike previously, where it can be found on a user’s feed, the Poll can be created in  Group, Stories, and Messenger.

How do I create a Poll on Facebook Mobile?

Ans: Tap the Hamburger Button and find the Group where you want to create a Poll. Now tap Write Something, click on the Poll icon, write the question of your choice with options, and tap Post.

Can you still make polls on Facebook Messenger 2022?

Ans: Yes. To make polls on Messenger, select a Chat Group, tap the + Button to view more options, and select the Polls icon. Now enter the question of your choice, select options, and tap Create Poll.

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