How to Change your Username on Instagram Instantly

Do you want to get rid of the old username you picked a year ago? If yes,  don’t panic because now you can replace it with a unique one by using an Instagram app that is providing you with a super quick option to change it.

In actuality, a username is the essence of all social media platforms, it depicts all about your personality. But finding a unique, cool, and classy username is a bit harder for everyone these days. For sure, you are regretting now about your old cringe username. And now you are just trying to find a way to change your username with the best one for your Instagram profile to look more classy and timeless. A quick reminder if you have little or no organic reach, you can buy Instagram followers to get organic reach.

In the modern era, there is no rocket science to change the username of your Instagram. You just need to stick with us throughout the blog. We are here to serve you and give a brief guide regarding usernames.

Unlike other social media, Instagram doesn’t limit the number of times you can alter your username. In fact, for other social media platforms, you can’t change it again and again. This option is quite limited there. On the other hand, Instagram is offering this feature free-for-all and an unlimited number of changes.

Whether you are just upgrading your username to look more professional and authentic or you want to do this just for entertainment purpose or you’re just getting bored with this name you can do it quickly and effortlessly. Also, you can buy Instagram comments to have a good algorithm for your organic reach.

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What is an Instagram Username?

Instagram username is an introductory name that always shows your appearance on Instagram. This is the name that is shown at the top of your Instagram profile and your friends and followers always recognize you with this name on your gram. Your username name should not have more then 30 characters. It should be created only with letters, numbers, periods, and underscores. Also, read the How Does the Instagram Algorithm Work?

You can change it on your smartphone and your PC too.

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Instagram username versus Instagram display name

Choosing a display name and picking an official Instagram username are different things. You cant mix both terms. To fix your confusion we are explaining both with prominent differences which are here:

  • A display name is placed below your Instagram profile photo. It can be anything and Instagram accepts this with lesser restrictions. For instance, you can make it longer or shorter just the way you want. Also, you can use emojis and special characters. Moreover, you can alter your name up to two times in 14 days.
  • Unlike, a username is another name but is most important for your whole impression. You can add It at the top of your gram profile. Your profile URL will get completed with your username. Moreover, it requires a compulsion that it should be super unique even if nobody owns it already. In addition, you need to face some constraints such as your username shouldn’t be more than 30 characters. That unique name can only be made up of letters, special characters, numbers, periods, emojis, and underscores.

By following a typical procedure you can change it whenever you want. Because you don’t have a time limit as you see in the display name case.

The super easy steps are following.

How to change your Instagram Username

Here’s a quick step-by-step tutorial so let’s read:

  1. On the first hand, log in to your Instagram account with your android or iOS.
  2. In case, if you have two accounts on Instagram join the account in which you wanna make changes.
  3. Then, Go into the profile section.
  4. Now tap on the Edit ProfileEdit Profile
  5. then tap on the username section.Username field.
  6. Now make changes in the name or type a new username
  7. Lastly, after finalizing the name, tap on the blue check mark to finish the procedure.

How Can We Change an Instagram Username on a PC

There is another option that Instagram offers its users is that they can also change their Instagram Username by using a PC. And for this you just need to:

  • Jump into the web browser of your Pc.
  • Now write in the search bar.
  • then log in with your personal Instagram account by entering your password and current username.
  • Now, Tap on the profile icon to make changes to the username.
  • The Click Edit profile.Edit profile
  • After this, you will see a screen that contains multiple sections e.g there is a section with “Name” and another with “Username”.
  • you can simply change your display name and username just the way you want.
  • When you are done with all the changes then press “Submit”.

Input a new username

  • And yay your username has changed now.

Instagram username guidelines:

We have come up with the best guidelines that make your Instagram username eye-catching and promising.

  • Your name should be unique for Instagram like nobody else has.
  • It should contain less than 30 characters.
  • Your unique username should have letters, numbers, periods, and underscores only.
  • It should not have spaces or other symbols.
  • No vulgarism or prohibited language.

If your username is already taken…

As you know, We can’t use a name that is already taken. Because Instagram doesn’t accept that. When you write an already-taken Instagram name, Instagram will restrict you and alert you to change the name. It won’t allow you to have a common name.

Try and try again with different monikers until you get your desired name that Instagram passes.

In addition, If you want a specific name then you can add additional numbers or any other underscores just to make it unique. then Instagram will accept it as a unique username. it’s an amazing hack. Thanks, us later…LOL.

Sometimes, Instagram expels all mock accounts or if the current owner of your desired username changes its name then there will be a chance that you might get that username. So keep checking it again and again. Maybe it will be available for you after some time.

Outcomes of changing a username?

If you haven’t switched to a new Instagram username then you have not experienced its effects yet. For this reason, we have penned some realistic outcomes that you will face after changing an Instagram username. Let’s see what are these:

  • Your Instagram name is unchangeable sometimes. Because someone else is looking for this name already. And he will snare it right after you leave this. By tapping on the done button. So maybe you can’t own this name again.
  • This change may confuse your online friends and followers until you don’t inform them or they review your profile. So some people may follow you in a rush or confusion.
  • If you are running a business account then might be it will create any error for your linked other social media apps accounts and your website.
  • After changing your Instagram username will also change your account URL.
  • It will not effect your reach ut may confuse people.
  • You don’t need to worry about your Instagram feed because all of your shared stuff like your old and memorable photos and videos will be there like before. Your followers and followings will be the same. So you won’t start your account from scratch.
  • Your tagged photos may not get updated with new ones.
  • Your comments will get updated.
  • Your friends will need to memorize your new name while tagging it on their Instagram.

Let’s Dive Into Your Frequently Asked Questions

How often can I change my username?

Instagram is giving a privilege to its users that they can change their usernames whenever and wherever they want. But changing it so many times can confuse your online friends and it gives a bad impression to them.

Can I change my username to the older one?

Yes… you can switch to the older username but the condition is it should be unique and nobody is having it already.

Sould I create a new accont or change I username only?

Many Instagram users are doing business. So they get confused about whether they should switch to the public their current account or create a new one.

So better is to create a new one and keep it as it is to share your fun moments and photos with your friends. Because most of your friends are never comfortable with this shift.

So keep your private account and work account separate.

How can I change my username without losing any followers?

Your switch to a new username can never affect your Instagram followers. So don’t be stressed and change it the way you want.

Final Thoughts:

Sometimes, you get tired of the same old things. And you want some change in life. Change is a good move for your mental relaxation. That’s why Instagram offers you endless options for changing your username whenever you want. Moreover, you can change your display name and profile photo too. Also, check the How to Pin Post?

Changing your username is a bit of a fun task and quite entertaining. That’s why to save you from hassle we penned a complete tutorial of changinInstagramagram username for you. Now you can learn every bit about Instagram usernames by reading our blog till the end because we have covered every query regarding this topic.

So, if you finish a read, you can change your current Instagram username effortlessly.

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