How to Add Multiple Links in Your Instagram Bio

As the world is moving more and more towards digitalization, the need to use social media is growing even more. When people spend more time on the Internet, they start utilizing it for their benefit, for instance, starting a business. Talking about business online then there is no better option for you than Instagram to promote your business. Instagram serves as a profitable medium to grow your business online. It tends to bring more traffic and engagement to your account than any other social site. This is due to the originality and creativity that Instagram lets you create. Also, check the How to Make Instagram Reels Like?

However, when you design your business profile on Instagram, the most important thing that should be considered is creating an intriguing bio. Your Instagram bio should exhibit brief details about your brand as well as a link to your brand’s website. If your brand has more than one website then it would be a tricky job for you to add multiple links in your bio. But there is always a way, so, let’s talk about how to add multiple links in your bio? The easiest and simplest way to add multiple links in the bio is by creating a landing page through a third-party app and copy paste it into your Instagram.

In this article, we’re going to talk about alternatives that can help you with the multiple-links dilemma.

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Why should you add a link in the bio?

The main objective of adding a link to your bio is to simply take your follower to your brand’s website, where all the products are easily available. It can be a link to anything, whether product pages, your blog, your other accounts, etc. Besides Instagram, other apps also provide you with the option to add links.

However, unlike any other application, Instagram does not let you add links to your feed post caption. When you add a link to your captions, users are required to copy-paste it into a browser in order to get to the website. This is why many people add a link to their Instagram bio so people can go to the website simply by clicking the URL. But unfortunately, Instagram does not let you add more than one link in your bio. There is a variety of content available that brands want to share with their audience, and sadly one link is not sufficient for that. Also, read the How to Find Contacts on Instagram?

Since Instagram does not allow you to have more than one link in your bio, we have found a useful alternative for you. Before that, let’s see how to add a link in the bio.

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How to add a link to your Bio?

Adding a link in your bio is a rather simple procedure and can be done on mobile apps as well as desktops.

  • Open your Instagram app and go to your profile page.
  • Select ‘edit profile,’ and in the link section, paste the copied URL.
  • Save changes.

You will see the URL in the text form added to your bio.

Adding multiple links to your bio through tools

With so much to share with the audience, a single link is certainly not sufficient and does not do the job either. If you are looking to add more than one link in your bio, then you should consider utilizing some ‘link in the bio tools.’ These tools work as a landing page where you can add multiple links and then copy-paste the landing page’s URL to your bio.

Let’s see the popular and trusted tools and how they work:


Linktree is one of the most popular tools out there that helps you in housing more than one link on a single landing page. It is quite reasonable and also has customization features.

See the following steps to learn how linktree works:

  • Go to the linktree website and sign up for the free plan.
  • Select ‘add new link’ on the home page.
  • Now, start adding the links you want in the boxes.
  • Add themes or customization if needed.
  • Proceed with copying the landing page’s URL.
  • Open Instagram and go to edit profile, paste the URL in the link section and save changes.

Other than linktree there are other alternatives available. If you are not satisfied with this tool then you can always google other links in the bio tools to help you add multiple links in the bio.


With multiple links in your bio, you can deliver a lot more content than you deliver on your feed. But unfortunately, Instagram has its flaws, and one of those is the restriction on adding multiple links in the bio. After reading the article, you know how to add multiple links in the bio. We have provided a better alternative, a third-party app that you can utilize to add multiple links. You will surely find this very advantageous.


Can you add more than one link to your Instagram bio?

No, you can not add more than one link in your bio as Instagram does not allow it yet but it is working on this feature. What you do is use third-party apps or tools to add multiple links in the bio.

Is linktree a tool?

Link tree is a tool that allows you to create a page housing all your links. On that customized page, you can add multiple links and then copy-paste that URL on Instagram. That clickable URL will have all your links on a single page.

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